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  1. Have you considered the possibilith of other food allergies? I'd consider an elimination diet.
  2. Just one question. :How well do you remember being sick? I was diagnosed in '04 and Let me tell you. When you've been sick like I have for most of your life you tend to takeyour health more seriously. I get embarassed when ppl make a big deal about what can I eat but i have to stick to my diet. I hate ordering a hamburger without a bun and then sitting there looking like an idiot with a plastic container and plastic silverware cutting up a little patty but it has to be done. I get seriously sick if i don't. Take it from someone who knows their bodies limits. Don't worry about bein annoying. It's something that has to be done. It's not as if you're on some fad diet and trying to shove it down everyones throat. This is essential to your health and you should tell that to anyone that has a problem.
  3. Okay So my Name is Jade(on here anyway) And i feel like ranting. I was born sick and i'm still sick and I'm tired!! So all my life I had these stomach problems and I was always tired and gained weight rapidly and could never lose it. My immune system sucked and I was always missing school cuz I was always getting sick. So had to make a big adjustment to being celiac and now I'm having yeast problems. Which means that not only will i have to do celiac I have to do candida diet too!! Does anyone know what that entails? Not just no yeast but almost no fruit and no sugar. And why do i have to do candida? Cuz i have cracks on my feet that make me hobble cuz they hurt so much and eczema on my hands that makes it hard to do anything with them -wash dishes clean hold a pencil type-i cant even wash my hands! and i get no sympathy from my mother cuz i wont do every stupid little thing she says. (food wise anyway) I wasn't asking for advice! all I wanted from her was a moment to be self pitying. But no couldn't have that huh? Is anyone else tired of being sick???
  4. celiac disease is and allergy to gluten. a protein found in wheat barley and rye. while a wheat allergy is an allergy to wheat itself. celiac disease progresses slowly while an allergic reaction to wheat happens immediately.
  5. eh i don't like to bother with any recipe that has the xanathan gum. or shortening. did you know betty crocker has three gluten free recipes now? chocolate chip cookies, yellow cake (which we make donuts out of) and devils food cake.
  6. Have you ever tried chebe bread? it makes a great pizza crust and you can add cheese and make a cheese pizza. it's awesome!
  7. I used to feel that way all the time and sometimes still do. Especially at family gatherings. Like on thanksgiving when they make the pie ;and the stuffing and you can't have any you have to bring your own. At my best friends wedding i had to make a cake and rolls for me and my parents to take. luckily her cousin was celiac and we saved her from having to make one herself. It was weird cuz when i told her mom i would make a cake she hugged me. but yeah i know. what i thought was worse is when my friends parents make a big deal when they eat. They yell at her for eating when i can't. that pisses me off. I like it better when she just teases me. like making sugar cookies and talking about how good they are.
  8. It could be that you have a "sensitvity" maybe you are not a "true celiac". maybe it's not gluten you are alergic to but maybe you are alergic to wheat or barrely or rye or maybe even yeast. I suggest talking to an alergist and getting tested.
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