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  1. Don't feel too bad. When I was first diagnosed I went there too and thought it was safe to eat their hard tacos. Then I found on their website that their meat has gluten. The last time I checked, the only safe foods at Taco Bell were their rice and beans, so I just avoid them altogether. The...
  2. I've also had good luck at Chipoltle. There's one close to my work and I've eaten there several times. Not only do they change their gloves, but they also wash their hands in between. And one person has taken my burrito bowl all they way down the line. Also, I've never had a problem with the...
  3. My son has light blue eyes and has a lot of problems with sunlight and glare. He's the "cool" 6 year old who is always wearing sunglasses Anyway, his eye doctor said for him it was a case of the black rim around this iris not being as deep as most people's are, which causes his issues with the...
  4. I started to need cheaters before going gluten-free. But after starting on my gluten-free diet, I don't need them any more. My eye doctor said my near vision is 20/40. It's one of the perks of being gluten-free for me.
  5. The "you're too young for this" comments drive me crazy. A friend of mine's 15 year old son is sick with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Usually only 60 year old men get this disease. But he still has it. So, what are the doctors going to say to him? "You can't have chemo because you're too young...
  6. I use Neutrogena Naturals face wash. It's available at most drug stores and is gluten free. Burts Bees lip shimmers are also gluten free (although not all BB products are. Their shampoos have gluten.) Blistex is gluten free. I also use Garnier hair gel. I can't remember the name but it says...
  7. I haven't had a problem as of yet. But I find I'm becoming more and more sensitive each month I'm on the diet, so it may happen in the future. I hope it's only the toothpaste. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't kiss my hubby
  8. My husband is a beer drinker. He knows that I won't kiss him when he's been drinking beer until after he brushes. Your guy sounds like a good one since he's willing to accomodate your needs.
  9. I've had nausea in the beginning of my diet too. I think it was my body healing. It has since gone away. Someone told me the nausea pressure point is on your wrist. Those motion sickness bands have a thing that presses on it. You could try one of them and see if it helps. Or just take a couple...
  10. I had fainting attacks for years (before being diagnosed with Celiac) and then they stopped for quite a while. I was gluten free for a while then had restart gluten for some tests. When I started going back off the gluten, I had another attack and almost passed out twice. At the same time I had...
  11. Not yet. That's on the list when I go to visit the doctor next week. But I didn't think about it for hair loss, I was thinking for other reasons (metabolism, being cold all the time, etc.) Thanks for bringing it up. That will motivate me even more to make sure the doctor tests me.
  12. I'm staying away from gluten free shampoos/conditioners/styling products not because I'm afraid I'll eat some but because I'm worried that they're damaging my hair. I have extremely fine hair and as I've aged, I've started shedding a lot. I now have a very thin patch in the front where my scalp...