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  1. Thank you for the idea of smoothies with protein powders. I'm surely in the learning curve.
  2. I will definitely focus more on whole foods. I'm so glad to learn that this isn't all that unusual. And knowing that he will have symptoms, that he won't be immediately "fixed" helps as well. Thank you for all the information.
  3. No other symptoms. Thank you for the information on the esophagus. I need to find out more about the endoscopy.
  4. Yes it is hard to see him suffer. I'll ask about other food intolerances. Thank you for responding.
  5. I'll definitely ask about the possible illness...also try to find a probiotic that is gluten free. thank you
  6. Thank you so much. What he has is "dry heaves"...what is happening is after he eats he feels bad and has pain then he goes to the bathroom and has dry heaves. Sometimes something comes up...sometimes it is just bile or liquid. He is going to school and I send him with 64 oz of fluids...usually...
  7. Hi, I'm new to all this. My 13 yo was just diagnosed w/celiac after endoscopy. How long will it be before he stops throwing up every time he eats? He is eating everything gluten-free but he still has stomach pain. He eats chicken then has dry-heaves. I'm just concerned and would like some idea...