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  1. I really like nature's path homestyle waffles and the buckwheat ones are good too. I never has any luck making waffles
  2. kimis

    Thyroid Questions

    burdee...I am just curiuos ....why do you choose the generic T3 over brand? Why did you decide to only take T3 and how...
  3. kimis

    Confused About Protein And Aminos

    I just looked up some of those different protein powders and I think I am going to try the hemp next. Thanks for the...
  4. I want to start taking a protein supplement because my diet low in protein. I tried a few whey protein powders so far...
  5. I saw kind has put out a gluten free granola. There are several different varieties and they are made with gluten free...
  6. I know this might sound dumb....but I just heated up some gluten filled lasagna for my boyfriend in the microwave. When...
  7. well I guess that settles it. I was going through some cabinets last week and I found a few bottles of my old shampoo...
  8. Are we still avoiding hydrolyzed wheat protein in our shampoos? I read they are safe for celiacs and I read they are...
  9. let me rephrase that...how does soy affect you?
  10. just curious...why do you avoid soy?
  11. Thank you.... I will give them a try
  12. I agree with your Dr. about the fluctuation in generics, but you have other brand name T4 options.
  13. I love kirkman labs. They have hypoallergenic versions of all kinds of supplements. I take the hypo adult advanced multi...
  14. I take a combo of Synthroid and Cytomel. Are you on generic T3? I always wondered if the Synthroid was gluten free because...
  15. I want to start taking a probiotic but there are so many choices. I see some are refrigerated also. I really don't care...