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  1. Have you had a biopsy as well to get a positive diagnose? If you still need one- don't go gluten free yet
  2. I have a salicylate sensitivity, yet I'm cautious about cutting this out too much because my diet is restricted enough and I've heard too often by drastically cutting salicylates out- when introducing again it can cause anaphylaxis reactions.
  3. Often I read through and even though I can relate- when I read though the comments I realize others have given good answers already so then I don't add to them. It's been over a year since I was diagnosed- I'm still feeling unwell most of the time. This Christmas was harder than last year so I can...
  4. I would highly recommend you cut out oats- even dairy. I was diagnosed just over a year ago- I can't eat any kind of gluten free oats and have recently cut out dairy and noticed improvement. Mostly I try to eat grain free since I feel better that way. Lots of veggies, fruits, meat and eggs.
  5. I can understand what you're saying about dairy. Although I rarely ever drank milk- I really was addicted to other milk products after diagnose. I wonder if being low on calcium can cause that? I do need calcium supplements. Its been a year now since being diagnosed with celiac and I'm finally...
  6. I still tested really high on my celiac test after six months. I'm getting it done again at the end of the month- that will be a year then. I'm not optimistic since I feel awful most of the time still. I do know that some of the problem is food sensitivities other than gluten - also fibromyalgia...
  7. I don't have a lot of faith in the allergy testing naturalpaths do. I had them done, but really it wasn't very helpful. Foods that were okay on the blood work- I was still having obvious reactions to. Skin testing through an allergist didn't show up food allergies either. I agree the food elimination...
  8. You should never have cut out gluten until you had the biopsy done. It's much worse to have to go back on after you've been off gluten for a while. There's no way I could ever do the gluten challenge after being off gluten for even a month because my reactions got so dramatically worse. Stress...
  9. For me it was better after a week. It's not fun! Get lots of rest. I don't have a lot of advice- I was diagnosed almost a year ago. For me, I'm vomiting also for the first day. I'm getting to a point where I rarely eat out- it's too stressful even if I don't get sick. It took me almost 3 months...
  10. Don't believe everything you read- I wouldn't know why freezing rice flour would be a problem. I freeze all my gluten free flours- they last much longer
  11. I did go gluten free after the scope because the doc said it looked like celiac just from what he could see and it was okay to go gluten free. Some people recommend you wait just in case the results get lost or the test was done improperly and needs to be redone. Maybe call the doctors office and...
  12. I guess I thought rice flour was healthier than corn flour anyways. i haven't worked much with sorghum flour but I do have a bag in the freezer- I'll try something with it.
  13. Lately I'm having really obvious reactions to anything I bake with a flour mix that uses brown and white rice flour. It feels so much like my reactions to gluten- that I just assumed somehow it got contaminated with gluten and I stopped eating anything with this flour mixture. Yesterday, I...
  14. I was diagnosed almost a year ago- I still find myself almost doing the same thing you did with the beaters. It does help that I no longer have regular flour in the house- but the rest of the household still eats gluten and at times I almost lick my finger when I'm baking with their gluten peanut...