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  1. I'm a big fan of eggs, great protein for the brain and especially for young kids. Make a bunch of little egg cups using a muffin tin (one that has never seen gluten of course), and store them in the freezer that you can get out and...
  2. Are you cooking or using gluten in your kitchen? I didn't feel better until we cut it out completely from the kitchen. I let my boyfriend have a gluten beer at the table, but nothing more. We tried marking condiment jars in the fridge...
  3. I love oatmeal too, but it reacts in my body the same as wheat rye or barley. I tried many brands of the certified and cleanest and all that, all the same. To me, not worth the risk, the protein is too similar to the other bad guys.
  4. Hi. I've never heard that high white blood counts are an indication of autoimmune diseases... is that true???
  5. Usually I drink green tea, but I drink coffee about once a week and have not had any issues. I don't know if any coffee brands might contain gluten for flavoring, but if you are using a coffee maker previously used, make sure it has only...
  6. LilyR, the bottle works like the nedi pot, the saline water goes in one nostril and comes out the other. If your sinuses are plugged, it can drain down to your mouth (instead of out the other nostril). But you do this with your head bent...
  7. I order from nuts.com all the time. They have a lot available in their gluten free section. The nuts are really really fresh, you won't realize how not fresh other nuts have been until you get these. I love them, I ask for them as a gift...
  8. I can't take any steroid based things of any kind, including the nasal sprays, they all give me high blood pressure and mess with my beauty sleep. To get started on the nedi pot, you could first try the Neilmed Nasamist Saline Spray. https...
  9. Find that article that was in one of these emails a little while back. It was about getting glutened as little as once a month gets you a 40,000 times more chance of colon cancer. Is that what you are striving for?
  10. Hi. I'm a diagnosed celiac. I don't get symptoms unless I've eaten gluten for awhile. I had tried gluten free oats (which are not always gluten free enough or the protein is similar enough to wheat rye and barley to cause the same reaction...
  11. I tried Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats and had problems. I also tried the best certified gluten-free oats, and had problems with them too. I'm one that cannot eat oats, some celiac's cannot. The protein strand is very similar to the other...
  12. Beverage

    Dunkin' Donuts Coffee...

    Caramel color can also be from gluten.
  13. My doctor said to stay away from oats. I ignored it, thinking I could eat the gluten free CERTIFIED kind, found the one with the best reputation, ha ha, I know so much. NOT. After being complete off all grains for a few months, I ate them...
  14. Beverage

    Cleaning Products

    I agree, the cleaners would not contain gluten, however, what you are cleaning might. As my doctor told me, anything that goes into the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth all drain to the same place. If you inhale any dust created from most building...
  15. I dropped 30 lbs after going gluten free in a MONTH. It seemed to be a lot of water flushing out of my body. Underneath I was underweight and looked emaciated. I've since built back 10 lbs of good weight in muscle and probably bone, and...