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  1. It’s the beans. There’s no way to guarantee beans aren’t contaminated some celiac do ok but I get ill is I do beans . Try chipotle without the beans
  2. Misdiagnosed 20 years here to thanks for the info on manwhich I tried it over some gluten free corn chips end cheese yummy. No major symptoms feel a little achy but I think it’s cause of sodium ? I get so nervous eating anything that doesn’t clearly say gluten free because my symptoms
  3. I try to go without Vitamins and I’m down in the slump for years I was told I have trouble absorbing iron but was never told why until my celiac was discovered. Now that I am gluten free I don’t need vitamins as much or as often as I did before but I still experience benefits from taking them esp...
  4. The claim that a product doesn’t contain wheat doesn’t mean it’s gluten free to me why couldn’t they answer you specifically does it contain gluten sounds deceptive I’ll stay away from Cambels they don’t seem to interested in providing gluten free products imo
  5. I’m newly diagnosed all this gluten free not truly gluten free is so frustrating I’m trying so hard to go weeks with out any gluten only to find out things aren’t truly gluten free. I just bought two big boxes of lucky charms excited to be able to eat them but as I was eating them decided to googl...
  6. I am just learning my sickness is due to celiac so I am not quite symptom free yet but every day I go without gluten I feel better and better. I had a set back this week Hubby noted he think it was the magnum double Carmel bar in denial I didn’t believe him ate one today and am feeling more fatigue a...