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  1. Im newly diagnosed and aysystematic.. although, I did have symptoms, they were just relatively mild and life long (I’m 40) I assumed they were normal!!! I was diagnosed in May and have tried to be gluten-free since.. after a couple of months I noticed a massive change.. tons more energy, better s...
  2. Thank you for your response..Yes I had th endoscope and it came back with damage to my villi(?) im just waiting for an app with nutritionalist to see what measures they suggest..i haven’t started anything like the kitchen clear out yet.. just eating gluten free.. how essential is this? because m...
  3. Hey.. I was welcomed into your club at the beginning of this week.. (lucky us!) I was just wondering.. is the reason why I am always Ill, anything to do with it? I was viral for a month about ) weeks ago, two weeks slightly feeling better and then a common cold started in Sunday.. nothing to write...
  4. Wow! Thank you so much! That has been great to read through., and the beginners 101 was excellent too! Looking forward to getting this going and to l not feel like I do at the moment! :-) many thanks again for your time!
  5. Hi all! I have just had a call from my doctor confirming a celiac diagnoses! In some ways I am relieved as it will explain a lot of my (minor) symptoms.. in other ways a little overwhelmed as I am already a vegetarian so feeling a little bit limited! My doctor did not say anything to me.. just...