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  1. Hi...it is not my daughter it is me....and I have th gluten-free client down pat...just wondering about the weird test results. My liver is fine and I am asymptomatic. Hello, I am actually much better now that when I was eating glucose. The original diagliadin IGG was high and the other panel tests normal for celiac..I dont have any liver disease, no issues, all tests fine except the weird cirrhosis that showed up on a ultrasound (checking me for diverticulitis). I have read that celiac can cause issues with liver due to malabsorption. My B12 has been low for many years. Don't be sorry...I am the closest I have ever been to getting a true diagnosis...just a bit nervous....Thank you
  2. I have my endoscopy and colonscopy in August and have to do the gluten challenge for 3 weeks. No problem. The GI specialist decided to do some liver tests as my ultrasound showed cirrhosis and hepatocellular disease. Everything was normal except my ceruplasmin and IGM antiglobulins were low. My original IGG was high but the other celiac panel was negative so I decide to go gluten free for 4 months. For the most part my diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps and mucous are gone. I get the odd flareup with I am associating with having gluten. I also went for some non traditional food testing and it showed positive for wheat but the Gi specialist dismissed the results because they are scientifically valid. That being said the burning has returned tonight and a buscopan is helping for the most part. I spent hours coming the internet and there seems to be an association with low ceruplasmin and low IGM (although it is rare). Priot to going gluten my previous colonoscopy was negative for everything. I am 100% convinced it is Celiac...or some other wierd inflammatory bowel process. Does anyone else have this similar situation. To be honest, I have extreme anxiety about it being something else... Thank you so much in advance for any relevant feedback you may have. Please note: I got the liver results on line from the lab and I have not consulted my doctor yet....Kelly.
  3. Hello, I am in a job that I travel every 3rd week...It gets challenging becuase many times I am doing audits of warehouses and they dont even have a cafeteria. I usually bring gluten-free protein bars as a back up if I have to miss a meal and then eat when I get back to the hotel. Just a suggestion because they certainly fill me up....Have a safe trip...Kelly
  4. So, here goes...my visit with the GI specialist is on Monday. I had tested positive for the IGG antibody and all other bloodwork was negative. I had numerous trips to emerg with stomach pain, lower back pain, tingly tummy, and diarrhea with alternating "c" (I had the word constipation). One diagnosis of diverticulitis, another of IBS, and symptoms continued to get worse....Low B12 for 7 years and abnormal liver (something like hepatocellular disease with cirrhosis). I only have a glass of wine on the weekends...I had been diagnosed in my early 30s with IBS and imodium helped. I also had a rash on my elbows and back and that is when my new GP said maybe it is celiac and she sent me for bloodwork and 3 months later finally get to see the GI specialist. I went gluten free and at first it was hard. It is much easier now...I think at time I give myself contamination because I get some bouts of pain on occasion and I take buscopan and immodium and then I am fine....I am 100% convinced I have celiac but I guess I really do not understand how the rest of the panel would be negative... The rash, the GI symptoms, the B12, and the liver issue all paint a compelling picture...I never thought I would say this but I hope it is truly diagnosed because then I can move forward with a plan. I am down 22 pounds and back at the gym very hard and feeling almost normal for the first time in many years....I also find is so strange that my "gluten" attack usuallys starts with a pins and needs tingly sensation in my back and tummy...I have written a full history and have copies of all my test results so the GI specialist takes me seriously...I read his reviews and they are not good....I understand I will have to do gluten before the endoscopy but that fine...just looking forward to this being partly over...Have a great day!
  5. Thank you....because it is only 4 weeks away I will wait and stay gluten free. I read on another post that you only have to 2 weeks of eating gluten for the endoscopy to id celiac. I travel allot with my job so I don't want to be eating gluten away from home. I have copies of the allergy results and the liver ultrasound and the low b12 levels and the colonscopy results so I have lots of background for the first GI visit. I work in the medical field and I am really starting to believe that knowledge isn't always power....sometimes self diagnosis is not always the way to go....I should be working but I am fascinated by all of these posts.....Have a great day! Kelly.
  6. Hello, I am 50 and was diaganosed with IBS 30 years ago and then diverticulitis 2 years ago. After the diverticulitis happened, then mono, my normal diarrhea changed to being constipated and having lots of mucous in my stools. My b12 was low for 7 years and I have been taking B12 shots. During a trip to emerg for stomach pain I was covered in a weird itchy rash on my back and the doctor thought I may have celiac and sent me for bloodwork. Cirrhosis showed up on my liver which is bizarre because I only drink the occasional wine. I tested positive for one of the markers for celiac (IGG) and decided to go gluten free until I get into see the GI specialist (May 1st). I was sent for allergy testing and tested off the charts for wheat. I have one month to wait. I went gluten free for about 12 weeks and immediately felt better. I take buscopan when I feel an onset of symptoms. For the most part they work pretty good. I am having another episode and I attribute it to eating at restaurants as I have been travelling lots for my job the last few weeks. What I dont understand is why it takes so long to feel better after I have had an "attack" (whether it is IBS or celiac). I also get weird prickly sensations in my back and stomach and then sometimes sharp pains as I alternate between constipation and diarrhea...I am reading so much....I just get so frusrated at times...I am concerned the doctor will want me on gluten to ensure a positive test. I have so many of the symptoms...any thoughts?