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  1. I'm sorry you're still feeling nauseous. It's frustrating when you're not feeling well and can't pin it down to what is making you feel so awful. I'm kind of in the same boat, I've been feeling sick for the last three months, thought it was my pills making me sick, switched them and felt good for...
  2. I agree with the others, stay off the internet. A month before my celiac diagnosis I could have sworn I had MS and Early onset Alzheimer's. I had a mediastinal mass that was wrapped around my aorta in 2010 and gave myself cancer before the mass was even removed, which was totally benign as were...
  3. Best advise, call the manufacturer. Glutenfreedrugs.com hasn't been updated in over a year and manufacturers change ingredients or wholesalers all the time. I call on every prescription, every month. It's a pain in the ass, but up to date information. The last thing I want to do is take the word...
  4. We were going to go last time I was up to Mayo, but we had problems with our GPS taking us all over town before we even got to the clinic ( was my boyfriends first time in the area) and we were both very frustrated, decided to just come home. I told Jeremy we should go some day when it isn't the...
  5. Are you talking Twigs? We are going to make a trip there some day soon.
  6. We always look to gluten as our go-to something made me feel like dirt, when we might be looking in the wrong direction. I was diagnosed a month before you and it took me a diary to figure out what bothers me besides gluten. Hoping to get some of them back after I heal. Good luck and hope you find...
  7. While vomiting after every meal is not normal, it is normal to still feel ill for a while after the initial diagnosis of celiac. How long has he been gluten free? Is your household completely gluten free? Cross contamination can be happening if you have gluten eaters in the house. Maybe read the...
  8. I second what Karen said. I worked in a creamery and we made our recipe of yogurt and packaged it for other companies. Our product, their packaging. Happens all the time.
  9. Maybe you had a food intolerance pop up. Maybe a food and symptom diary is in order. Hope you feel better.
  10. I am just explaining this from what I see out of this whole thread. And I would like to state that I didn't pipe in until supposed research articles were brought up that had no scientific bearing as to the original subject, only someone's mapped out view of getting from point A to C but skipping...
  11. When I started reading this thread, I wasn't happy but it has made me realize that I have plenty to be happy for. I finally, after all these years, know what is wrong with me. That in turn led to the diagnosis of my daughter so hopefully she will never have to suffer like I have. I have two amazing...
  12. Having been a new person on this forum recently, it is hard to navigate when doing searches. If you search egg sensitivity every thread with those words pops up and it isn't sorted by where it is found on the forum, so yes a newbie could read this. If you look at the forum by "new content", it...
  13. Let's for sanity sake of all future celiacs that read this thread, agree to disagree. 99.9 percent of celiacs should, and I say "should" be able to eat eggs with no problem. They aren't a gluten containing item. A very small percentage of people might react to what is fed to the chickens. THIS...
  14. Send me the ingredients and jars and I will send you the finished product.. mail it to... 801 Make Your Own Lane Puppy Dog Eyes Don't Work On Me, WI 8675309