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About Me

2.5 pounds at birth, anaemic and now iron deficient.

Diagnosed Celiac myself then confirmed by blood test and endoscopy July 2018. Colonoscopy=normal! 
Seizures from 8yrs old to 32, then nothing until 45 yrs old, seizures started again on dec 1st 2018.
No brain damage on MRI and EEG.

DDD in several discs, and 2 herniated cervical discs.

Lyme disease

Plantar Fasciitis and neuromas in feet, arthritis in big toes. Tendonitis in lower leg, tennis elbow. Pain while walking since mid 2016 with all these issues, but getting better with physio/ schockwave therapy and likely because of gluten-free, low fodmap, no more than 2 ingredients on processed food diet.

Allergies Soy, Lactose, Apples, Celery, Hazlenuts, Almonds.

Mononucleosis at 15yrs old for 6 months

Dedicated to doing better, living an easier life full of fun, getting rid of intolerances, pain and doing research to help myself and help others. Trying to build resilience.

  1. Thank you very much for your support @cyclingkady. I didn’t take it badly, Ciglee had valid points, but thought I would take a moment to contextualise in case a newbie was on the forum looking for help on this subject. Clarity is always best when subjects are searchable 🤣 have a nice day ...
  2. I had not mentioned my health one to her in 4 months even during the worst of it, before that time I had only mentioned it when she asked. My illness doesn't define me, i just came here to the forum to ask for help for a few phrases to diffuse situations when someone says something harsh, that...
  3. I agree with moving on. At the time i wasn’t yet in the acceptance phase. She was my closest friend and yes, I was very ill and wasn’t able to be ‘whole’ at the time. I came to the forum looking for a quick and phrase to diffuse situations easily. I do go join people after they have ea...
  4. thanks very much everyone for your feedback and comments, I've gotten the bubble-boy comment so many times and people act as though our issues inconvenience them. @Beverage I am happy that you don't have to waste your time defending your sister in law! Life is too short for sure. Simple easy...
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you are having a nice day. I have seen so many blogs or links about how we should speak to someone with chronic illness, mental illness and grief. A LOT of nice "what NOT to say" websites, but my question to all of you is how do you react to friends who do say insensitive...
  6. I've tried it on a sore on my finger and it went away quite fast, just test on one spot. I wish you well
  7. I am so sorry to read this. hope you are ok. Maybe let your husband read what you wrote, it could help him understand. What you are experiencing is a lot to take in at once and I am sending you kind thoughts. Try to find out the exact cost of that specialists would cost without insurance. Your heath...
  8. Hello Cyclinglady, it does not sound weird at all. I am so happy it is a very strange feeling to know what is going on, it took soooooooo long. My anatomy and physiology class and your replies helped me to become very determined to get well, so thanks to you and to everyone! I am looking forward...
  9. hey All I just came back from the doctors. I have high levels of ammonia in my blood. Oh and a bit of Lyme disease starting treatment as soon as they finish my cardio exams. Hope this can help someone ! It took a lot of research and insinsting ! Never give up i have a heart monitor attached to...
  10. thanks for the suggestions. I do make my own meals, but i did want to burrow a have a few bars here and there to be able to be more spontaneous or for emergencies. I FINALLY found one that I can eat and digest! https://www.pulsin.co.uk/maple-peanut-protein-snack.html I wish they were organic...
  11. Hey MarD123, i hear you about the isles upon isles of things we can’t eat in the grocery store. I stopped going for months because where I live in switzerland there is an outdoor fruit and veggie market. That way I didn’t have to deal with reading ingredients and eating that terrible processed foo...
  12. Hey posterboy and presenttime14! Thanks for your answers. I went to get a second opinion from a neurologist and he said I don't have epilepsy. The ORL I saw about possible inner ear issues because of vertigo refused to allow me to drink water when i was feeling dizzy and i ended up almost passing...
  13. SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you, it is really tough to not know when we will collapse, but after so much time it must be quite freeing.
  14. I have the same manifestations. No neurologist believes me, but I do think depending where you live you should try to find one who is already familiar with celiac. I know it is yet another appointment, but please go see a cardiologist just to rule heart issues out. I also agree that you have to be...