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  1. I suspect my 3 year old daughter has gluten intolerance. I discovered my GI 5 months ago, and have been eliminating gluten in my diet - our family is also severely lactose intolerant and we never eat dairy. This last month however, she has been complaining of stomach aches every time she poops - though she does not have diarrhea, weight loss, or look sick. Her BM's are solid and normal. I have been cutting out the gluten in her diet, like wheat bread in her lunches, and switching her to my gluten-free bread. Worried, we took her to the doc for a blood test, which came back negative (I expected this), and he gave no further advice on what to do. The other night, I fed her organic chicken nuggets, which were breaded, and didn't think too much of it, but she ended up vomiting it all up 6 hours later. She only threw up once, so I figured it wasn't the flu. Then two days later, we went to Grandma's and she ate some smarties and candy that they gave her, plus 2 juice boxes (I never give her this much junk!). I am pretty sure they weren't gluten free, and she ended up with a HUGE distended stomach and vomited a startling amount an hour later. She did not have a fever, sweats or chills like with the flu, and a 30 minutes after she threw up, she was her happy, bubbly self again. What is going on? Is it possible for her to react to gluten with vomiting? Has this happened to anyone else? I am not sure what my next step is to help my little girl. PLEASE HELP!
  2. My solution: FOOD CO-OPS!! Bountiful Baskets (bountifulbaskets.org) and Azure Standard have SAVED me these last few months as I have been newly self-diagnosed. We also rely on Costco, WinCo and our local health food store when they have good sales. My family is used to eating whole foods anyway, so that has helped with the transition. I don't buy mixes, or ready made gluten-free items from the store as they are SO expensive! (okay, check that - my husband bought me gluten-free doughnuts for my birthday, which I am still hoarding in the freezer!) We eat tons of fruits & vegetables thanks to Bountiful Baskets - which is only $15 for a laundry basket load of fruits & vegetables. So I am right there with you - money is extremely tight, and feeding my family of 4 in a gluten-free kitchen has been really tricky. I keep my food simple and whole, and that saves money right from the start.
  3. Seriously can't believe this guy! He calls himself a "chef" but flaunts his idiocy when people trust him with their health. I went out to my first restaurant a few days ago since being diagnosed, and THANKFULLY had a good experience, though I am not sure I have ever been so anxious from a meal in my life. I was expecting agony that night & the next day. Happy that I had a responsible Chef at Mimi's Cafe!
  4. Interesting! I also take Floravital and LOVE it! I am thinking I need to get the Flora Calcium/Magnesium as well. Thanks for the great info on manganese!
  5. It drives me crazy as well - I have been gluten free for only a few months (and am STILL trying to rid CC issues in my kitchen), and though I have a great husband & supportive in-laws, they still want to go out to dinner every few weeks & I just dont trust ANYONE to fix my food but me. We are actually going out tonight & I am really torn whether to bring my own food, or take a huge risk & order restaurant food. I am so tired of being sick all the time. So how do I balance feelings vs my health? I mean, I KNOW the obvious answer, but it still sucks.
  6. Sheesh this is overwhelming. I am facing the same issue and am thinking "how in the WORLD am I going to get my kitchen safe?!" Seems like buying all new kitchen utensils, bowls, scrubbies, etc is the only way to go - which sucks as this is going to get expensive!! BUT I guess it is better than paying for expensive medications like other diseases require. Sigh.
  7. I fear I am in for a monumentous cleaning of my kitchen as well. I am looking around at all of the wooden spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls, silverware container, tupperware, etc, and I am overwhelmed! I am going to have to take a day really soon & gut my kitchen of all my old utensils. Bright side is that we get new kitchen toys I guess!
  8. Thank you SO much for this post - this is ME also. I am dealing with a mixed household, and my husband is reluctant to go gluten-free. I have tried to not inconvenience anyone else (my lifelong habit), and I just cant do it anymore. Gluten Free living IS a pain in the butt, however, my health is worth the little inconvenience it will cause to my family, and I hope they will forgive me. This is giving me the courage to tell my already very supportive husband that we need to have a gluten-free house, as it has been months and I am still not well. Time for some serious changes around here, thankfully my kids & I are lactose-intolerant & so we have already gotten milk out of the kitchen. Now its just time to donate all of the gluten foods as well. Thank you everyone for helping and giving such great advice!
  9. This post just about made me cry - I am dealing with the exact same issue right now - non gluten husband & 2 kids. As I read your post, it sounded word for word what I have been saying in my mind for the last month as I struggle with being sick constantly. I also don't have the heart to ask everyone in my family to go gluten free, but it seems to be the only way that I will feel better. So, thank you so much for putting into words what I have wanted to say, and for the EXCELLENT replies that are so helpful - I hadn't even thought of kissing as a means of cc!!! I am going to have my husband read this thread so he understands how serious this all is.
  10. I am wondering if I am sensitive to corn as well. I did an elimination diet, and didn't feel much better throughout the whole experience. Try this website: http://www.nourishingmeals.com/ This is an EXCELLENT resource for whole-food living, avoiding allergens in food, and I honestly can NOT live without their cookbook which is free of gluten, dairy and allergen-free recipes - and you use the Vitamix like crazy! Hope things get better for you & your daughter.
  11. Being a total newb to gluten-free living, I am SO happy to hear that is why my sleep is so messed up! I could sleep all day & night most days. I completely bonk at about 3:00pm and have to force myself to stay awake until 8 or 9. Though lately, I have gotten into the terrible habit of coma-crashing from 4-6pm. Then I am up until 1:00 am kicking myself and waking up super groggy in the morning. Not a good combination. I have just started taking B12 & Zinc and a multivitamin. I am hoping that my sleep levels out & I can get rested.
  12. I take natural digestive enzymes, an MCT (coconut oil) capsule to help with healing, and a lactase pill to help with digestion as well. Papaya & Bromelain tabs are excellent to help with digestion also.
  13. Dang. I loved my New Chapter Prenatals, but am now wondering if they are contributing to my serious not-feeling-gooddedness syndrome. I LOVED the idea of a whole food vitamin, but not at the cost of getting glutened. I guess it is good news in the way that I will start saving $70 on a bottle of pills.
  14. I feel the same way as well. I have had a terrible year & a half with my body completely out of control, and I am only 31. I finally discovered I have a gluten intolerance last October, and am feeling much better, though I still have the flu/colds all the time, and am very fatigued. I went to my doctor last Fall & he did blood tests that all came back negative. I have yet to go to a GI as I have no insurance at the moment and am dreading the costs. Also, I have been gluten-free for 5 months and will never go back on gluten long enough to get tested - stupid, I know, but I have had enough nights curled on the bathroom floor in agony for one lifetime. Good news is, it might be a relief for you to have Celiac (crazy as that sounds), because it is SO treatable by just avoiding gluten. Not many other diseases have that easy of a fix. Living gluten free is NOT that bad - sure, I went through the stages of grief at the beginning, but am finally getting into the swing of gluten-free living. There are lots of blogs, books & these forums that are so helpful. Here's hoping you find out the answers to your questions! Cheers! Though I am a noob to these forums and gluten free living, I have been so excited to "meet" other people who completely understand what it is like to live this way.
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