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  1. Studying while newly diagnosed is a challenge because at the beginning you are also studying your own disease. It is so much to learn, so please ask questions here and we'll answer. I was diagnosed weeks before my end of the year exam in...
  2. pikakegirl. Glad you are well surrounded, although you aren't in your nightmares...which is quite normal 😅 Interesting about the accuracy of the blood tests! My intolerances seemed to have come during my healing as well. Did you st...
  3. Hey Ennis_TX ! Thanks for your reply & helpful link! I am still learning. I'm glad your legume sensitivity went away since that pea protein seems to help you a lot. My apple, celery, soy, and milk allergies all showed up on a igE blood...
  4. healthysquirrel

    Nerve pain in feet

    Hi Chris H, Hopefully you will be feeling better every day. I had and mri on my foot and lower leg, it showed neuromas, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. Proper inner soles helped a lot as did exercising & stretching my feet...
  5. Hello friends, I had a thought today as I was about to do something I used to love and realised that it did not interest me anymore. I am not talking about depression, I definitely know how that feels. This is different. It is...
  6. healthysquirrel

    Work holiday party

    Such a shame about this caterer who will not listen. You should not feel left out, but I would not risk eating the food she is representing. You should also not feel that you are bothering anyone. It is simply a lack of education about...
  7. Hello Everyone, For the past few weeks, I have had a recurring nightmare that I have Celiac Disease, thhen I wake up and realize that it is true. 😆 It is so strange. I am still a newbie I guess. Does this happen to anyone else? ...
  8. healthysquirrel

    Fun near almost CC stories?

    davemill, OMG the poor dear! Thankfully your daughter has great parents. I am happy to hear you laugh about this now I am also glad your daughter was diagnosed early. Thanks for your story. If I don't laugh at some celiac...
  9. Hey there! I went to a friends place that is super out of the way to make music, I am still healing and can barely walk and have a ton of body pain, but thought "who cares, lets jam" I was all proud to come armed with my lunch and while...
  10. healthysquirrel

    Nightly Purge

    I am really sorry you have to wait. I am very glad you are gaining weight! I hope you have ways, like meditation or a punching bag, to deal with all this extra stress on your system. All my best! Keep us updated on how you are doing...
  11. healthysquirrel

    Nightly Purge

    Hi Ennis, please go to the ER now and see what they can arrange for you. I am so sorry your health is in such a state because of how the system works. I hope you have good people around you. Is your crowdfunding still open ? If so...
  12. Hello Sergio, did you eat a lot of junk food before? sometimes we lose weight because now we have to think before we eat and plan ahead. I used to eat everything that was in front of me because I was always SOOOOOOO hungry. Going off beer...
  13. healthysquirrel

    Itchy Eyes From Gluten?

    IS it your actual eyeballs or your eyelids. I have had swollen itchy wellies with flakes for years. I was hoping it would go away on a Low FODMAP gluten free while food diet, but seems worse. I find that a warm compress 4x a day helps soooo...
  14. Yikes sorry that happened to you. i recently spoke to a colleague who lives in france and he also tried to rip out the tube, difference is...in france they only sedate you! I can't even imagine. Anyway about your PTSD, you might want to...
  15. healthysquirrel

    Gluten Free and Vegan

    hahahahaha skittles ? omg I would likely take off like a rocket I forgot those existed! Yes adequate nutrition is key, I am only eating food I prepare and trying to rotate my food too. I need another fridge!