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  1. I have not tried it but there are a lot of good reviews on it when you google it. Is the size the same for $6.50 vs $10? If it is then I'd try it.. will have to look in my local stores for it.
  2. Judy3


    Same here I have them every time I have a colonoscopy. Don't worry. If there is a reason to worry they would call you when they get the biopsies back. No news is good news!!
  3. I tested postive for both as well. My other blood tests were negative and done first but at the time I was very sick and living on cottage cheese and jello so I was not consuming gluten at all. My biopsy was positive. The GI was willing to diagnose me based on the hla-dq2 and hla-dq8 but already had the biopsy /colonoscopy planned for the second time so we continued. He said it had to be Celiac based on what he saw during the biopsy because (his words) Only 2 things can make your insides look like raw meat. One is cancer and it's not that because I already did that biopsy or Celiac... it was. I've been gluten free for 7.5 yrs and my symptoms were digestive in nature pain, vomiting, constant nausea, and of course the big D. I was weak, had skin rashes (that I know now were DH but my primary doctor didn't have a clue) I went through test after test for everything that could cause these symptoms for 3 yrs. Had they done the genetic testing first I would have been diagnosed 2 yrs earlier but unless the doctor ordering the tests is aware and educated about Celiac they won't know. Doing great now - no more pain or digestive issues, allergies were plentiful before fish, seafood, nuts, flax, anything with Omega 3's and now they are all gone.. I didn't eat fish and seafood for 25 yrs because I got so sick from it but they have now figured out that what appeared to be an allergy was in fact Celiac rearing it's ugly head way back then already. Times have changed so much , tests are better (still not perfect) and doctor's seem to be more aware of Celiac. When I was a kid Celiac was a disease for skinny little failure to thrive kids but they know now that it can be different for everyone and it can lay dormant with mild symptoms and something can trigger it. My trigger was when I had a hysterectomy and my kidneys failed after. From that day on my mild heartburn that I had all my life became a much larger issue which is why I'm here on a Celiac Disease site Good luck with your tests and with everything.
  4. Judy3

