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  1. rebe09

    Joint Pain?!

    I went gluten-free, cold turkey 4 years ago. I have been pretty strict about it and if I do happen to eat it I am typically just very tired and groggy the next day. Well, I thought I would give sprouted bread a try. About a couple hours after eating the bread I went to the gym to work-out. I was pretty tired, but wanted to get a work-out in anyway. During the work-out my knees started to hurt. I think the last time I had knee pain was before I went gluten-free, so I was pretty shocked that this was happening. I woke-up the following day with joint pain in my wrist, ankles, and feet and my hands and feet felt swollen, but they didn't look swollen. Could this have been gluten-related? These symptoms are not the reason I even went gluten-free, so I am wondering where all of this came from. My hands are starting to feel a lot lighter and my knees don't hurt nearly as much. All so bizarre!
  2. I am going to be meeting a friend for breakfast in West St. Paul, Mn. She suggested Panera or Perkins. Any gluten-free suggestions at either places OR a restaurant in West St. Paul that may have gluten-free breakfast options?
  3. rebe09

    Msp Airport!

    I will be heading out of the Minneapolis, Mn. airport this week and will be eating dinner there before boarding the plane. Anyone know where I can retrieve information on places at the MSP airport that serve gluten-free food OR know what's available for me to eat? Thanks so much!
  4. A Menards is being built in the small town I live in. I just found out it will have a grocery store. Anyone familar with the grocery store in Menards? Wouldn't it be awesome if they were gluten-free friendly.
  5. My Mom is making BBQ beef for Christmas. Two ingredients I am unsure of... 1. Red Wine Vinegar 2. Liquid Smoke Flavoring Anyone know if these are gluten-free or know a brand that is gluten-free?!
  6. This may be a touchy topic/question, but it's on my mind (since last night). A relative of mine came up to me yesterday during our Thanksgiving get together and shared with me that I should try soaking my food (gluten) in water before cooking it and that may help rid the gluten, since that is how it was done many, many years ago. Now, people are sensitive to gluten left and right (me being one!) because this process is no longer done and things are made so differently these days. I was a bit apprehensive and defensive inside, considering the only people who are the experts are the ones officially on the diet. I still don't believe this technique is right as gluten is unfortunately hidden in some of the weirdest places. Besides how would you water down flour? I would love to hear what others think and how they would respond. I wanted to jump in and voice my opinion with this relative, but I just didn't want to go there.
  7. Does chocolate mousse have gluten in it? A couple days ago my co-worker offered me chocolate mousse. I just assumed it was gluten-free, but I certainly did not feel the greatest afterward. I am not sure what else could've made me feel achy and extremely tired for the next two days, because everything else I ate came straight from my kitchen.
  8. rebe09

    Daytime Tiredness

    I have been gluten-free since last June. As of the last few months I have been extremely tired, especially in the afternoon and evening. This is not like me. I am beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with the gluten-free diet---less carbs?! Or could it be an iron deficiency? It's bothering me because I dislike being tired during my daytime routine. Thoughts?!
  9. rebe09

    Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    I live in the southwestern part of Minnesota in a small town. I have lived and grown up in the Twin Cities and moved here at the end of the summer. It's been a transition to adapt to small life as it relates to being on a gluten-free diet. You are definitely not alone.
  10. That's what I assumed. Over the Christmas break I ate something at a party and Worcestershire sauce was an ingredient and without even thinking twice I ate it. That explains why I didn't feel the greatest the next few days following the party.
  11. I went on the gluten-free diet last summer before consulting with a doctor. Going gluten-free has been a miracle. I am considering seeing a doctor in the Twin Cities because I can't help but wonder why going gluten-free has changed me in a positive way. Am I really sensitive to gluten? Is it alright if I go to a doctor without gluten in my system?
  12. I have a few Christmas parties I will be attending and I said I would bring an appetizer. Of course, I will take advantage of this and bring something I can eat. Any good and simple holiday appetizer ideas?! I already have devil eggs on the list.
  13. rebe09

    Holiday Parties

    I am so glad I posted this because I was under the impression that BBQ sauce is a no-no. Great to know that "most" are gluten free. Very exciting! I talked with the BBQ beef cooker and she will be letting me know what she puts in it. Thanks.
  14. The holiday parties are upon us and I just got word that at my big family gathering BBQ beef will be the main course---Oh, how sweet! Anyone have another alternative for me, so I can fit slightly in with what the family is eating?! Something similar to the BBQ beef or another main course that will be filling and not look too different from the rest. Happy Holidays!