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  1. Wow, looks like we all have the same kind of problem. Just under two weeks gluten free, and suddenly awake around 2 or 3am, can't lie on one side for more than a few moments. Strange thing though, I'm not as tired as what I would have been if still eating gluten products and only had four hours...
  2. wow - boerewors and biltong! That's impressive! I hope it comes out well and that you inspire loads of people around you! I personally love the stuff - definitely one of my favourite things in SA. I've eaten gluten free rusks, but they were very hard and very sweet. Will let you know if I...
  3. Hi, I grew up with a gran who was celiac, and remember her mainly just eating mielie bread and rice cakes. But recently I was diagnosed to, so have had to change my lifestyle. I really didn't find it hard at all though. Just in the church I was at, I knew of 3 other people who were either...