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  1. Brigit

    I'm Pregnant

    Hi, so we've been married 6 months, 3 months ago I went off gluten, to see if my iron levels, ME related symptoms...
  2. Brigit

    Gluten Withdrawal?

    Hi Molly, my worst withdrawal symptoms seemed to last 6 weeks, and now I'm doing loads better. A turning point for me...
  3. Brigit

    Gluten Withdrawal?

    Hi, I've been gluten free for 2 months, and what you are describing is something that affected me for about 5 weeks...
  4. Thank you for all the advise. Yes, the supplements are for pro-biotics, omega 3 and a bunch of other stuff. It's been...
  5. I was about to post a topic on how the cost of this is overwhelming me, when I saw this post. I've just come back...
  6. Brigit

    Does Celiac Cause Lack Of Sleep?

    Ha ha. I read your post outloud to my husband, we had good laugh, as that was my pattern to. Although along with the...
  7. Brigit

    I Can't Do This

    Hi Newbie, sorry to hear about your frustrations and desire to live like this isn't happening to you. I have not...
  8. That's super helpful! Thanks Shauna.
  9. Hi, I just want to know if anybody is aware of their being any health risks involved with somebody who is not gluten...
  10. Brigit

    Super Sensitive And Kissing

    I never thought about it, till yesterday, when my husband was eating pasta and I reached in for kiss, and he said, no...
  11. Brigit

    Friends & Food

    Hi all, Thanks for your support and advise! So what I've just done took a lot of guts, but I emailed a bunch of...
  12. Brigit

    Friends & Food

    he he - yeah exactly! Thankfully my husband understands, so I'm not 'in this' alone and he was really cool about...
  13. We were invited for supper last night, to a friend who has been very aware of my last 6 week journey with gluten, so...
  14. Brigit

    Not Feeling Well Today...

    Hi Hon, I've been really scarse on here... mainly because I don't feel like I have any advise at the moment. I'm in...