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  1. Hope you're feeling better now....I am beginning to wonder if you aren't reacting to something else besides that little bit of gluten?? Soy, perhaps???

  2. I see from your posts that we share many similar symptoms. It is validating, although I do not wish this nerve pain and "head madness" on anyone! I tried so hard to get that Newbie to see where she's headed if she does not stop the gluten assault...maybe your post will help drive it home. Like you, I wish someone had told me about celiac disease years ago. I hope you are feeling better ever...

  3. Thanks a bunch for your post. I appreciate all hugs LOL LOL :>)

  4. Well well well, those are some pretty high results. What I ahve been able to find (because my TTG was >200) is that the false positives tend to be low and that there may be a correlation between damage to the villi and the TTG. My villi were totally atrophied and the Dr. could tell I was a celiac...
  5. Hi Sorry for the diagnosis, especially since you weren't looking for one.I was diagnosed in September with blood test and biopsy. I ONLY started getting symptoms in February which were horrible neuropathy and depression with some weight loss. I am very tall and not skinny, no reason to believe...
  6. I am woman, 42 and have always been healthy and am very tall ( 5'11") so am fairly certain celiac did nothing to my growth:) My symptoms, mostly neuro, started 2 weeks after my almost 19 year old cat died. It was the most horrible time of my life and all this started then. I have never had typical...