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    Painting and drawing - watercolor, colored pencil, graphite and ink. Birdwatching. Flower Gardening.
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  1. Your apple done in colored pencil is gorgeous! You are definitely very talented.

  2. I was told by someone studying nutrition that wheat germ does not contain the the protein (which contains the gluten) so that it is gluten-free. I am skeptical of this but thought I'd ask you research experts here on the forum what you have discovered about wheat germ - does it, or does it not...
  3. I stand corrected. I got this information, not from an email, but from an article in a reputable health magazine. (I can't remember now the name of it - it was a borrowed magazine and at least a couple years ago.)
  4. For what it's worth..... Those plastic bottles that filtered/spring water arer sold in aren't meant to be reused. I read a research report about the various plastics used for water and food, and they stated that these bottles can maybe be reused a second time, but then they begin to leach chemicals...
  5. I've going back to the good ol' days and am now using a handkerchef. I rather like the pretty prints. However, I am one of those people who rarely have to blow my nose, so it's not much of an issue for me. I'll have to pick up some Scott's tissues - soon, before they change their forumla!!
  6. I read someplace that the Japanese use stevia in their diet sodas - they never used aspertame and it's outlawed. They are smarter than us in that me thinks.
  7. I bought two 1-oz. bottles of NOW Stevia Extract from an internet site over two years ago and I have about 1/3 of the second bottle left. A little goes a very long way. I often mix the powder in a small amount of water to dissolve it and then add it to my drink or salad or whatever in the liquid...
  8. I use stevia all the time. It does have a distinct taste and some people don't like it all that well. To me it's a sort of bitter after taste. BUT, if I use it in anything that has a strong flavor of its own, I can't detect the stevia - just the sweetness. I use it in lemon and mint flavored teas...
  9. I googled "avoiding corn message board" - a very interesting site. The author has a list of corn ingredients, some obvious, some hidden. Here's a link to the Avoiding Corn page: Avoiding Corn Here's a product that is used to coat paper cups taken from the site: Looks to...
  10. Very interesting about that new cup. I suppose that, just like those who are extremely sensitive to CC with gluten, one could in theory react to anything corn based. I'm sorry you were so sick, Kate. That sounds just like a gluten reaction. Is this a typical reaction to a corn allergy? What...
  11. Since I don't react immediately to anything I eat - and as it takes at least 15 hours or more for the D and fatigue to begin, I can't say that I can pinpoint any symptom(s) to corn. But I've only been 6 weeks gluten free and maybe three weeks corn-free, so perhaps in the future, when the D has quit...
  12. Many years ago when I had a blood test for food sensitivities, corn gluten came up as a sensitivity. I have tried to find information lately on the internet but get next to nothing when searching for corn gluten or corn allergy. Does anyone here know anything about this sensitivity? I do stay...
  13. I read a few articles after googling "dumping syndrome". From this bit of information, it appears that this is a result of stomach surgery. I know, many of us experience "dumping" but I don't think it's the same thing. Just my opinion.