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  1. ciavyn

    Just So Tired Of It All

    :sigh: I feel you. I really do. I've been having a pity party as I got glutened over four months via lotion, finally started to feel better (again!) and got glutened at a gluten free restaurant. It's been four weeks, and I still have symptoms...
  2. I have been broke for years -- I don't eat bread and pizza. Buy frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, bulk meat and dairy. It can be done. I fed myself on 40/week, and I ate well. If you want to bake some things, scrape and save, and then buy...
  3. Any news on this old topic? I'm new to the area and looking for restaurants and such to enjoy, and would love to connect with other gluten free folks in the area.
  4. ciavyn

    The Good Of Being Gluten-Free

    I concur. I used to cry in frustration over my addition to sweets and over-eating bread. But since going gluten-free, I can't have those things that used to trip me up. In many ways, this gluten free "thing" had saved me from some of my...
  5. Gotta be honest -- I wouldn't want the pill. For one, why would you want to put yet another chemical in your body? And second...the stuff we aren't eating isn't good for you any way. I'd much rather look and feel better -- which I do --...
  6. That is so precious. And what a lovely job.
  7. I'm with the whole foods answer. That is what I recently used, and thankfully, my friend knew how to make things for me, so I had a good result. But if you answer that way, and then back it up with actually doing that, not only will you...
  8. If you workout, you should get more of a mix of protein and carbs in the morning. Check out Hungry Girl's breakfast egg cups (google her) and other ideas. Also, Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free oatmeal is pretty awesome cooked up. 10 minutes,...
  9. Tofu has never bothered me in the past. So that's not to say that couldn't be new, but I think given the extreme changes in diet with getting rid of all simple carbs and limiting complex -- within reason -- is the blame. I'm just not sure...
  10. I ran into a family of 11 (you read that right) this past weekend, and they are all gluten-free. We were discussing cost. Some thoughts from that conversation: What are the costs we are referring to? Boxed mixes? Breads? Pastas? Now here...
  11. I recently limited all my carbs and have eliminated all grains from my diet. Most sugars, as well. I eat mainly meat, tofu, and vegetables, with an apple or berries thrown in daily. I take supplements in the form of an organic multi-vitamin...
  12. ciavyn

    I Can't Do This

    Newbie: I'm so glad to hear that you are joining the rest of us in talking with a professional and publicly here about mental health! Here, here! In exchange: I have ADD (much better now gluten-free), depression issues involving suicidal...
  13. Just started doing a combination of Atkins, South Beach and the Paleo diet (depends on my mood and day). I'm VERY active. Feel great, and dropping body fat like nobody's business! Highly recommend. Watch "Fathead" on Hulu. It will help explain...
  14. Awesome post to the poor girl having trouble accepting the celiac disease verdict! She needs a lot of help right now. You're a compassionate person and I am always encouraged by your successful recovery and helpful suggestions! Have a good day:>)

  15. ciavyn

    I Can't Do This

    I have read through your honest emotions, OP, and the responses here. I wonder if anyone might agree that we have placed way too much importance and control in the hands of our obsessions. It’s just food! I say this as someone with an e...