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  1. Kristen Bennett

    Seizures and celiac

    Leaky brain is actually a thing as is leaky gut lol
  2. Kristen Bennett

    Seizures and celiac

    I hope you get some clarity soon, please do look into leaky brain. My friend was telling me this earlier, sometimes seizures...
  3. so before I was diagnosed with celiac about three months ago I began having a lot of small seizures a day up to 20, and...
  4. Yes I take the liquid forms as well
  5. Thank you very much, I still currently suppliment D3 and b-12 sublingual, when I see my gastro I am going to ask him...
  6. I had my first questionable symptoms when I was about 7 years old, frequent bouts of vomiting for hours until I eventually...
  7. Kristen Bennett

    Celiac or gluten sensitivity

    Thank you all very much, I have an appointment with my dermetologist today to look at the rashes I am having because...
  8. I will try to make my long story short, I have been searching my whole life for a diagnosis, I have seen pretty much...
  9. yes I was having many nerve issues and for a while my doctor was trying to test me for multiple sclerosis because we...