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  1. Possibility of neuro endocrine tumor having anything to do with celiac or gluten intolerance (or for that matter, manyfood...
  2. So, I posted this post on someone else's topic, and I want it to get more attention than that, as my reply doesn't have...
  3. I actually do a whole foods diet and little to no dairy, it hurts my stomach
  4. I should mention that I was deficient in Vit D, and ave been taking 5,000 IU's a day for 5 months now. I take a B-12...
  5. Shouldn't I have started to feel better on the Gluten-Free diet. I did it religiously for 13 mos. No change:-(
  6. lil'chefy

    Reflux Is Killing Me!

    This is so scary for me to read!!!!!! My mother had THE exact same stuff! Baretts and all. Have you had an EGD? My Mom...
  7. lil'chefy

    Reflux Is Killing Me!

    This is so scary for me to read!!!!!! My mother had THE exact same stuff! Baretts and all. Have you had an EGD? My Mom...
  8. I was strict with the diet for 1 year and one month, then I just started feeling like I was being restricted for no reason...
  9. lil'chefy

    Need A Dr In Dayton Oh

    Did you find one? A doctor? I so need a good knowledgable one, and I am in Dayton, OH.
  10. lil'chefy

    Night Terrors

    Wow, this happens to me to! Do you think it is celiac related? Or a hypothyroid issue? What is your blood pressure like...
  11. I have "had" celiac, via DH diagnosis for 23 years. I have taken Dapsone for 20 years (100mg.). I stopped the Dapsone...
  12. pancakes instead of running!

  13. So, my little dude wants a Dora doll for his birthday. I think his Daddy will be horrified, but its Wyatt's birthday, right? Plus its a potty Dora that he wants. Maybe he and Dora can potty together and get inspiration from eachother?!

  14. Same thing has been going on with me. You should have a saliva test done of your hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone...
  15. lil'chefy

    Lupus And Celiac Disease?

    I have celiac disease (dermatitis herpetiformus)and often when I have gotten a blood test, I have all the markers for...
  16. The itching has been so bad for me between the itching with no rash and the DH, that at times I have scratched with a...
  17. I have diagnosed DH, the skin's form of celiac. I get the bug under my skin itching sometimes with no rash. There was...
  18. lil'chefy

    Found Something For Inflammation

    I can't wait to try! I hadn't considered it before, but is my celiac disease causing my joint stiffness and my aching...
  19. lil'chefy

    Still Finding It Hard

    Like you, I wasn't dairy free at first. I though, whatever, like I am giving that up too! Anyhow, fast forward------...
  20. Has anyone tested out a "normal" recipe substituting gluten-free oat flour for wheat flour, with no other flours or sustitutions...
  21. lil'chefy

    Celiac? Please Read And Help Me

    the best thing is to try gluten-free diet. Some strains of celiac do never show up on a celiac panel or biopsy!
  22. lil'chefy

    A Break Out

    If you have been glutened, how long until DH blisters show up?
  23. lil'chefy

    Fried Chicken

    Gluten free bisquick is mostly corn, i use gluten-free oat flour.
  24. lil'chefy

    A Break Out

    Helps quite a lot. I have never stopped with sals and don't hink I will, as I don't think that I am having a reaction...
  25. lil'chefy

    A Break Out

    How would you know if you were having a reaction to sals? symptoms?