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  1. DandelionH

    DH?? (Look like bug bites)

    This is EXACTLY what happens to me. It has twice now and both times was after both glutening episodes but once it was the day after and the other time it was a week and a half. So I'm still not sure if it's related or strange bug bites... Did they stop happening when she stopped being glutened? Did you decide they were definitely related? I'm really confused by this and would love to know whether to insecticide my house or....
  2. Wow, JMG. That is such useful information! I hadn't thought about or Googled anything along those lines but that's exactly what it (has always) felt like. It looks (from what I've just read elsewhere thanks to your post) like something not thoroughly researched and perhaps a bit of a myth but so many things start that way before solid research confirms them... (Or do you have research you can link me to? I just like learning...). So it held that quality for you too? That's fascinating! Also wondering now whether the binge-eating I used to do as a teenager for a very long time is related... I got it under control but through sheer willpower (and stomach pain) and the urge to do so went away completely went I went gluten-free but I attributed that to food that 'wasn't as good' except that it is (it's actually better because I cook more and have learned about a broader range of foods)! Oh wow... Thanks also for the opinion on the diagnosis. I've been so confused for about 3 days but I think... I think you're right. And that I'll follow up the gene and antibodies positives with a 'gold standard diagnosis' endoscopy but not right now because I'm about to travel a bit and whilst I don't want to limit my life unnecessarily or for longer than I have to (and travelling with wheat is so much easier!) I also feel like I've spent enough of it missing out on things because I was sick. One of the best things about going gluten-free has actually been my ability to digest other things, now. The idea of travelling and suddenly struggling with fats, vegetables, fish, everything all over again is highly unfun... So the challenge-round-2 waits rather than being a gung-ho blitz after an unpleasant but not unpleasant reaction the other day. Thankyou!
  3. DandelionH

    Anyone Ttc?

    Oh wow, I'm so glad this thread exists. I'm terrified of figuring out pregnancy and such as is without the Celiac complications and then with them added... That's IF we can get pregnant. AND my GP advised avoiding soy because I'm small and it lengthens my cycles by about 20 days (but is otherwise great and delicious. Sigh.) and it's in EVERYTHING gluten-free. This thread is from 2005 but is anybody else currently TTC?
  4. DandelionH

    Do you dairy?

    Yep, there are threads about this and yep, I'm enthusiastically posting many posts today now that I'm here and happy to find all you guys! But bear with me... The other thread was old and there are new members etc. so I'm curious... Coeliac-diagnosed members, Do you eat dairy? If not, why not? Are your dairy symptoms similar to being glutened? Are you only able to drink some milks (ie. goat milk) or eat casein-free? I'd love to hear where you're at with it .
  5. Hello! Thanks for the reply and such thoughtful info. Sounds like it's been quite a journey for you but you're sure of where you stand. I can't wait to feel that way! Yes, I'd be glad to add gluten back, because I feel better as a vegetarian than eating meat and vegetarianism is more difficult without gluten (doable but difficult) and I've just reintroduced dairy for the first time in 2 decades (I stopped eating it before I became vego because it gave me stomach cramps. It doesn't anymore, it seems, but does TOTALLY knock me out. Like...10 hour sleeps and that isn't my style and like pulling over to the side of the road after lunch. But then again, before going gluten-free everything used to do that. Which is sort of why I'm confused that now when I eat it I'm totally wired!). It would simplify things. That said, I'm ok without it and would never have thought to add it back if they hadn't called me with such weird news suggesting it was worth rechecking. Bleurgh. I was liking being sorted one way or another...
  6. Ok. This forum is officially my lifeline. Ha. Oh I'm so glad this exists. Just in general. My exact queries are everywhere with helpful answers to boot!
  7. DandelionH

    First glutening or something else?

    Ugh! Quinoa! I LOVE it (and it's a useful food in general) so just kept trying and found that every single time it destroyed my guts. Incidentally, there's one coffee brand (definitely gluten-free) that does as well, for me. I suppose trial and error will make things clearer for you and it's not a superfun method (particularly because suspects have to be eaten again to know more!) but it does work. I'm currently trying to figure out if dairy is doable or not (basically it's not but I'm determined to make it work. Ha. Testing it alllll out to see if there's a difference between the A1 low fat stuff that gives me migraines and stomach cramps without fail even if it's yoghurt, and A2 dairy, dairy without casein (aka butter and cream), etc. etc.). I'm also trying to work out if it's coincidence that I was migraine free since diagnosis (after getting them constantly) until I started eating a bit of meat again for the first time in decades. It's all pretty tricky because we start reading correlations into everything but patterns do emerge! I hope you're feeling better now .
  8. Hi... so... this is going to sound weird... and admittedly it's probably not 'gluten' per se but ... I was miserable for decades and have had a better year (or rather, the year has been the same as many but my baseline emotions are just happier and less moody. Nutrition is such a good thing!) following diagnosis so I wouldn't say gluten was making me happy back then. But. Now. Whenever I get glutened... it does? Does that mean my diagnosis could be wrong and I'm 'meant' to eat it? Or something? The diagnosis is under fire because the doctor who did my blood tests a year ago (because of symptoms and malnutrition and a mother and grandmother with it) 'might' have mixed them up so I started a gluten challenge (again!) 2 days ago and expected to feel wiped out. But I didn't. A few weird body things happened but mentally I had this rush of energy and happiness. I know that sounds like it could be a 'yay maybe I'm NOT Coeliac?!' thing but I have actually loved the foods and lifestyle I've found since diagnosis and would have no problem continuing (other than being keen to make a vegetarian lifestyle I abandoned at least temporarily, more doable again. THAT is more exciting than eating wheat would be. And realising how excited I was about that has made me keen to try it even gluten-free). It didn't feel like 'happiness' per se. But more like... I don't know what. I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. I never used to sleep and about 6 months ago for the first time in my life I started sleeping 8 or 9 hours. Last night I was perfectly content and tired etc. but just... didn't sleep. I'll see how the stomach stuff progresses (really not that bad! I used to have horrible pains all the time etc. but this isn't that! Just...loose...bowels. So far, anyway...) and continue the challenge and such of course and get my bloods done AGAIN for antibodies but I'm just curious after reading so much flatness and apathy and sadness and anger described as symptoms, whether anyone gets some kind of adrenaline rush or something when they're glutened? Or it was unrelated. I've had this happen before when I ate it by accident, too?
  9. DandelionH

