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  1. I drink vanilla lattes all the time and I haven't had a reaction. I have also had white mochas with no proble.
  2. Betty Crocker's frostings say gluten-free on the label!
  3. When I spoke to Hersheys they stated the regular size are gluten free. (I have eaten my share to be sure that they are fine ) I know the other sizes they can't guarentee as they do not have a dedicated line and other things might be made on the line that aren't safe. The same with their milk...
  4. I bake both gluten and non-gluten items in my oven (in pans) with out any issues. I can see where cooking on the rack can cause an issue, but if it's in the pans, I can't see where it should be a problem. (Please, correct me if I am wrong..all you more experience ones!) some people are very sensitive...
  5. Nope, don't go for the Reeses Pieces But peanut butter and peanut M&Ms are fine. Anything but the pretzel ( self explanatory ) Reeses peanut butter cups are good, too. Hershey's plain and almond, regular size bars, too! (Guess you can tell which wagon I ride on )
  6. I believe the most important thing to do is to keep talking to all restaurants and educating them. I am lucky, there are several in our area, including the pub down the block from my office, that carry gluten free menu's. I too have been glutened, and it stinks, but I always use the opportunity...
  7. I have found on all of the Nestle Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer, the specific phrase gluten free. (I am not informed about dairy so I dont' know if that would be safe or not.)
  8. I see the list for wheat, but that doesn't rule out gluten from other sources.
  9. I found it at another grocery store today for $1.99 a bag!!!
  10. I found some today!!! It was Arrowhead Mills brand. It does not specifically state it is gluten free, though. The only ingredient was Brown Rice. I did google it and found it online to order as well. I found it at Copp's which is the same as Roundy's or Pick N Sav. Though, I haven't seen it before...