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  1. losing faith in humanity one person at a time...

  2. I'm gonna get that one today! Does it hurt your belly ever?
  3. I liked it...it's it own thing. I would not compare it to milk based stuff...but I will buy it again
  4. For those of us who eat the entire pint....I found this new frozen stuff at whole foods. It comes in all kinds of flavors, it's gluten and dairy free and it's only around 140 calories for the WHOLE PINT. yum
  5. I just switched from unithroid to synhroid 25 mcg. I haven't been feeling that well lately, and it didn't even cross my mind it could be from that. I know armour is gluten free...but that is pretty hard to get a script for, and I hear it's on backorder. I would love to know what you come up with
  6. I have to get a ct scan of my abdomin and pelvis....they said I would have to rink barium before the test. I didn't even think to ask if it was gluten free....anybody know anything about it?