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  1. Definitely make sure you look at the dates on the posts before you come onto the site and reprimand someone for posting something that was accurate at that time. My goodness.
  2. Well I'm sorry....but my rotisserie chickens at Giant do not say that, which is why I was asking! Maybe they've changed things, but I'm looking at one directly in front of me as we speak. People question things because a lot of people make claims on this board with no proof and a lot of the...
  3. Can you show some proof that the Giant rotisserie's aren't gluten free? I eat them all the time and have no problems...the ingrediants don't lead me to believe that they're not.
  4. oh thank heavens! I seriously have like 4 a week some weeks if I'm travelling and I feel like I would've definitely noticed. Thank you
  5. What the...I've been drinking Starbucks' green tea lemonades for years and never noticed any type of reaction. This is heartbreaking for me.
  6. That only tests one very small area of Virginia, which to me shows that its a problem in that area. Have you seen any research to show that something like this is a problem nationally?
  7. http://www.icee.com/home.html Icee's are gluten free, check out their site and it shows you every ingrediant. Even states "gluten free"
  8. Barley is not safe for celiacs, as it is a source of gluten. You might not be having an external reaction but I assure you that you're causing damage internally. Corona is NOT gluten free.
  9. I can't eat Udi's or Teff. My finacee and I (my fiancee is a gluten eating fiend) both had bathroom emergencies while eating Udi's, so I think the laxative effect definitely took toll on our household. I also tried the Teff Flour wraps and had a similar reaction...so I sadly avoid them all!
  10. I asked for suggestions a few days ago too with little response! I'll be watching your topic like a hawk to see if there are any ideas
  11. I've never heard of anyone having problems with bottled water!
  12. I'm with LM on this one. I have family members who work for Hershey Co. and have been told directly that they won't claim gluten free but their products don't contain gluten ingrediants. If they changed their formula to something that did contain those ingrediants, they'd be obligated by the FDA...
  13. These kisses do not have gluten ingrediants in them. I'm not sure your glutening was coming from these!
  14. I'm starting to realize that I can't have Teff Flour without it making me have some delightful bathroom experiences. It's not a gluten pain like I get in my stomach but it is an immediate "go not pass go, do not collect $200" emergency.