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    Painting and drawing - watercolor, colored pencil, graphite and ink. Birdwatching. Flower Gardening.
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  1. Your apple done in colored pencil is gorgeous! You are definitely very talented.

  2. I was told by someone studying nutrition that wheat germ does not contain the the protein (which contains the gluten) so that it is gluten-free. I am skeptical of this but thought I'd ask you research experts here on the forum what you have discovered about wheat germ - does it, or does it not...
  3. Good question. I'm wondering myself. So far I've been packaging 4 slices together in a plastic bag and freezing so that only a small amount need be unfrozen at a time. I don't refrigerate it but put the bag in a plastic tub on the counter. My husband eats two slices a day, so they only stay at...
  4. Whenever I need flaxmeal, I "grind" my own from the seeds. Put the seeds in a blender (abouth 1/4 cup) and turn on med. to med-high setting and let it go for a minute or two. You may have to dig out the *meal* from under the blade a few times to allow more un-cut seeds to get cut up. If I have...
  5. Today was baking day. I went out and found some brown rice flour and used that for the 1-1/4 cups flour and followed the recipe exactly. I made TWO loaves, because I goofed with the first one. loaf 1.... I was measuring for two different baked goods at the same time (bad idea, as it turned out...
  6. It's winter here and my kitchen is rather cool. I tried putting the dough in a "cold"oven, but it just wasn't warm enough. I then placed a pan of hot tap water in the over with the dough, that warmed it up enough to allow the yeast to do it's thing. Yeast prefers to be warm. I believe the ideal dough...
  7. I think I originally bought the sweet rice flour because I read somewhere (who knows now, I've checked out so many G.F. cookbooks from the library) that sweet rice flour is less gritty than the brown rice. I'm really not fond of gritty baked goods. Anyway, I think I need to give brown rice flour...
  8. I looked more closely at my rice flour - it's sweet rice flour, not brown rice. So, do you think this would make a difference?
  9. Okay, Lorka, can you be specific about the 1-1/4 cups gluten-free flour. If it's not a flour blend, what is it??? Is it just one flour, say, like rice flour? I did a quick search through this long thread and didn't find where you may have mentioned the actual flour you used. I looked at your...
  10. The gluten-free flour in the recipe would be any G.F. blend than you either purchased or mixed up yourself. So, yes, you would then use the other starches irregardless of what's in your flour blend. Here's some gluten-free flour blends from Carol Fenster: Carol Fenster's Flours
  11. I haven't, but I have wondered if using Quinoa flakes would work as well.
  12. Let us know what you did and how it turned out. One loaf lasts my husband at least a week, so I won't need to bake another loaf until next week. I'm so hoping I canl make a "perfect" loaf (Not that the "fallen" loaf doesn't taste just as good.)
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the problem. And I am an experienced bread baker.... from years ago, though A couple things that DID go right..... I found that if I measured the oil first, then used the same tablespoon to measure the honey, the honey just slid right off the spoon...
  14. Well, from the picture of your loaf, it turned out perfect! Unless someone has a suggestion for me, I think the next loaf I'll reduce the water slightly and let it rise only about 1/4 inche from the top, rather than all the way. (It is perhaps just a tad too moist.)