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  1. So I'm fairly new to being gluten free (3ish months) but I did an insane amount of research pre and post-diagnosis because I am exhausted of being sick and tired all of the time. Right after the diagnosis I ordered myself a 'baker's rack' and set it up with new pans, plates, bowls, utensils, toaster...
  2. This definitely seems odd to me. My scopes/biopsies all came back clear (two endoscopies, one capsule endoscope, and colonoscopy) but my bloodwork came back positive for celiac so my doctor put me on a gluten free diet immediately. Everything else in my labs was fine too, no anemia, none of that...
  3. I've been gluten free for a little over three months and I think a part of me was hoping to get better right away but it's been a roller coaster. Never in my life did I think I would get excited over fully formed stool (nor that I would be obsessively inspecting what was in the toilet) but here I...
  4. I know I'm probably over-reacting because I'm an obsessive googler which I know does more harm than good since it just makes me even more worried but it's a habit I can't seem to break. The fever was one of the red flags that caused me to go to the GI in the first place. I'd be in the bathroom...
  5. Hello all, I was diagnosed with celiac a few months ago and have been on a strict gluten free diet since then. One of my initial symptoms that led to testing was elevated inflammatory markers discovered during blood tests. My three month follow up was last week and I had just gone through...
  6. The second EGD definitely made me a little uneasy but at this point I just want to find out what is going on so I agreed. Biopsies came back all fine according to the phone call I received today but she put me on a six week gluten free diet immediately following the procedure to see how I felt. Now...
  7. About a year and a half ago I started having stomach issues which finally culminated in me going to see a GI doctor this past October. After a round of testing there is still no clear diagnosis aside from 'unexplainable' inflammation in the small intestine and high inflammation markers in blood...