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  1. Hi everyone! I am looking to buy a new bread machine - my old one (from my pre-gluten-free days) just isn't holding up anymore. I have heard that there are machines out now with gluten free cycles, I would definitely be interested in that. I like the sound of the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus - but from online reviews, I've read that some people have problems with the pan popping out, which would be highly annoying. Any recommendations are very appreciated! I am looking to spend around $100 if possible. Thanks!
  2. I was another person with negative blood tests but a positive biopsy. I am not sure which of the blood tests they ran, but nothing turned up until the biopsy. I asked my doctor if I could see the specialist anyway, since even though I had negative blood tests, I had a lot of symptoms. I got an appointment, then a biopsy - postive diagnosis. Fight for your health and your right to see a specialist if you want to!
  3. I liked Blake, Melinda, & Gina. I liked Haley, too, we liked her since the auditions, so it was great to see her performing well again. But overall, I was fairly bored, things just need to get better from all the contestants. I hope that Sanjaya or Brandon goes home--To quote Randy, Sanjaya was "almost unlistenable." I just wanted it to stop! I am not normally someone who would be so mean, but he really needs to be off the show. Yipes!
  4. I think Sundance & Sabrina were the wrong choices to go home. I really liked Haley from her original audition, so I wasn't upset that she made it - we knew there would be one girl that we liked that didn't get through. It's just too bad for Sabrina - I wonder if she was just too much like Stephanie & Jordin that one of them was bound to go early - splitting the "modern R&B vibe voice". Sanjaya is just not very good - I have no idea why he's still around, other than votefortheworst.com keeping him in things. My faves are Gina, Melinda, Chris S, & Blake, so I was happy they all made it. My husband's faves were Sundance, Sabrina, & Stephanie, so he had a pretty rough night with only one of his faves getting through to the finals. No idea who will win it all this year - I feel like there's just not a clear front runner.
  5. Sanjaya should have gone along with Nick and Antonella should have left with Alaina I agree with this. I really liked Nick, but his voice, for me, wasn't as good as the other guys. I am so frustrated with Sanjaya - he just annoys me, I don't like his voice at all, and he was totally the worst performer this week. Antonella should go home, too, but as long as she doesn't make the top 12, I'll be fine. It's hard for me--I really liked her in the audition rounds, but she has just not been performing well since she made the Top 24. My Ideal Top 12 - Gina, Stephanie, Jordin, Sabrina, Melinda, LaKisha, Blake, Chris S, Phil, Sundance, Brandon, Chris R.
  6. darlinda, Thanks for your comments on the diabetes thing. I get so frustrated when she tells me this every day when I go in and ask about ingredients. Nothing I can say, though, she's just one of those people who enjoys being mean. Other diabetics I know who know that I have celiac have all said they'd rather have the diabetes. I hate wanting to play "I'm worse off than you" - it feels so junior high to me. But it is so hurtful & frustrating when she makes fun of me or tells me to stop talking about it because it's not that big of a deal. It IS a big deal! I try very hard to be optimistic about feeling better and such, but it is very difficult when a coworker is breathing down my neck telling me how awful it is for her and how I should be lucky that it's "just" a gluten problem. ARRGH! Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for understanding!! -Allyson
  7. I can so relate to this. We've only gone out to dinner once since I was diagnosed. They did everything "right" and were very reassuring, my food came as requested and was delicious. I did get sick that night, though, not sure if it was them or me. I find myself feeling frustrated about this, too. I work in daycare and every day we are supposed to eat with the kids, the same meal. I always have to ask to see the ingredient lists, etc. The cook there has been really harsh lately saying things like "I'm so sick of hearing about it." She is diabetic and likes to tell me how much "worse off" she has it. Well, I am sick of talking about it, too, but every time I ignore it and pretend everything is fine, something is missed and my body pays the price. So I feel your frustration - still working on the coping skills. But hang in there, you are not alone!
