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  1. pancakes instead of running!

  2. So, my little dude wants a Dora doll for his birthday. I think his Daddy will be horrified, but its Wyatt's birthday, right? Plus its a potty Dora that he wants. Maybe he and Dora can potty together and get inspiration from eachother?!

  3. Possibility of neuro endocrine tumor having anything to do with celiac or gluten intolerance (or for that matter, manyfood intolerances)?
  4. The itching has been so bad for me between the itching with no rash and the DH, that at times I have scratched with a sarrated steak knife, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  5. I have diagnosed DH, the skin's form of celiac. I get the bug under my skin itching sometimes with no rash. There was a while that I got it all the time. I too have hormone imbalance and am being treated for it now. Did you have all of your hormones checked, or just your cortisol? Was it saliva testing...
  6. I am blown away by what you wrote. I sometimes have night sweats, though not often. I am having serious itching down there, but embarrassingly have had all VD tests recently, even though I and my husband have been monogamaus for 7 1/2 years, and have had 2 kids (4 & 1 1/2). All cultures come...