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  1. Thanks again, and I will be in touch!! I have to say, I asked the waitress TWICE about the gluten-free bun in Village Tavern bc it was SO good! She said a lot of their gluten-free customers buy the buns - they sell them for $1 each. And Victoria Station - the prime rib all but melted in...
  2. Hi Gemini, wanted to report back as I am back from my trip. I can happily inform you that I ate safely and did NOT get sick while in Salem!! I ate at the Village Tavern, the Howling Wolf, Finz, Victoria Station, and Nathaniel's. We drove to Woodman's also - amazing food! Each place had...
  3. Thanks - I did see that Woodman's uses corn flour - and thankfully my intolerance is such that a little Pepto will handle it. So I think I will try it anyway, but just get an appetizer. Thanks for the recommendations - I really appreciate it. I did see 62 restaurant and I'm DEFINITELY going...
  4. I have this problem as well, and finally realized it's the corn starch
  5. Hello Again, My trip is near, and I wanted to check in with you. Woodman's is DEFINITELY on my list, as well as the Howling Wolf Taqueria. I am wondering if you've ever eaten at Village Tavern, Finz, or Victoria Station? I want to make sure I have plenty of options. My hotel room will...
  6. This is terrific news! I tried the Smart Ones Rice and Beans and it killed me - I tried picking out the corn but I must have missed some.
  7. Thanks so much for all of this great information! I am even more exited about my trip now knowing I have options!
  8. Thanks so much for your reply. I did go to findmeglutenfree.com, but I also posted here bc I definitely like to hear what locals have to say. I called the Hawthorne and they informed me that Nathaniel's could definitely take care of me, so I was happy about that. I saw the Howling Wolf on...
  9. That is terrific news. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hi All, The last thread in this category for Salem, MA was from 2008. I have visited there three times but all were pre-diagnosis. Any and all advice and recommendations for dining out are welcome. I am staying at the Hawthorne Hotel. Thanks!
  11. I was diagnosed at the end of April and have had some tooth pain. Went to the dentist and nothing is wrong, but somehow the gluten was making my teeth hurt (I don't know if that makes sense.) Since being gluten free I have not had the pain except for one oopsie of cross contamination. It's so crazy...
  12. The rotisserie chicken is gluten free, and so are the mesquite bbq wings. I have to say, that although they don't keep a list, when you call the 800 number and give them the item # they can tell you very quickly id something is gluten free or not.
  13. I've only been gluten free for a month now, but have dined out. Outback Steakhouse - I know a few of you have mentioned it already - but just want to say how SAFE I felt dining there. Even the server knew my meal was gluten free which means the waitress told the chef who told the server. Pizzeria...