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Diagnosed celiac disease 2015 high gliaden & all gluten antibodies + response to gluten free diet.  Thalassemia beta.

  1. I had bad acid reflux, and one of the things that helped is propping up the bed a little bit at the head. We started with a piece of 2x4 wood, and then added another 2x4 at the head a few days later, and the single 2x4 at the legs in the middle of the bed. Most articles say to elevate 8" to make...
  2. Search for KnittyKitty posts about B1 thiamine deficiency! It helped me TREMENDOUSLY!
  3. If it has a teeny bit, that's too much. You can call and ask what they use. No, using gliadenx is not a good idea, you must not consume any known gluten. I have read that others made their own little wafers at Home and brought a batch for the priest to bless and deliver from a separate container...
  4. I could eat a little gluten and get absolutely no intestinal symptoms. So yes, absolutely get a different doctor.
  5. Bob's has gluten free oats, which caused me a BIG problem. I am sure their oats are gluten free, meaning that they meet the legal requirements to make that claim, but must be at the higher end of that limit, and can be a problem for Celiac's. I have found that I can eat "purity protocol" gluten...
  6. I love https://www.redapplelipstick.com/ And Andalou.com skin care Sign up for newsletters for discounts.
  7. Real food, aka whole food. Chicken, fish, beef, pork, lots of fresh veggies, a little fruit, nuts (I use nuts.com). Look into Whole30 recipes. I got tons of ideas from books from my dinky little local library before everything was shut down. Now all that is available online from the library and...
  8. I had major issues with acid reflux even after going gluten free. Acid reflux is NOT USUALLY CAUSED BY TOO MUCH ACID, IT'S TOO LITTLE!!! As we age or have digestive issues from Celiac's the hiatal spincter can get damaged. Also as we age, or from Celiac's, our stomach acid gets REDUCED. Yes, REDUCED...
  9. Stop taking the magnesium for at least 3 days until no symptoms. Don't make any other changes to your supplements or diet. Then re-introduce the magnesium at a very very small dose, gradually increase every few days. Continue increasing every few days. KEEP A LOG. See if your symptoms return...
  10. Please reread...I made it clear that it is different, but a peanut allergy is how sensitive it is, not immediate: " ...how just the littles bit, even something they can't see, it can kill them, and this is how careful you have to be, that a littlest bit, even something you can't see can give...
  11. Also, I have found that for people that really do not understand how serious it is, as the naturopath who explained it to me, put it in terms more of how people react with peanut allergies...how just the littles bit, even something they can't see, it can kill them, and this is how careful you have...
  12. Oh gosh, that's horrible. It will be a lot of work, but you'll have to just scrub and clean everything in your kitchen and replace any wooden spoons, pans with non-stick, and toaster or other appliances. It is what you will just have to do, it will be fine, it is fixable. They do not have...
  13. You have to be careful of what it is injected with, but I'm super careful and I don't buy it unless it is actually marked gluten free. I can't remember what brand, but I have been able to find just the breast with the bones (not boneless) marked gluten free for the last 5 years at my local grocery...
  14. No, but airborne flour can if you are breathing that in...eyes, ears, nose, and mouth all lead to the same place.