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  1. LilyR, the bottle works like the nedi pot, the saline water goes in one nostril and comes out the other. If your sinuses are plugged, it can drain down to your mouth (instead of out the other nostril). But you do this with your head bent over the sink with your mouth slightly open anyway, so anything that doesn't make the round trip comes out your mouth and you just let it run out your mouth into the sink, NOT down your throat. With the aerosol. you don't put as much in your sinuses, it doesn't totally flush the sinuses like the nedi pot or bottle. Depending on how much you spray, it may or may not get to the back of your throat. I usually use it when I have a cold as an additional cleanse that I can keep near wherever I am resting and dab with a kleenex for anything that comes back out the nose, then throw the can away when I'm past the cold. These are not like regular nose sprays with are either decongestant which you are not supposed to used more than 3 days or you get totally addicted to them, or steroid which can harm you and if you read the little enclosure you are not supposed to use long term, but doctors still prescribe them long term. The saline rinse, by whatever method you get it through your sinuses, works to clear our allergens and infections and restore a healthy sinus environment. A much healthier choice. As I suggested, try the aerosol to see how it works and get the hang of it. Then try the bottle or neti pot (I think the bottle is easiest of these 2). My Costco carries the bottle version with 2 bottles and a huge supply of the little saline packets and sometimes it even has 1 can of the aerosol included inside. Normal use is 1 saline packet each time you rinse, but when I have a cold or flu or really bad allergies, you can use 2. It works great to get the sinuses working before you get a full blown infection. Good luck.
  2. I order from nuts.com all the time. They have a lot available in their gluten free section. The nuts are really really fresh, you won't realize how not fresh other nuts have been until you get these. I love them, I ask for them as a gift for Christmas and birthday. I order enough to get me free delivery and store the extra in the freezer. Delivery is super fast too.
  3. I can't take any steroid based things of any kind, including the nasal sprays, they all give me high blood pressure and mess with my beauty sleep. To get started on the nedi pot, you could first try the Neilmed Nasamist Saline Spray. https://www.amazon.com/Neilmed-Nasamist-Saline-Spray-Fluid/dp/B00I8NKNZ8/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1536014722&sr=8-4&keywords=neti+nasal+spray It is the saline in an aerosol and easier to start with and see how it goes. I have a friend who had not breathed air through her nose in years and years but was really ooked out by the nedi pot. I got her to try the aerosol and she got past her eebie jeebies and now is doing well with the bottles (this is what I use instead of the actual nedi pot https://www.amazon.com/NeilMed-Sinus-Rinse-Bottles-Premixed/dp/B00Y0VYCTU/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1536014888&sr=1-4&keywords=neilmed+bottle Neilmed nasal rinses products are usually available at drug stores and grocery stores.
  4. Find that article that was in one of these emails a little while back. It was about getting glutened as little as once a month gets you a 40,000 times more chance of colon cancer. Is that what you are striving for?
  5. Hi. I'm a diagnosed celiac. I don't get symptoms unless I've eaten gluten for awhile. I had tried gluten free oats (which are not always gluten free enough or the protein is similar enough to wheat rye and barley to cause the same reaction in some) against my doctor's advice, and it took about a month. My doctor explained that no symptoms does not mean no damage, it can be going on but some people don't get noticeable symptoms until there is a lot more damage.
  6. I tried Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats and had problems. I also tried the best certified gluten-free oats, and had problems with them too. I'm one that cannot eat oats, some celiac's cannot. The protein strand is very similar to the other bad ones, so the body just acts the same. I now follow my doctor's orders that he gave me before I thought I could still eat them, and I stay away from them the same way as wheat, rye, and barley.
  7. Beverage

    Dunkin' Donuts Coffee...

    Caramel color can also be from gluten.
  8. My doctor said to stay away from oats. I ignored it, thinking I could eat the gluten free CERTIFIED kind, found the one with the best reputation, ha ha, I know so much. NOT. After being complete off all grains for a few months, I ate them and it took about a month, and got sooooo sick. No to oats for me.
  9. Beverage

    Cleaning Products

    I agree, the cleaners would not contain gluten, however, what you are cleaning might. As my doctor told me, anything that goes into the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth all drain to the same place. If you inhale any dust created from most building or remodeling products that might contain glue, then you would in essence be eating gluten. The particles remain airborne for days, so breathing that air would be bad also. Plywood, chip board, dry wall, plastering mud. If you are cleaning up anything like that, it would be harmful to you.
  10. I dropped 30 lbs after going gluten free in a MONTH. It seemed to be a lot of water flushing out of my body. Underneath I was underweight and looked emaciated. I've since built back 10 lbs of good weight in muscle and probably bone, and much healthier.
  11. Oat protein is very close to wheat, rye, and barley proteins. My body reacts to oats the same as the others, yes even gluten free oats, and even certified gluten free oats of the best most strictest brands. For some, it's close enough to the others to cause the same auto-immune response. Try cutting out the oats for awhile and see what happens.
  12. Great you know what the situation is, and I'm so happy you are all going gluten free. It really is the safest and best for the ones that have Celiacs. You're an awesome mom!!!
  13. Beverage

    SO OVER eating gluten free!

    Good for you! You'll be a great example to your wonderful son of facing an adversity and dealing with it in a positive way.
  14. Beverage

    SO OVER eating gluten free!

    The most effective thing that keeps me on the right track is, especially after reading a recent article here about how many more times a Celiac has of getting colon cancer if they get glutened as LITTLE AS ONCE A MONTH (I can't remember if it was 4,000 or 40,000 times more, but it doen't matter, not good if it was even 4 times) , I just one glance at my kitties that would not have anyone to take care of them and I think of my grandchildren. I'm going to be tough on you, it's your choice if you want to cheat, but you are really playing with fire. You will only hurt yourself, except of course that awesome 1 year old son. And since I assume he is genetically your son, who better than you to be there in case he ever develops it. But our choice.
  15. Cooking wine is the worst of wines with lots of sugar and salt, just stay away from it. You can use vinegars (gluten free ones of course like apple cider) or lemon juice instead. There might be some low tannin wines available, I don't know, but I am sensitive to sulfites and get mail order from dryfarmwines.com, but it's expensive.