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  1. I actually contacted Quaker to find out. Quaker does not recommend any of their products due to cross-contamination. This has been a big one for me to learn. So, generally I do look for things that say gluten-free. But if I have a favorite thing or something looks like it might be okay I make sure to contact the maker. Usually I call right there in the store since there's often a number on the label somewhere. Sometimes checking is a pain but it's completely worth it when I know I can enjoy something and not have to worry about the after effects. I've come to the understand that there just is a level of inconvenience that comes with this disease and I end up making a lot of things now from scratch and freeze in portions. It's becoming second-nature to check labels and take extra time in the kitchen.
  2. I dealt with cold sores for the last 15+ years myself! It's a terrible problem to have. Thankfully, since going gluten-free, I had one small one and that was all. The only thing I found that has ever helped me is a product called "Kanka". It numbs the area (temporarily) so at least I'd be able to get through a meal without so much pain. My cold sore that I'm getting over happened a few days after I got glutened. Coincidence? In my opinion, no way. Hope you find some relief and that you don't experience any more! *lee-lee* - I didn't think the strawberry chex were gluten-free. I might be wrong but as far as I knew only the plain rice chex are gluten-free. I hope I'm wrong for your sake! ETA: My cold sores are always inside the mouth, never on my lips so Kanka may not work for coldsores on the actual lip
  3. Yay!

    Congratulations!! It must feel sooo good to see your baby growing again! My son was just diagnosed in Dec. so we have a ways to go still but I remember how happy I was about 2 weeks ago when he had to go in to the dr. and when they weighed him he was already up 3lbs from his
  4. That's great news!! It must feel great to have a doctor who is understanding and ready to make a diagnosis without the additional procedures. Good thing you went with your gut! I don
  5. Just as a follow-up. I got the "normal" ranges from the dr. today. Well, all except one. They're above. So, looks like a positive on all fronts.
  6. You sound like me! I made a mistake this weekend. Actually I had Quaker Rice Cakes. Boy was that a mistake. The sad thing is I had JUST contacted the manufacturer to ask if any of their products were gluten-free (I had just bought their corn meal) and they told me they can
  7. We have not gone completely gluten free in our household. Our dinners (made by me) are completely gluten-free so that I don
  8. I was actually just looking for the ranges but here are the numbers I was given which fluctuated from the initial numbers. IgA - 183 Gliadin IgA Ab - n 154 Gliadin IgG Ab - 151 Tissue Transglutaminase AB IgG - n 16
  9. I just got my son's blood work results that they took in the hospital. They took the first set before he was admitted and it was very positive. But I'm trying to find the ranges online and am having NO luck! Here are the 4 "Immunology" lines on the paper - IgA Gliadin IgA Ab Gliadin IgG Ab Tissue Transglutaminase AB IgG Does anyone know the normal ranges for these? I was to be able to read the results. Thank you!! Emily
  10. Agreed. Disagreeing is NOT the same thing as degrading. But read again how some comments were written. Like shayesmom said, it's a tad patronizing, not an effective way of presenting a viewpoint. As I've stated several times, I don't think those who get the biopsy done are doing anything wrong. When I began the thread it was simply to ask if anyone else had chosen to forego the biopsy, as I had. I don't consider that an invitation to be referenced to as having "no common sense". I certainly wouldn't approach a NEW member like that. Presenting a viewpoint is a-okay in my book. Putting someone down is not.
  11. I really think you should stop referring to "us" as some mindless group of people who don't listen to any doctors and have no common sense. From what I'm reading a lot of "us" are the ones who INFORMED our doctors. After 6 weeks of diarrhea with my son the doctors were ready to send us home with yet another order for a stool sample (he had already had 3!) and nothing more than a diet of lots of starch to create "bulk". Oh yes....believe the doctors had the knowledge they needed? I asked for the blood work. By the time my son ended up in the hospital..his blood was running like tar and as the nurses said, it was the worst case of dehydration they'd ever seen. How long do think my son would have made it like that? I'm guessing the situation would have been extremely critical in another day or two. I cried everyday of that 6+ weeks. None of us have said those people who get the biopsy done are making a bad choice. What we ARE saying is that we, as people and parents, are allowed to have a voice. We don't have to follow a doctor's lead just b/c he's a doctor. With my dad's experience as a doctor himself, he has told me numerous times to question what needs to be questioned & to trust your gut. He's been a well-respected doctor for 30 years now. He understands that doctors can miss things, make mistakes and not have knowledge of certain things. Opinions are wonderful but degrading the choices of other people who don't necessarily agree with you is really sad.
  12. That list is a great idea! I've printed it out so I have it for the spring when he goes back. I didn't even think about things like Fingerpaints and papier mache and projects with noodles! Boy do I need to get prepared!
  13. I agree completely! The biopsy isn't 100% accurate either especially if you get a negative so, in a case like mine, I don't understand going through with a procedure that the doctors would like you to think is harmless (and most of the time is....but has serious risks) for something that isn't going to do much more than the blood tests as far as confirming diagnosis.
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