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  1. Hey everyone, It is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here knows about a link to information in french...
  2. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    thanks a million for this information posterboy! I will see how my new magnesium reacts in a bit of time and report back...
  3. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    Hello Posterboy, Thanks for your information. I did have mononucleosis when I was about 15 and it lasted 6 months...
  4. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    Thanks so much Posterboy!!! I bought magnesium salts to soak in when i get home from work. A naturopath here told me...
  5. healthysquirrel

    Questions from recent diagnosed celiac

    About anxiety, I have it too, it sucks in general, but I am trying super hard to keep anxiety separate from food so that...
  6. I was wondering the same thing today, but now that I think about it. It isn’t rude to want to be healthy. 😊 You can ...
  7. healthysquirrel

    Questions from recent diagnosed celiac

    Hi Joe, It is quite difficult to navigate this diagnosis while feeling down and anxious. Sending good vibes your...
  8. Good to know that we can't swear here, sorry about your diagnosis zigybean we're here for you if you have any questions...
  9. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    @posterboy Thanks for the research and links. My magnesium levels are the lowest possible within the normal range. I...
  10. I’m sorry, but these articles are not helpful without providing a proper list of companies or restaurants to avoid. ...
  11. healthysquirrel

    Celiac and Neuropathy

    Hi Anna, I have read issues such as these on this forum, as the others have mentioned. I am sorry you are going through...
  12. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    i didn't find you abrupt at all! I definitely need to learn more about ataxia and I found your info very helpful, so...
  13. healthysquirrel

    December 2018

    I'm much older (45) so no one buys me gifts, but I honestly can't think of a better gift than bed sheets! Your dad rules...
  14. healthysquirrel

    Sick after decorating

    I'm sorry this is affecting you, it sucks! They are adding 3 stories to our appartment building while we are living...
  15. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    Very good advice. thanks! Sorry about your other AI issues, must be difficult to follow, even though you are super knowledgable...