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  1. maeve1956

    Taco Shells

    On the contrary, you are diagnosing. And your comment astonishes me, because it is exactly the opposite of what the Mayo Clinic and the 9 gastroenterologists I have consulted in the past 6 years have told me. If you are tested for celiac disease and you don't have it, and you are tested for other GI or medical complaints and allergies and test negative for all of them, then the ONLY way to be sure you have severe gluten intolerance is to give up gluten completely. If you then have no pain during or after meals, you are intolerant. If you eat something questionable, and the pain returns during or shortly after the meal, then it either contained gluten or was cross contaminated. You can test this by eating it again and waiting for the pain to reoccur, or by never eating it again and not having any more pain. End of story. If you disagree, you will have to discuss it with my 9 doctors. I am not even the tiniest bit interested in anyone's comments on my medical condition, which I certainly know much better than anyone else. This particular topic in this particular forum is for discussing food products that may or may not contain gluten or be contaminated with gluten. Unless you are a scientist or a researcher you cannot say whether a particular food product may or may not be contaminated. All people can do on this forum is pass on their personal experiences with particular food items, which is what I thought I was doing. You can agree or disagree, but nobody has any right to question my very clear and concise original post. Please stick to the topic in future.
  2. maeve1956

    Taco Shells

    I repeat that these comments astonish me. I never said at any time that the Ortega taco shells contained gluten. I suggested cross contamination. I know exactly how to test food products for gluten and contamination, and I did so. I did not ask for alternative diagnoses. Saying "sounds like a gall bladder attack" is a diagnosis. Medical advice is not appropriate in this forum. And yes, I most certainly can pin pain on a particular food product. That is the standard way that doctors tell you to test for gluten sensitivity. Since people clearly do not understand the point of my posting or the purpose of this forum, I am going to close this subject.
  3. maeve1956

    Taco Shells

    I stated clearly in original post that Ortega Taco shells claim to be gluten free, and the ingredients on the package do not include gluten. My intention was merely to alert people that eating them caused a gluten attack which "might" be due to cross contamination. There is no way for me to "prove" this fact since I do not have access to the Ortega factory, and neither do most people reading this forum. Cross contamination is a serious issue and a much more common cause of abdominal pain in people with gluten intolerance than a diagnosis of gall bladder disease. I did not ask for medical advice, and this is not the WebMD forum. I repeat that giving unsolicited medical advice to strangers is inappropriate and dangerous. People can assume whatever they like, but posting your medical diagnosis assumptions is not the object of this forum.
  4. maeve1956

    Taco Shells

    These replies astonish me. I do not think it is at all appropriate for people who know nothing about me or my medical history to start making medical diagnoses for a total stranger. I said I experienced severe abdominal pain. There are about 100 medical conditions for which this is a common symptom. I know what my medical history is, and it does not include gall bladder issues. I explained that I tested the food products thoroughly and the culprit is the taco shells, which I used to eat regularly without issues before I became severely gluten intolerant one year ago. I made this post so that other people might be alerted to a "possible" food product issue, not to receive unsolicited, unprofessional medical advice.
  5. maeve1956

    Taco Shells

    I am very glad to hear it. I must assume that if what happened to me is caused by cross-contamination, then it is a random occurrence at the factory. However, my pain was severe and I won't take that chance again. It is Old El Paso taco shells for me from now on.
  6. I bought Ortega yellow corn taco shells last week and made tacos using Old El Paso Original taco seasonings, hamburger, extra sharp cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce. The Ortega taco shells box says there is no wheat in the ingredients, and the Ortega site says their corn taco shells are gluten free. The Old El Paso seasoning packet also says it does not contain any wheat products. The Ortega shells and the Old El Paso seasoning packet both contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil, but I have not had any problem with this so far. It may not be healthy, but it does not make me sick (yet). However, I became very sick very fast about halfway through supper. It was one of the worst attacks of abdominal pain I have ever had, and it happened unusually fast. Next day I tried the leftover seasoned meat without any taco shells as a test - just put it in a bowl and topped it with shredded cheese and lettuce and ate it with a spoon - and had no reaction at all. Then I bought some Old El Paso yellow corn taco shells and tried again using the same left-over seasoned meat, and had no reaction at all. My conclusion is that Ortega taco shells must have a significant amount of cross-contamination from the factory. Their website says they are very careful about cross-contamination, but clearly this is not always true. The Old El Paso taco shells label says they do not contain soybean oil, so this is an added plus. They use Palm Oil.
  7. maeve1956

    Refried Beans

    I have been eating Old El Paso refried beans (traditional and spicy) for 3 months with no problem whatsoever. I eat them about once a week. I add about 3 tablespoons of Herdez Salsa Verde (medium heat) and a little grated cheddar cheese, heat in microwave and have a tasty dip which I eat with homemade tortilla chips. This week I went to the supermarket to buy more beans, but they were out of Old El Paso so I picked up 2 cans of Casa Fiesta traditional and spicy refried beans. I checked the label and the ingredients were the same as Old El Paso. When I got home I checked online and they were both listed as gluten free on several different websites. I made the dish exactly the same way, with the same jar of salsa verde and the same block of cheddar cheese and a new batch of tortilla chips made from the same recipe and ingredients that I always use. Within 15 minutes of eating the Casa Fiesta refried beans I became extremely ill and this continued all night. This was the worst gluten attack I've ever had. I got very little sleep and I am in so much pain I will have to stay home from work today. I can't say for sure what caused this, but I won't be buying Casa Fiesta refried beans again just to be on the safe side. However, I must say here that the Casa Fiesta beans were actually better than Old El paso - more bean-y.