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  1. MelindaLee

    Gluten Enzymes - Experience/reviews?

    I'm not sure what brand my sister had...but, I accidentally got "glutened" when at a family function(by a well meaning...
  2. MelindaLee

    Numb Tongue

    Thanks for the idea, but, no, I didn't use mouth wash. I think we have decided that it is a reaction to the vaccine...
  3. I haven't had any problems with my good non-stick pans int he 9+ months that I have been gluten-free (I didn't replace...
  4. MelindaLee

    Need Advice

    Jack, I hope your mom can learn to support you! I feel bad for you...my whole house went gluten-free because I am...
  5. MelindaLee

    Ideas For Lunches On The Go?

    Have you found the Corn Thins? These are great alternatives to rice cakes and are MUCH thinner. They work better when...
  6. I also have psoriasis and psoratic arthritis. My arthritis is gone since going gluten-free, I am off all medications...
  7. MelindaLee

    When Do You Speak Up?

    Are there any "safe" restaurants in your area? could you suggest that they order from one of these places so that there...
  8. 1. Do all Frito-Lay Doritos contain Gluten? NO, many of the Doritos are okay. Avoid the nacho for sure, and a few...
  9. MelindaLee

    Bad Weekend At Work

    I hope you will find some relief with the gluten-free diet. My main symptom was an arthritis type of pain which was...
  10. MelindaLee

    Numb Tongue

    My tongue has been numb since Saturday. Not total numbness-can't move it, it wouldn't hurt if I bit it kind of numbness...
  11. MelindaLee

    Question About Chebe Bread Mix

    I just read a new on! Just posted! http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/easy_brazilian_cheese_bread/e
  12. I know several people have posted chili recipies that are gluten-free. try searching these. Same with the bbq sauces...
  13. MelindaLee

    So Difficult Stay Gluten Free

    gluten-free diets are not fun or easy, but it can be very tolerable. Some of it is the mind set. You are right, it...
  14. MelindaLee

    Question For Other Migraine Sufferers

    Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of this, and I appreciate being educated on it.
  15. MelindaLee

    Gluten Free Wheat!

    I had a waitress insist they didn't use wheat as they only had pancakes! Amazing how uninformed "we" are about our foods...