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  1. Mereloo

    Gardasil And Celiac

    Actually, according to the CDC, nearly all sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their life, although...
  2. Ugh, sorry, the test results came out as a wall of text. I'll have to try to either edit it (if this system allows it...
  3. Just got the pathology report back. Everything is negative, but I'm a little confused at how many samples were taken...
  4. Also, just a follow up, if deaminated = DMA and endomysial = EMA, then those were tested along with the tTG, and all...
  5. Will do! Forgot to consider that particular yummy option. Spanakopita here I come!
  6. Got a call from the office today, and he is doing biopsies. Sounds like I've found a good doc. :-) Thanks, everyone....
  7. Hi all, Finally got my results back from the lab. All my test results are negative, and I don't have the HLA-DQ...
  8. Mereloo

    Iga Blood Test Result

    Darn! I know my total IgA level is 33 from a test a few years ago, but I'm still nervous it may come up with a false...