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  1. bluebonnet

    Post-Ingestion Bloating

    well hopefully since you said you forced it you didn't strain something. for me, after a glutening my body seems to...
  2. bluebonnet

    Atrial Fibrillation (Very Long)

    i dealt with this too and noticed a huge difference since going gluten free. i am not in the medical field but can tell...
  3. sounds like you inadvertently confirmed it! i noticed you said you were a thyroid cancer survivor ... celiac disease...
  4. bluebonnet

    Insomnia Was Improving

    for me, its been almost 14 years of dealing with insomnia. thankfully though i have noticed that i am sleeping better...
  5. bluebonnet

    Dear Pf Changs,

    well i FINALLY did it ... i went to pf changs. on a date with my husband none the less. all of the posts got to me...
  6. yes for me it hits in a matter of hours and lasts around 2 to 3 days.
  7. my husband and i recently celebrated our 15th anniversary by going to disney for a few days and i am relieved and happy...
  8. bluebonnet

    Eating At Relative's....

    i agree. it sounds like they are trying to help you in anyway they can but don't fully understand how easy cc can be...
  9. bluebonnet

    Sore Eyes

    i have dealt with dry achy eyes for several years now. i too was hoping for relief after being gluten free by now. ...
  10. sustenex ... they have a website for coupons you can print too.
  11. bluebonnet

    Poll Time:

    gooey thick doughy pizza, chic fi la, soft doughy pretzel, cream filled donut and beer battered fried fish with a side...
  12. i have svt after years of tests done. my heart rate will do the same thing ... i've had it in the 200's before on several...
  13. i just don't eat over sparing their feelings (moms included). moms generally want the best for you but if they don't...
  14. bluebonnet

    Any Help Is Appreciated :(

    for me, my chronic insomnia has taken months before i saw improvement. its by no means cured but i have noticed a significant...
  15. bluebonnet

    Severe Bone Pain- Anyone Else?

    i'm 3/4 of a year being gluten free for the most part except for accidents and a challenge but the bone/joint pain for...
  16. bluebonnet

    Had To Share

    enabler. now i want some.
  17. bluebonnet

    Do You Take A Probiotic?

    sustenex (and if you go online they have $1 & $5 coupons you can print out).
  18. bluebonnet

    Gluten Free Bun In Oven

    ahh, congrats! wishin' ya a healthy pregnancy!
  19. bluebonnet

    I Feel Like A Hypochondriac

    i was told by my doctor that "perhaps i had a little IBS and a case of hypochondria". that was several years ago .....
  20. yes, i struggle with bone and joint inflammation and pain. it's s.l.o.w.l.y. on the mend. it seems to be noticably...
  21. thanks ... i'll check it out.
  22. bluebonnet

    The Latest Hot Diet Trend

    LOL!! all delicious treats that are hard to stay away from!
  23. bluebonnet

    Lopsided Bloated Abdomen?

    for me its my right side. at the beginning of the summer i had the colonscopy and endoscopy but it didnt reveal anything...
  24. bluebonnet


    well my gi doctor suggested sustenex which doesn't require refrigeration (due to the improved research to keep it alive...
  25. not sure if this type of recipe has been posted but i am loving it because it's so quick and easy and versatile. a friend...