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  1. Cooking wine is the worst of wines with lots of sugar and salt, just stay away from it. You can use vinegars (gluten free ones of course like apple cider) or lemon juice instead. There might be some low tannin wines available, I don't know, but I am sensitive to sulfites and get mail order from dryfarmwines.com, but it's expensive.
  2. I'm so glad you are getting them tested, but sorry it has to be behind his back. However, this is such a serious problem, it has to be done. He can hit the roof all he wants, but he will still be wrong about it, his choice to remain ignorant about the facts. Better diagnosis is not the reason more celiac disease exists, it's that more of it is getting found, we know about more of it, it was always there. Doctors are finally slowly becoming aware that it's not just those with intestinal symptoms. We are lucky to be here now when some doctors are more aware and that awareness is growing all the time. Good luck. Prayers to you for your strength and courage and hopefully a positive outcome.
  3. Hi. Anything that goes in the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth ends up in the digestive tract. Flour in the air from making scones and cake stays in the air for days, which then gets inhaled and down it goes, , not to mention everything it settles on. It's hard enough to make sure no cross contamination happens in preparing food, but it really is not safe for a Celiac be in the same air space with non-gluten-free flour.
  4. I had no symptoms. I'm left with permanent kidney damage. You also need a new doctor. All this is contrary to everything we know.
  5. The children should absolutely be screened (the blood antibody complete screening panel) immediately, regardless if symptoms or not. Some guidelines say that they should be screened annually for the rest of their lives. I have read that the medical community is now expanding from 1st degree relatives getting screened to 3rd degree. Any diagnosed celiac that doesn't want their own children screened (just a simple blood test) should really seek counseling. Sorry to sound tough, but this is a killer disease. I went undiagnosed for over 40 years, absolutely no intestinal symptoms, and I cry thinking how much better health I would be in now if I'd found out sooner. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/screening/
  6. hello. I had similar issues with hair falling out, tested low for T3 although TSH was in the bottom edge of the OK range. I tried liothyronyn synthetic thyroid supplementation, and that did help with the hair, but it caused other issues and I lost my sense of smell, which has been one of my ongoing signs when there is inflammation going on somewhere, so decided that was not good for me overall. I also tried various "natural" thyroid supplements involving bovine thyroid, but that caused my hair to fall out even more!!! Then seborrheic dermatitis developed on my scalp and I was really a mess. Went to a dermatologist and they prescribed this nasty shampoo that did reduce the dermatitis but was really harse on the hair and did not help the falling out problem. After all those fun times, I finally tried apple cider vinegar after seeing this youtube...i started with a 50% solution and gradually went up to 75% and it is now totally gone (as I started trying out the ACV I did use Nizarol shampoo, over the counter with the same drug as the prescription shampoo but not as strong, a few times, letting it sit on the scalp for 15 minutes, but now I don't use it as it is completely gone):
  7. Everyone here has been so nice and supportive to explain why it's so important to stay gluten free for your disease. I however am going to have to take the tough love way in hopes you will see the seriousness of this. Going to the bathroom several times a day is just a minor symptom of your body destroying your ability to absorb nutrients, for which all organs and systems in your body require to work properly. Have you seen the list of diseases this can lead to? I chose to try to not get fibromyalgia, dementia, alzheimer's, colon cancer, type 1 diabetes, other organ failures, and on and on....these are not just diseases for old people, you can trigger them at any time if you keep pushing your body to it. If you do not take care of it, this disease will eventually kill you, in a slow and painful and drawn out miserable way... worth it???
  8. I strongly suggest a different doctor, find one who is more educated on NCGS. He/she gave you very bad advice. Doctors work for you, find one that have help you better.
  9. I use Andalou shampoo, body wash, and body lotions, absolutely wonderful stuff, I ask Santa for it as my Christmas present. Afterglow cosmetics (a lot like Bare Minerals which I had used for eons but does not guarantee gluten free). Also Red Apple Lipstick...I just tried their mascara and I absolutely love it, not gloppy. These are verified or certified gluten free. You can sign up for their newsletters and they send out special discounts regularly. For every day to keep lips from cracking, I use EOS which I get a 6 pack from Costco...these are marked gluten free, not certified, but I have been using them for 2 years and no problem. And remember if you are kissing on anybody, their body products should be gluten free also ;oO
  10. Thyroid problems - maybe?

    I also went through a discussion (that's mildly putting it) with my doctor who refused to do the complete thyroid panel. My TSH test came back on the low end of normal, but I had all the typical symptoms. There are plenty of good articles out there about the full panel and why it is important. You definately need a different doctor. Only testing for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone, produced by the pituitary gland to stimulate the thyroid into action) is like only checking if your gas tank in your car has fuel, but your car still is not running well. Of course you have to check all legs of the overall system...fuel pump, fuel lines, carburator, spark plugs, etc. etc. Well, duh. I had to finally go to a naturopath who did the complete panel (T3, T4, reverse T3, reverse T4). I was very low in T3. Also before taking any treatment, checked for antibodies to rule out Hashimoto's. Treating thyroid without ruling this out is like putting gasoline on a burning fire, and it will kill off what's left of your thyroid, have to rule that out before going forward. Came back negative for Hashi's. I first tried the typical supplements that help all parts of the whole system to work (selenium, zinc, etc.), but only got mild improvement. I am now on a small dose of synthetic T3 supplementation and feel TONS BETTER. No more hair loss or dizziness or extreme tiridness. I'm still tired for other reasons, but the extreme I just can't take another step tired has stopped. Also, any x-rays for the rest of your life, dental or anything else, insist on a shield to protect your thyroid. Good luck...get another doctor.
  11. I mean I might get a prescription refill, or a new vitamin pill for example, and take it for awhile, with absolutely no symptoms. As we know, no symptoms does not mean no damage being done. I will feel fine for weeks, but then I start feeling awful, like a bad flu coming on. I never did get the intestinal symptoms others get. This for me is the hardest part of having Celiac's, figuring out what did it. Last month I ended up with pneumonia because I thought the achey symptoms I was having was from gluten, maybe from cross contamination even though my kitchen is off limits to gluten, maybe from some new prescription, maybe from some new tea I was trying, maybe from new vitamins (marked gluten free but not certified, those have gotten me before), so I stopped taking all of that but didn't feel better and kept getting worse. It took me awhile to figure out I actually had a flu and by that time it went to my lungs and had to go to urgent care.
  12. Ennis_TX, can you please post a link to that deficiency chart? I can't read it even when enlarged. Thanks!
  13. I had the candida test done via a blood test, testing for antibodies, as it can be in many places in your body and a huge burden to the immune system.
  14. Ennis_TX, can you please post a link to that deficiency chart? I can't read it even when enlarged. Thanks!
  15. I went to a naturopath because of gradually decreasing kidney function and was diagnosed with Celiac's. For me, when I get accidentally glutened, I don't get symptoms until I've had that gluten for awhile, like several weeks. Then, I start feeling like I've got a bad flu coming on. Everybody is different. It's not like an allergy where symptoms are a direct result of exposure.