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  1. Celtic Queen

    Rotisserie Chickens

    Just wanted to add that Kroger's rotisserie chickens are not gluten free. Which is really unfortunate for me since Kroger...
  2. Celtic Queen

    Funny Story - Christmas Eve & Church

    Yeah, that's I wanted to tell her. If I was an atheist I wouldn't bother. Yeah, next year I'll definitely bring...
  3. So, my MIL and I have been having some issues lately. Mainly it's because I don't live my life exactly the way she thinks...
  4. Several of those things are also high in salicylate. Might want to do a search for salicylate intolerance too. Do you...
  5. Celtic Queen

    Glutened At Pf Changs

    Yeah, I got nailed at Pei Wei a few weeks back. I was sooo disappointed because Pei Wei and Changs were the two restaurants...
  6. Celtic Queen

    How Do You Deal With The "haters"?

    Actually, a good friend of mine is a server at a high end French restaurant and this was a huge issue for him. He had...
  7. Celtic Queen

    Hidden Sources Of Gluten?

    I know. Who would suspect wheat in frozen veggies. The wheat was in the actual ingredients, not as part of a process...
  8. Would be interested in joining. Unfortunately don't have the time to lead.
  9. Celtic Queen

    Hidden Sources Of Gluten?

    Found it in a package of frozen broccoli once. Luckily I read the package before cooking and eating it. Soups are...
  10. Celtic Queen

    Favorite Gluten-Free Web Sites/blogs?

    Gluten free goddess has a lot of very delicious recipes - especially for baked good.
  11. Celtic Queen

    Recipes Needed Please...

    This dinner roll recipe is awesome. It's gluten-free and dairy free and I love, love, love these. I make them on weekends...
  12. Yikes. Hadn't thought about that. That's going to be a fun subject to bring up (sarcasm alert). DH is really good...
  13. Thanks shadowicewolf. That is exactly what I needed. Kareng - Promethus charges $650 for just the labwork. Your...
  14. Hi all, Just got the test results from the genetic testing today for DS. According to Prometheus Labs, here are...
  15. How long have you been gluten-free? I've notice my tolerance for alcohol dropped significantly after going gluten-free...