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  1. But the simply delish is safe for a person with super sensitive celiacs?I can't find the other brand mentioned
  2. Ok thank you sorry for the misunderstanding I appreciate your response
  3. It's made in California and it's basically a restaurant that makes peanut butter and yes they make sandwiches there with wheat bread it name is peanut butter and co
  4. What brand of peanut butter is the safest I was getting peanut butters &come but it’s not certified and they make it the same place they make sandwiches with wheat bread so now I’m concerned my peanut butter is not safe thank you for your time I really appreciate all of your help this is rea...
  5. I read on gluten free email I get that beans can be cross contaminated because they switch crops with wheat or barley or some gluten and they said lentils also do my question is does that include green beans and how do I know which beans are safe and which are contaminated? This is so difficult I...
  6. Are they made in a separate building or area away from the gluten products? Are they certified?
  7. I was wondering what is the safest probiotics my sister said to take FloraTummys 50 High Potency Probiotic, it says gluten free but is not certified and I am super sensitive I asked the Drs and none of them have me a direct answer I want some one to just say buy this specific brand and type it's...
  8. Certified to be under 20 ppm or 5ppms? Do you know does it say on the website ? I can't handle any more the 5 ppms right now I'm to sick
  9. Thank you do much I have ashed that question over and over different ways and your the first to give me a real answer
  10. I have gone to three different kind of Drs I can't get any of them to tell me what vitamins are safe I'm deficiency in vitamin D , vitamin B12 and borderline anemic can any please help me with a safe brand of vitamins my hair is getting thinner I am constantly dizzy I'm so very misserable this disease...
  11. No I emailed the company and called and left a message no answer from any one I just suffered threw it I get mouth sores if I accidentally get gluten it sucks
  12. So I would need to make appointment with regular Dr ask to see GI Dr get that referral and then tell the GI about the bacteria because I had the stool test done I have paperwork I showed regular Dr along with the lupus and he didn't even say anything about it or going to a GI this makes no sense...
  13. I had that test done at the wellness center and they said I have bacteria infection I need to cut out sugar and eat organic fruits and vegetables they didn't say take any thing for it just eat right
  14. So can you see a GI Dr with out a referral from regular Dr ? I stop seeing my regular Dr because she wasn't helping she just said eat fruits and vegetables . I saw a different Dr to be tested for lupus and he said it doesn't look like I have lupus but I could go to Green Bay to see the rheumatologist...
  15. It's a good thing I posted this and you replyed I'm allergic to garlic I didn't know allimax was garlic and no lupus is not ruled out they recommend I go to Green Bay to a rheumatologist to get tested because in my area there's no rheumatologist taking new patients so it's another 375$ just to ask...