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  1. I've also asked "ignorant" people that same question. Their reaction is quite funny ... however, from a qualified chef/cook to ask what is gluten is really pathetic.
  2. Hi Sue ... so glad to meet you! Free State quite a distance from Western Cape. You are more than welcolm to email me vanessa.mckibbin@kuehne-nagel.com. Hope to hear from you soon
  3. Hi Wenmin, Thanks I really do enjoy this site. Have you seen the Rate of Exchange? I'd have to win the Lottery but it is an idea because surely there are quite a few people in SA, that I could "supply" .. it's something to look at. Here is SA .. if you had to go to a resturant and request...
  4. Hello all, My daughter is 19 years old, its taken 2 years for the doctors here in SA to even mention the disease. And that is after paying and arm and a leg for doctors. blood tests and specialists. I had never heard of Celiac and work with +-70 people of which 1 person knew of Celiac. For the...