    Recently diagnosed

    Now that you have a diagnosis it may seem overwhelming but things will get better. A strict gluten free diet is the only treatment for Celiac. Start with whole foods.. fruit, vegetables, meat and rice. You can season your food with spices (make sure they are gluten free) for flavor. I started feeling better in 3-4 days and it got better from there. Once you remove the gluten from your diet, your gut will have a chance to heal. It takes time so don't get frustrated just keep going. I've been 7.5 yrs on the gluten free diet and it's easy now. I can eat in restaurants (have to be careful but you can do it) Do a lot of reading on this site in different categories and learn all you can about hidden gluten in products. Make sure that over the counter drugs and vitamins say gluten free on the label. Give yourself some time... you'll be fine.
  5. I had the gene test because I was too sick to eat at the time and the GI said that there are only two things that can make your insides look like that (ground meat) and one is cancer which he biopsied already and the other is Celiac. My tests were positive for the genes. I've been told that someone with a negative gene test will never be diagnosed with Celiac but a person with a positive gene test will need to be followed for symptoms or biopsied to make sure they don't have damage.
  6. Welcome to the forum. While in the beginning this is all quite overwhelming in time once she is diagnosed you will find that changing recipes gets easier with each passing day. As for your Lasagna... there are many very good gluten free lasagna noodles out there . I prefer Tinkyada brand for that and my family of grown children and a grand child can't tell the difference. We just had a vegetarian, gluten free Thanksgiving complete with a gluten free lemon cake as requested by my grandson and it was wonderful. I have experimented with a flour mix over the years and now I can bake my old family recipes with it, Bread is the exception to that, I'm still working on that!!! My friends that are NOT gluten free ask me to make cupcakes or other sweet treats for parties and they don't have to eat gluten free. Noone can tell!! I've had chefs taste my chocolate cupcakes and from a distance saw the light come on in their eyes so approached to speak to them and when I tell them they are gluten free they are flabbergasted.. It's a lovely feeling to be able to bring that out in professionals with a simple cupcake It will take some time and experimenting to get it right and it doesn't have to be expensive. I see that you are in Canada so not sure if you have Trader Joe's there but their brown rice pasta is the best. 1.99 for a pound bag and comes in many shapes and sizes. The closest one to me is 2 hours away so I buy it by the case when I'm there so we always have pasta in the pantry Good luck with the testing for your little doll and deep breath it's not as bad as it seems at first, your whole family will come to terms with it and it will just become 'what you do' if she is diagnosed. You'll be packing lunches for her with school most likely but you can be creative. My grandson is vegetarian and the schools here don't cater to that very much in the lunch room but he has a nice homemade lunch every day that he is proud to eat with his friends at school. She'll need to learn that she can't 'share' with her friends but because she will be feeling better she will be happy to do it. Good luck
  7. I make my old recipes all the time. The only thing you have to be sure of is if your flour mix has xanthan gum or not. If it doesn't then you will need to add a bit per cup. Don't use too much or it will get gummy or spongy (it's powerful stuff!!!) Xanthan gum (or guar gum) is used in gluten-free baking because it is a binding agent that gives baked goods elasticity. Add 1/2 tsp. per cup of flour blend for cakes, cookies, bars, muffins. Add 1 Tsp. per cup if you are making yeast bread, pizza dough, other baked goods that call for yeast.
  8. Failure to comply with a strict gluten free diet with a diagnosis of Celiac disease can cause many other issues. Digestive, deterioration of the stomach and intestines and could lead to cancer. Other symptoms could arise neurological , psychological, skin conditions.etc... Do some research on the effects of untreated Celiac disease and you may change your mind on the gluten free diet. In comparison to what could happen it's simple. Good luck You are not young for this, it can be diagnosed at any age from small children to advanced years. Consider yourself lucky to have gotten away this long without major symptoms. Some have it not so good.
  9. I've noticed over the years that my reactions are not as severe either.. but I try not to consume
  10. I highly doubt that the diagnosis will changed based on the blood work. They've already diagnosed with biopsy which is the 'gold standard'. My blood work was negative as I was too sick to eat much but my genetic testing and the endo biopsy proved Celiac. Gluten free 7 yrs here.
  11. Beau's lines can be caused by malnutrition and malnutrition can be caused by Celiac. Nails grow very slowly so it could take some time for them to go away if they do. Maybe see a dermatologist if you haven't already Also do a search on this site, or on Google and it will bring you back here. There are a lot of old topics about this From https://glutenfreeworks.com/health/horizontal-and-vertical-ridges-fragile-nails-2/ Beau’s lines occur due to temporary cessation of growth of proximal nail matrix at the nail base. As the finger nail grows at the rate of 0.1 mm/day, the time course of the illness can be estimated from the position of the Beau’s line from proximal nail fold.1 Beau’s lines are frequently seen in nutritional deficiency states, bacterial illness, acute stress, and systemic disease. The conditions where Beau’s lines have been described include severe systemic illness, chemotherapy, malnutrition, zinc deficiency, trauma, paronychia, pemphigus, and Kawasaki disease.2 Beau’s lines are commonly seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy.3
  12. Look for sweet rice flour with the asian products or visit an asian food store. The combination of flours needed to make an 'all purpose' flour is a science. You need to get each type right or it won't work. I use white rice flour, sweet rice flour, sorghum flour and tapioca flour to create mine, Sweet rice flour is also called glutenous rice flour (not to be confused with gluten ) 5 parts white rice, 4 parts tapioca, 1 1/2 parts sweet rice, and 1 1/2 parts sorghum. Parts can be Cups or lbs or whatever your quantity your mixing,. Mix well and store in the cupboard. Don't forget xanthan gum to stabilize. Less is more with that.
  13. Judy3

    Angular Cheilitis

    I have this as well. My dentist diagnosed it first 7 yrs ago and said you know this can be a sign of Celiac. This is how I got on the correct road to diagnosis when I told my doctor what she said and showed him the cream she prescribed. He said that's when the light bulb went off for him and he sent me to a gastro doc. Blood tests and endoscope proved she was right. Celiac and now I've been gluten free for almost 7 yrs and never felt better. I take B12 supplements and an antifungal cream on the corners of my mouth. It comes and goes now. I don't take B12 regularly anymore but when it flairs up I take it for a few days and use the Nystatin that the dentist gave me and in 24 -48 hours it's gone. Don't know what triggers it ,no one really does. So when it flairs up I use what's worked in the past. I love my dentist!! If it hadn't been for her the 2.5 yrs of misery before diagnosis could have been a lot longer because my doctor didn't have a clue...
  14. Judy3

    Overnight Hospital Stay

    I agree totally, the last time I was hospitalized I had the same experience nutritionist, band on wrist, doctor wrote in large letters on my door.... still they brought me food with gluten. I refused to eat unless it was something with a manufacturers cap on it (milk, pudding, yogurt...) or fresh fruit that I made them wash in my bathroom. My doctor was livid that they did this to me. Potatoes with gravy with a roll on top!! In a hospital wow If I ever need to be hospitalized again I will be more scared of eating than why I'm there.
  15. You could very well be gluten intolerant and not Celiac. Celiac causes the damage he was looking for, gluten intolerance does not although the symptoms are much the same if not identical. If I were you, with those numbers for IgA and IgG as high as they are I would try gluten free for a month now that you've had the tests and biopsies and see how you feel. If it helps continue, if it doesn't pursue other things. Just my opinion but your numbers suggest Celiac and the endoscope showed no damage so I think you maybe do have Celiac. I would go for genetic testing, it's expensive ($400?) but it will tell you one way or the other. A person has to have one of the two genes associated with Celiac to have it. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/diagnosing-celiac-disease/