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Writer, student, in love with the human spirit. Oh, and gluten free thanks to Celiac's disease -- and I'm okay that way.

  1. :sigh: I feel you. I really do. I've been having a pity party as I got glutened over four months via lotion, finally started to feel better (again!) and got glutened at a gluten free restaurant. It's been four weeks, and I still have symptoms. So miserable and vitriolic? That would define me some...
  2. Awesome post to the poor girl having trouble accepting the celiac disease verdict! She needs a lot of help right now. You're a compassionate person and I am always encouraged by your successful recovery and helpful suggestions! Have a good day:>)

  3. Woot -- that is a lot of packaged food, which is tough to avoid in the beginning. If you can get away from it, and dairy, it may help. Good luck -- it is tough and frustrating when you are fist starting out, but it does get better.
  4. Oh yeah, good times. Go through everything you are eating -- try to make sure as much as possible that you aren't getting cross-contaminated or anything with gluten. For me, I cannot eat any vegetables for a day or two, but stick with bland carbs. Oh, gosh, I remember those days. I went through it...
  5. Hi you! Thanks for your message!! I am so encouraged by the outpouring of compassion I received yesterday...these chicks are awesome on here :>) I just need a few good days strung together and I'll be over the top, I think...truly appreciate you checking in on me-you're very sweet!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for your encouraging thoughts!:>)! I can handle being gluten-free okay. That's the easy part. It's the other debilitating symptoms that developed that are so difficult. You would not believe what happened to me. Plus,I couldn't sleep well for over 2 years...it's getting better. (It's the pain that wakes me up.) I'll get there; just having a downer day. Thanks ...

  7. Thanks for your supportive post. I am grateful!:>)

  8. Sure! I would love to share the recipe, they were so yummy. I'll post it over the weekend when I'm home, since I don't have it written down here at school but I have the card in the kitchen. :)

  9. While I don't think popcorn is unhealthy, livesinthesun makes an excellent point. You are using a starchy carb every day to fulfill a basic need, and it is probably assisting in causing your crashes. I can get similar reactions to high-carbohydrate fixes. I love starchy foods! But high-protein meals...
  10. Thanks for your post about "success stories"-- I am grateful to hear it! Glad you are feeling so well!!:>) I am 2 months in and looking forward to feeling better than I have in years...:>)

  11. Just to add to this: I've always had a good experience at fast food restaurants. And all those "sixteen year olds" have been very careful about my food and letting everyone know what I need. I've not been glutened by McD's yet, and it's a nice change to not always make my own food. And let's...
  12. Not at this point. That's not to say much though, as I must have gotten into something over the weekend that didn't like me. But I don't think it was the arctic zero. We ate out for Mother's Day -- WHO thought that was a good idea?! Certainly not me.
  13. I just tried the Maple Vanilla...yummy! Now this does not taste like vanilla ice cream. But it is still yummy and has great consistency. I think if you go into it expecting it to be a fun frozen treat, it is very satisfying.
  14. Wow -- I really like this stuff. Let me preface this by saying: I had ben and jerry's earlier today -- only ONE serving, of course! But I love Ben and Jerry's. Then I bought the Arctic Zero at the store. It's good! Not like Ben and Jerry's, no, but still yummy. It's a very mild ice cream, but it...