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  1. My shampoo also has hydrolyzed wheat protein in it and oat proteins. I asked my doctor(s) about it and they said that unless I have DH, I don't need to worry about those ingredients...
  2. My fiance graduated from Fox Chapel and now lives in Shaler (I'm in Economy)... I haven't found much out that way (North Hills Bravo offered me wheat pasta!)... Cranberry has been...
  3. I have had multiple experiences at Cranberry Bravo! - all good! Their bolognese sauce is wonderful and safe! They told me I don't even need to call ahead, that they always have...
  4. Hi mamaw, I'm very new to this...I've been gluten free for about 2 weeks. Doing good so far...already been to Outback and Eat 'n Park. :-) It's so helpful to read about other...
  5. I too, live in Economy Borough...and am very excited to learn that Bravo's in the North Hills is so helpful. I will call this weekend. My fiance lives in Shaler and that is my favorite...
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