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  1. healinginprogress

    At A Loss...any Ideas?

    I suspected thyroid in my case, too, but my TSH is at 2.5. Is there a different test for parathyroid?
  2. healinginprogress

    At A Loss...any Ideas?

    Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas, but just wanted to tell you I'm dealing with similar problems. I haven't been...
  3. healinginprogress

    20 Years Today

    Wow, CONGRATS!!!! And thanks for letting us newbies know that it DOES get better
  4. healinginprogress

    Confused, Frustrated, Upset And Tired Of High Ttg Levels

    I am in the same boat with high TTG a year later despite being extremely careful in a gluten-free household. I definitely...
  5. My original score was >200...they stop counting at 200. I have had two tests since then, and both have been >...
  6. I'd like to know this answer, too. My TTG is still over 200 after a year. I asked my doctor for an IgA AND IgG, but...
  7. healinginprogress

    Abdominal Distention? Try This!

    It's true, these are great....gotta tighten up those deep core muscles! They can also help prevent back problems..BONUS...
  8. healinginprogress

    How Long Until Distended Belly Goes Away?

    Is it possible that she is constipated? It is tougher to get enough fiber on the gluten-free diet, so make sure she...
  9. healinginprogress

    Going Insane.

    The surgery was for a rectal prolapse and sigmoid resection...the damage to my insides was pretty severe by the time...
  10. healinginprogress

    Going Insane.

    My head hurts enough right now that it is borderline difficult to even find the right words. I have been gluten-free...
  11. healinginprogress

    Anyone Take Years To Heal Brain Fog And Fatigue?

    This is very true, one just has to ensure they're still getting all the proper carb-fat-protein ratios, vitamins, and...
  12. healinginprogress

    Anyone Take Years To Heal Brain Fog And Fatigue?

    I am almost 8months gluten free and JUST had my biopsy done, with only 7-10days on the gluten challenge (supposed to...
  13. healinginprogress

    Gluten Challenge: Tips?!

    Thank you for the responses! Now, I am not a quitter, so I feel a little like I "wimped out", but the intensity of my...
  14. healinginprogress

    Gluten Challenge: Tips?!

    So...8 months later and I'm FINALLY getting the colonoscopy and gastroscopy I need before I can get surgery. I've still...