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    Freaked Out

    I agree with the previous posters that it is probably nothing to worry about it. Your body is likely just readjusting. However, I'm going to add the cautionary note. If the pale stools continue for the next few days and you are having...
  2. Thanks so much! I went out and bought a gluten-free toaster and all new plastic and wood stuff, and I've bought new cutting boards. We also designated a couple of scratched pots and pans as gluten only. This has been really helpful!!
  3. Hi all, I am two weeks gluten-free following diagnosis by biopsy. I am having a hard time understanding how careful I really need to be. My fiancee still eats gluten and although we now have dedicated gluten areas for his gluten foods...
  4. gilly31

    Are We There Yet?

    Hi Wendy, I was so struck by how similar your story is to mine. We also share the same gluten free date!!! I also started the diet on March 17th, 2012. My anxiety/celiac was triggered by my parents very messy divorce (Dad cheated on my...
  5. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago by biopsy. My GI told me that I hadn't suffered a LOT of damage and that both he and the pathologist who did the biopsy were under the impression that we had caught this pretty early. He also suggested...