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  1. Unfortunately the Department of Defense has guidelines that don't allow people with Celiac Disease to join the military...
  2. Good doctor I had a similar experience but opposite. My lab tests were negative (we figure now that I was too sick...
  3. I have not tried it but there are a lot of good reviews on it when you google it. Is the size the same for $6.50 vs...
  4. Judy3


    Same here I have them every time I have a colonoscopy. Don't worry. If there is a reason to worry they would call you...
  5. I tested postive for both as well. My other blood tests were negative and done first but at the time I was very sick...
  6. Judy3

    Recently diagnosed

    Now that you have a diagnosis it may seem overwhelming but things will get better. A strict gluten free diet is the...
  7. Judy3

    How Long Does The Gene Test Take To Come Back?

    I had the gene test because I was too sick to eat at the time and the GI said that there are only two things that can...
  8. Welcome to the forum. While in the beginning this is all quite overwhelming in time once she is diagnosed you will...
  9. I make my old recipes all the time. The only thing you have to be sure of is if your flour mix has xanthan gum or not...
  10. Failure to comply with a strict gluten free diet with a diagnosis of Celiac disease can cause many other issues. Digestive...
  11. I've noticed over the years that my reactions are not as severe either.. but I try not to consume
  12. I highly doubt that the diagnosis will changed based on the blood work. They've already diagnosed with biopsy which...
  13. Beau's lines can be caused by malnutrition and malnutrition can be caused by Celiac. Nails grow very slowly so it...
  14. Look for sweet rice flour with the asian products or visit an asian food store. The combination of flours needed to...
  15. Judy3

    Angular Cheilitis

    I have this as well. My dentist diagnosed it first 7 yrs ago and said you know this can be a sign of Celiac. This...