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  1. Natalie1980!


    Thankyou I have found that I became intolerant of dairy and having cut it out feeling better but if I come into accidental consumption the symptoms are similar to that of gluten but not as severe .. Patience ay ?
  2. Natalie1980!


    Is it normal to break out in spots with in early gluten free stages?
  3. Natalie1980!


    Wow I'm gonna be a skinny Minnie in no time rather than a bloated and confused Thankyou I'll try look at these images 4 days gluten free
  4. Does any one agree dairy and carbs should be avoided early after diagnosis and going gluten-free?
  5. Natalie1980!


    Thankyou it's nice to have a go to of people tjat understand do u think dairy and carbs are best eliminated a little at first ?
  6. Natalie1980!


    Thankyou so much that's really helpful I did wonder about dairy as I seem to bloat a little after a coffee with milk
  7. Natalie1980!


    It's all very new and a little daunting I feel a difference already but yes I suppose after 35 years of eating gluten it's not going to disappear overnight Thankyou though x
  8. Natalie1980!


    Hi I'm newly diagnosed with coeliacs only 5 days ago so I have had 4 days gluten free , I felt more energised pretty quick but today have gone back to that sluggish feeling lethargic, could this be a withdrawal effect also did anyone have...