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  1. Tonight we had some rice crackers and celery with hummus, tapenade, some brie cheese and some red wine. Really wasn't feeling the whole cooking thing.
  2. Sorry I'm so late on the reply! Um... any suggestions on cooking part of this particular duck. It was much drier than I remember, and I only cooked the dark parts. I'm afraid if I get only the breast I would destroy it. I'm not usually this challenged, but it's expensive, especially if it's not...
  3. What kind of duck do you eat? I got a muscovy duck the last time from my CSA, and I killed it. Much different than whatever type of duck I got in the store. Any suggestions from the culinary wizard???
  4. Salmon with fresh dill, lemon and garlic, corn on the cob, and herb roasted red potatoes. And wine. We've all been sick this week, so it was nice having real food again!
  5. Nachos. Too %#@$%^( hot too cook or eat anything. Of course, I was baking half the day, so my kitchen was hot anyway, but still... oh yes, and beer.
  6. HAHA! Thankfully my husband understands... but now my 1 yr old daughter steals them from me. What to do?!?!
  7. Carol Fenster's recipe blend (which I'm pretty sure she created using Bette Hagman's ratios) is: 1 1/2 C sorghum flour 1 1/2 C potato starch 1 C tapioca starch Here's the recipe: (I think she does have it posted somewhere on one of her sites, but I'll save you the trouble.) 1 T yeast ...
  8. Sylvia: Have you tried Carol Fenster's pizza crust recipe? It's our favorite. I've given it to kids, adults, anyone. No one knows the difference. (And you don't have to buy Jules' special flour )
  9. We had rosemary garlic (with lemon slice on top) roasted mutton shank, lobster tail, fresh garden peas sauteed with mushroom and garlic and little white wine, mashed red potatoes. Yes it sounds ridiculous... but it was GOOD!!! :D :D
  10. We had sea bass seared in butter with just a little salt, pepper and garlic. The hubs wanted potato chips and ketchup (which I generally find to be offensive) so I made a salad out of fresh cauliflower, green beans, cucumber and dill and mixed in a couple of tablespoons of yogurt, finished off with...
  11. That flank steak sounds YUM!! I just got a flank steak. The last one I got we stir fried and it was so good. But I am going to marinate it this time around. We had andouille sausage with red potatoes and corn on the cob. I got the produce from the farmer's market this morning and it was so good...
  12. I think we're doing some pork and lamb meatballs with red potatoes (probably mashed, but I'm not sure) and either the fresh peas or fresh snap beans that have been living in my fridge. I'm starving.
  13. TACO NIGHT!!!!!!! I've loved taco night since I was a kid! I've just added avocadoes and fresh pico de gallo.
  14. :lol: Tonight I am working furiously, so I decided to do some stew lamb because it requires very little attention. I threw some crushed garlic, rosemary, an onion, and a little balsamic vinegar in there. We'll see how it turns out. I'm not sure what else to do with it, though I do have some...