  8. Whew, that is good to hear! I am so glad to know I can still have headache relief. THANK YOU!
  9. Thanks so much - it's great to know those are okay. Now, if I could just have a dietician who will give me straight answers!
  10. Just found this thread....My husband & I LOVE LOVE this show, which we started watching during Season 2. Since Season 3, one of us has been able to pick the winner during audtion rounds (He called it early on Fantasia & Taylor Hicks, I loved Carrie Underwood from Day 1.) We are just not sure this year...no one seems to really stand out like that, except maybe LaKisha. Dan (my husband) really loves Sundance though. My faves this year are Melinda, Gina, Blake, & Chris. Loved Antonella until the top 24, but she hasn't done very well either week yet. Going home this week? No clue. I think it's Sanjaya's time, maybe Antonella & Alaina. Not sure on the other boy - there are always so many surprises.
  11. Okay, so can anyone tell me if Pasteurized Process Cheese Food (i.e. Velveeta, Easy Cheese) etc is gluten free? I was diagnosed just over a month ago. I had heard that these kinds of cheeses were gluten free. My dietician told me I could not eat them. I told her that I thought they were safe, and her response was, "But why would you want to eat that? It's not good for you." My question, "But is it safe?" She would not give me a straight answer, only kept telling me I shouldn't eat it because it was "bad," but would not specify whether or not it was gluten-free. The whole process with her was very frustrating. I'm learning now that most of the info she gave me was outdated, and it's caused a lot of unnecessary frustrations. Anyway, if there's anyone out there who can clear that up for me, the help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Allyson
  12. Anyone know if Exedrin Migraine is gluten-free? I have found it's the ONLY med that takes care of my headaches, so I'm really hoping it's safe. I tried contacting the company via their website but no one has gotten back to me. Thanks, Allyson
  13. We have a HyVee near us, so I've been lucky. The pizzas are more expensive online for some reason. I was VERY happy with this pizza - after a REALLY bad experience with Amy's Rice Crust pizza - felt like I was eating a dried out kitchen sponge, lol. This pizza is now a "must-have" in our house!
  14. This was an issue that got better for me almost immediately (I have only been gluten-free for barely over a month.) I have always struggled from getting colds/blahs that wipe me out. I'd miss work, everyone would always tell me that "it's just a cold, everyone goes to work with a cold." I'd be in bed all day, day after day, no one "got it." I had a cold about a week after being gluten-free, I took my DayQuil, went to work, and WOW. So that's what it's like, not so big a deal. Just felt a little blah, otherwise got through my day. It was a nice relevation in the midst of everything.
  15. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am trying to hang in there. Physically, things are about the same. Accidentally got glutened last night (forgot to wash hands after handling pizza before eating my own food - not sure HOW that happened, yipes!) But dealing. Emotionally, things are rough. Depression was always an issue for me - I was hoping things would be better now that I'm gluten-free. But it's almost like it's worse. I'm having such a hard time with the diagnosis - avoiding any social events where there's going to be food (basically everything), feeling low, etc. It's just worse. Then I get so frustrated by the fact that I can't find anything to eat that I don't eat anything (this seems to happen at least once a day when I'm feeling hungry), and then I don't have any energy because I'm just not eating, but there's just nothing here that I can make without "cooking a meal" and I still just don't know how to really do that yet. Such a bad time for a diagnosis - newly married/on my own, don't know how to cook anyway. We are out of lunch meat, etc, and then I get too tired to go out and get any more, it's just this awful viscious circle. No support group around here that's currently meeting, and I feel like my family & friends are just tired of hearing about it. I do see my old depression counselor once a week, which is helpful, but she doesn't understand. I just wish I had a "real" person to talk to who could relate to what I'm going through. Any ideas on how I can kick this low mood - I want to feel better - physically & emotionally - but I am just so tired and feeling so dang depressed & angry about my diagnosis that I feel like it's just getting worse. Thanks. PS--Also, gfp, thanks for those cooking ideas. We are getting better at dinnertime, but the rest of the day is still really rough.
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