    Any Other Vegans With Celiac Out There?

    Ah wow! Happy to find this thread! I was vegan for a long time before my diagnosis and have put dairy and fish back in over the last 6 months and am hating it. I might try being gluten-free vegan again now. Inspired!
  10. Hi all! I'm not expecting a big response to this post and I know it's all personal etc. anyway but I was diagnosed through blood tests (and family history just over a year ago and have been gluten-free and happy as Larry but now have to do another gluten challenge because some of the tests at the doctor were found to be errors etc. (I know... shocking... but whatever... moving on...)! I started 2 days ago and was THRILLED to find I didn't react to wheat protein as a tiny bit of a vegie burger I'd been craving (and I've been eating meat since diagnosis but miss vegetarianism. If Coeliac I may return to it anyway but it's definitely a lot easier with wheat so I took the challenge as a thumbs up to go back to vegetarianism and that was more exciting than the idea of gluten again! But I digress...). Last night I had one of my favourite old pies which is sourdough wholewheat. And for the first time in 6 months I woke at 2am and didn't go back to sleep (which was my life pre-diagnosis but I always thought it was just stress). But my stomach was ok. This morning I have the whole loose bowels thing happening (but still not THAT bad) which is unusual for me. My questions are (sorry, underslept... hard not to ramble): -If you did a gluten challenge but were not found to be Coeliac, did you still find you had adjustment issues that could simply be your stomach reacting to a new protein after not having it for a while? Seems both logical because bodies are sensitive and also not because people don't react when they try rye bread for the first time or something, right? -Can insomnia be a symptom? Not because of RLS (which I've only been getting since going gluten-free actually and is the only reason I ever and rarely stay awake at night) or pain but just...awakeness? -And how long do your symptoms take to really kick in (but I'm sure that one has been answered in other threads and I look forward to reading a ton on here over my next week!).
  11. Yep, it's everywhere! But also just in the form of milk sold as Guersey or Jersey (aka most of Europe's milk and a bit of it here in Aust.) or sheep and goat products. Had a glass of it at 2. It's 5 now. Still rockin'. But as above, maybe the last one was coincidence so tomorrow I test 'normal' (but tasty) organic milk and determine what sort of milk is the first I buy for my fridge in 10 years! Squee! Excite! ehehe.
  12. Glad to inspire some experimentation! I'm personally hoping that, as big dairy corporations say (and can be the case with some health-conscious fads of course), it's an unsubstantiated myth because eating any dairy is easier than eating specific dairy but then... it's working for a lot of people I know who are 'lactose intolerant' and feeling good is good, regardless of how. I'm going to try the regular milk again when stomach totally settled (after today. Not as bad as yesterday but still not quite right) and compare it. But still baffled as to why the cheese seemed to be ok...
  13. I'm sure this has been covered here but I'm not debating the theory... more just looking for your personal experiences ! I started eating dairy again recently and am thrilled that yoghurt and probably cheese have no ill effect. I even got up the guts (ha) to start drinking coffee at the local coffee shop...WITH MILK. As in... not even fermented. JUST MILK. At first I had Lacteese to cover my bases/break associations... and after a few days I didn't take it and... STILL NOTHING. Success! Repeated every day for about 6 days. Lactose and I are buds. But. Yesterday I got coffee from somewhere else and had the same old dairy symptoms (I think).... and it could be due to the heat wave that hatched here or hormones (that time of the month) so I'm not jumping to conclusions but I did just find out upon returning to local cafe that they use Jersey milk... Seems unlikely to be the cause though because I don't think cheese was bad and that's still got protein in it... unlike icecream which also had a1 milk and was ok... Are you a celiac who struggles with dairy but tolerates a2? Or?
  14. DandelionH

    Your reactions to glucose syrup.

    Sorry, I mean glucose syrup from wheat . Or dextrose, for that matter. Those things with minimal ppm that are technically safe and many people don't react to but some do. Someone was telling me it was because there IS no gluten but a lot of celiacs are allergic to wheat and do react because of that (hence packaging saying 'contains wheat' but not 'contains gluten'. Because some people are wheat allergic). I was just curious whether the reactions are the same (meaning it probably is a response to a tiiiiny amount present?) or different or. :)
  15. Hi hi! Just a question for the people who do react to glucose syrup... Are your symptoms the same as with a regular glutening or slightly different or...?