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  1. Make sure not to eat white rice. Go with brown. Its easier on the stomach because it contains fiber. Also look for sprouted rice. You wont find it in many stores, and unfortunately not at all in Walmart. Truroots is a good brand of sprouted brown rice. Sprouted rice will be much easier...
  2. Sorry you are currently having a gluten attack. I liked your advice to Treesonthemountain.

  3. Hello thur self proclaimed Fructose expert, I am really curious about Sweet Tarts, from wonka, they should be O.K? but I sware they mess with my stomach, any idea on this? also..veggies are ok right? lol

  4. ANY preservatives or processed food ingredients will aggravate GERD. Eat natural foods all day long like fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and meat and you will be as close to rid as GERD as you will ever be. This bread is heavily processed.
  5. hi i am from long island