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  1. On the contrary, you are diagnosing. And your comment astonishes me, because it is exactly the opposite of what the Mayo Clinic and the 9 gastroenterologists I have consulted in the past 6 years have told me. If you are tested for celiac disease and you don't have it, and you are tested for other...
  2. I repeat that these comments astonish me. I never said at any time that the Ortega taco shells contained gluten. I suggested cross contamination. I know exactly how to test food products for gluten and contamination, and I did so. I did not ask for alternative diagnoses. Saying "sounds like a...
  3. I stated clearly in original post that Ortega Taco shells claim to be gluten free, and the ingredients on the package do not include gluten. My intention was merely to alert people that eating them caused a gluten attack which "might" be due to cross contamination. There is no way for me to "prove...
  4. These replies astonish me. I do not think it is at all appropriate for people who know nothing about me or my medical history to start making medical diagnoses for a total stranger. I said I experienced severe abdominal pain. There are about 100 medical conditions for which this is a common...
  5. I am very glad to hear it. I must assume that if what happened to me is caused by cross-contamination, then it is a random occurrence at the factory. However, my pain was severe and I won't take that chance again. It is Old El Paso taco shells for me from now on.
  6. I bought Ortega yellow corn taco shells last week and made tacos using Old El Paso Original taco seasonings, hamburger, extra sharp cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce. The Ortega taco shells box says there is no wheat in the ingredients, and the Ortega site says their corn taco shells are gluten...
  7. I have been eating Old El Paso refried beans (traditional and spicy) for 3 months with no problem whatsoever. I eat them about once a week. I add about 3 tablespoons of Herdez Salsa Verde (medium heat) and a little grated cheddar cheese, heat in microwave and have a tasty dip which I eat with homemade...