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  1. You are welcome, Raven I also like the fact that the scottie dog licorice pieces are affordable!! If you can't find them, send me an email. I'll send you a box. For a fellow black licorice nut ~Allison
  2. Raven: If I look up licorice scottie dogs on Amazon, I find this: Gimbals-Fine-Candies-Licorice-10-Pound/dp/B000Z3V3LM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=grocery&qid=1271085888&sr=1-1 The modified food starch should be corn only. And everything else is okay. So that makes me wonder...
  3. Raven: It's a Trader Joes brand only it seems. It is marked that way. If you go up the the service counter too, you will find a handout that you can take away with you with all the gluten-free things that Trader Joes carries. They were very, very helpful at my local one. If you have a TJ local...
  4. I was picking up some almond butter at Trade Joes today and then I was looking around at all of the other stuff and I hit upon the licorice. I am not a crazy-for-sweets person but the one thing that I miss, deeply, is black licorice. I always loved licorice and it shocked me to know that it...
  5. Here is my story: I grew up in an Italian American family and ate Italian food all of my life. I never had any problems. No one else I knew had any problems. Well, I did have problems with dairy. I was taken off of milk when I was about 6 months old because I couldn't seem to digest it....