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  1. bluebonnet

    Post-Ingestion Bloating

    well hopefully since you said you forced it you didn't strain something. for me, after a glutening my body seems to...
  2. bluebonnet

    Atrial Fibrillation (Very Long)

    i dealt with this too and noticed a huge difference since going gluten free. i am not in the medical field but can tell...
  3. sounds like you inadvertently confirmed it! i noticed you said you were a thyroid cancer survivor ... celiac disease...
  4. yes for me it hits in a matter of hours and lasts around 2 to 3 days.
  5. bluebonnet

    Eating At Relative's....

    i agree. it sounds like they are trying to help you in anyway they can but don't fully understand how easy cc can be...
  6. my husband and i recently celebrated our 15th anniversary by going to disney for a few days and i am relieved and happy...
  7. bluebonnet

    Sore Eyes

    i have dealt with dry achy eyes for several years now. i too was hoping for relief after being gluten free by now. ...
  8. sustenex ... they have a website for coupons you can print too.
  9. bluebonnet

    Poll Time:

    gooey thick doughy pizza, chic fi la, soft doughy pretzel, cream filled donut and beer battered fried fish with a side...
  10. i have svt after years of tests done. my heart rate will do the same thing ... i've had it in the 200's before on several...
  11. i just don't eat over sparing their feelings (moms included). moms generally want the best for you but if they don't...
  12. bluebonnet

    Any Help Is Appreciated :(

    for me, my chronic insomnia has taken months before i saw improvement. its by no means cured but i have noticed a significant...
  13. bluebonnet

    Severe Bone Pain- Anyone Else?

    i'm 3/4 of a year being gluten free for the most part except for accidents and a challenge but the bone/joint pain for...
  14. bluebonnet

    Had To Share

    enabler. now i want some.
  15. bluebonnet

    Do You Take A Probiotic?

    sustenex (and if you go online they have $1 & $5 coupons you can print out).