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Food allergies to fish, seafood, tree nuts, aspartame(Equal),flax seed, and many drugs and now in 2015 I've been retested (blood tests and skin tests) and they are gone!!!  :D 
Stomach issues since childhood
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) age 6-42
Diabetes age 42 to present
Celiac disease/Gluten intolerance - negative test in 2009, positive tests in Nov. 2010
Genetic tests positive DQ2 negative DQ8 11/15/2010
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  1. They should be. If you see Dad's Root Beer Barrels they are gluten free. https://nuts.com/gluten-free/chocolatessweets/hard-candy/root-beer/
  2. My fear as well.. I've had several friends in rehab centers within nursing homes and talked to the nurses there and they had no clue what would be gluten free or not on their menu. My last stay in the hospital after they brought me several meals with gluten containing bread, gravy, toast crumbs...
  3. Unfortunately the Department of Defense has guidelines that don't allow people with Celiac Disease to join the military.. However, since you were diagnosed while already in they probably won't send you home. But... who knows depends on your commanding officer I guess. Here is an article for you...
  4. Good doctor I had a similar experience but opposite. My lab tests were negative (we figure now that I was too sick to eat much at the time) and my biopsy they were not able to get in far enough they said... so with symptoms and the appearance of my small intestine along with genetic testing I...
  5. I have not tried it but there are a lot of good reviews on it when you google it. Is the size the same for $6.50 vs $10? If it is then I'd try it.. will have to look in my local stores for it.
  6. Same here I have them every time I have a colonoscopy. Don't worry. If there is a reason to worry they would call you when they get the biopsies back. No news is good news!!
  7. I tested postive for both as well. My other blood tests were negative and done first but at the time I was very sick and living on cottage cheese and jello so I was not consuming gluten at all. My biopsy was positive. The GI was willing to diagnose me based on the hla-dq2 and hla-dq8 but...
  8. Now that you have a diagnosis it may seem overwhelming but things will get better. A strict gluten free diet is the only treatment for Celiac. Start with whole foods.. fruit, vegetables, meat and rice. You can season your food with spices (make sure they are gluten free) for flavor. ...
  9. I had the gene test because I was too sick to eat at the time and the GI said that there are only two things that can make your insides look like that (ground meat) and one is cancer which he biopsied already and the other is Celiac. My tests were positive for the genes. I've been told that someone...
  10. Welcome to the forum. While in the beginning this is all quite overwhelming in time once she is diagnosed you will find that changing recipes gets easier with each passing day. As for your Lasagna... there are many very good gluten free lasagna noodles out there . I prefer Tinkyada brand...
  11. I make my old recipes all the time. The only thing you have to be sure of is if your flour mix has xanthan gum or not. If it doesn't then you will need to add a bit per cup. Don't use too much or it will get gummy or spongy (it's powerful stuff!!!) Xanthan gum (or guar gum) is used in...
  12. Failure to comply with a strict gluten free diet with a diagnosis of Celiac disease can cause many other issues. Digestive, deterioration of the stomach and intestines and could lead to cancer. Other symptoms could arise neurological , psychological, skin conditions.etc... Do some research...
  13. I've noticed over the years that my reactions are not as severe either.. but I try not to consume
  14. I highly doubt that the diagnosis will changed based on the blood work. They've already diagnosed with biopsy which is the 'gold standard'. My blood work was negative as I was too sick to eat much but my genetic testing and the endo biopsy proved Celiac. Gluten free 7 yrs here.
  15. Beau's lines can be caused by malnutrition and malnutrition can be caused by Celiac. Nails grow very slowly so it could take some time for them to go away if they do. Maybe see a dermatologist if you haven't already Also do a search on this site, or on Google and it will bring you back here...