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  1. AlysounRI

    Food Label Question

    Skylark: Your post has me confused. I was led to believe that maltose was barley sugar. You see maltose as a sugar in a lot of Asian sweets in Asian markets. Do food labelling laws have to declare wheat if it's derived from wheat in the US? Which, of course, doesn't help if it's made of barley. If maltose is an ingredient alone and it does list wheat is it safe? Does the fact that it's paired with corn make it corn.
  2. AlysounRI

    Food Label Question

    High Maltose corn syrup. Now that is a new one on me!! Maltose is a sugar derived from barley so it's a no-no. Maltose is also used as a sugar in many Asian sweets.
  3. Indian garlic naan bread. I can make it gluten free but it's just not the same you know ...
  4. AlysounRI


    You can't kneed gluten-free dough. It always has the consistency of thick cake batter. And it only takes 1 rise before you bake it.
  5. I got the "I'm Basically Stumpted" from this board A lot of docs even try to prescribe anti-depressants for it - I suppose they figure it's related to anxiety. But to prescribe anti-depressants for your stomach/intestinal tract just seems wrong somehow, you know???
  6. I = I'm B = Basically S = Stumped It's a lazy lump diagnosis for doctors who are not willing to get to the bottom what the symptoms are really indicating.
  7. AlysounRI


    Janet, can you get these is stores or do you have to mail order them? Thanks! ~Allison
  8. AlysounRI


    Update tsfairy: Oh, god, I found them!! http://www.glutenvrijsupermarkt.nl/consenza-stroopwafels-4-stuks.html A company called Consenza makes them. I looks like they are made from rice flour (rijstzetmeel) and corn meal (maiszetmeel) and come in a package of 4 pieces for 5 Euros. Have your hubby's parents try finding them in a big supermaket like Albert Hejn - and have them ask (or print out the page) and show it to them there. Good luck to you! If you like them let me know how they taste!! Bestjes!! ~Allison
  9. AlysounRI


    Ah .... stroopwafel I remember them well I used to love them too - even though they were very, very sweet (I am more of an extra salty drop girl myself ...) Of course drop is now out too. So sad .... I don't think they make them in the Netherlands. I did a search for them and came up empty. May I suggest that you put in a call to a Dutch food importer, such as this one: http://www.1dutchmall.com/ 1dutchmall.com / Holland American 10343 E. Artesia Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 Phone:562-925-6914 Fax:562-925-4507 Hours: Monday -Friday (10am-5pm) Saturday (10am-6pm) Sunday (11am - 4pm) If they do make them they can tell you the brand and then your husband's parents can search them. By the way, "gluten free" in Dutch translates to "glutenvrij". One of my coworkers brought in stroopwafel - and kruidkook (spice cake) last month - there they were on the breakroom table and it broke my heart not to be able to have some of both. Sorry I was not able to help you out more. But I'd put in a call to the folks above and see what they say. Grootjes! ~Allison
  10. AlysounRI


    Thanks for the feedback. I'll order a few packages through Amazon and keep a package at work and the rest in the freezer.
  11. Hi All: My workplace does a coffee klatsch every Friday. I usually keep bagels at work so if I feel like participating, I won't be left out. So far, I have tried kinnickinnick (did I spell that right?) and they are too dense and heavy. I also tried the Enjoy Life ones and I hated them too (like cardboard). I would like to try Udi's bagels as they are the closest bread that you can buy (from all the reviews here) that is a really good real bread substitute. Has anyone tried them? Are they good? Are they too dense or do they crush down a bit like real wheat bagels? I would love to hear people's opinions Thanks!
  12. AlysounRI

    But Crackers Would Settle Your Stomach!

    Julie: It's not the crackers that settle your stomach - it's the **salt**. It's good for nausea, as well as general stomach malaise like D. Even if she could have a piece of sliced gluten-free bread with butter and lots of salt that would probably do the trick.
  13. AlysounRI

    Reading Labels In The UK

    Thank you India. Most ingredients I cook with are inherently gluten-free and that is the way that I cook when I am with friends in the UK. But for other stuff I am curious and concerned. Tescos and Sainsburys seem to be comporable in most things, so I will check out what is nearer to me. Your labelling practices seem to be years ahead of us. Thank you for your reply, ~Allison
  14. AlysounRI

    Reading Labels In The UK

    Thank you David. I stay with friends who don't like to cook and so I am more than happy to cook for them. I usually take care of the grocery shopping when I do because, well, it's always the best thing to be a good and generous house guest. When I am next at a Tescos or a Sainsburys I will look out for the packaging labels. What a great thing to mention barley, rye, oats, spelt and triticale as well. Much more progressive than we are here in the US. Your reply is most appreciated, ~Allison
  15. Hi All: How does one read a label in the UK. I do eat out in the UK (mostly Indian and Turkish) but I also stay with friend and cook for them. What are the labelling laws regarding wheat in the UK? Do they have to declare it? Thanks for your answers!