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  1. So just to spell it out for me please Swisher sweets blunt wraps are gluten free ?
  2. And if allergic to rag weed what would it do to you I eat lettuce and don't notice it bothering my stomach but I always have a head I have allergies to every thing that grows out side flowers , ragweed ,grass, I'm allergic to dust and cats so I guess I don't know if lettuce bothers me or not Sorry I ment to say what would the safflower oil do to you if allergic to ragweed
  3. Ok so would that safflower oil be good for deep frying ? And is there any other oil I could safely use to deep fry I just want to have a cheese burger and french fries but I am only safe eating at home so I have to deep fry the French fries myself in ordered a brand new deep fryer just need oil
  4. Also I think I have issues with canola oil Hellman's it says gluten free but I think that it bothers me what other kind of mayo do you guys know for sure is safe I'm having a really hard time with this it's been two years since I was diagnosed and I keep getting poisoning by accident my teeth have gone way done Hill and my hair has gotten thinner I can't get poisoned any more thanks for your time
  5. I was wondering if any knows if Blu harbor wild albacore tuna is really gluten free I can't find whole foods tuna because we don't have that store any where I'm trying to make sure everything is gluten free in the house I would like it to be certified but I know that's not always the case thanks for your time
  6. I have not been to a dermatologist I didn't know to do that because the itching is from the gluten right? I do have allergies to some creams and allergy meds so I not sure something I rub on my skin will work I'm just worried it will get worse instead of better . I just wish the Benadryl didn't alter my moods it makes things worse to . Thank you for helping me I do appreciate it
  7. I have not read the newbie 101 I'm very to doing stuff like this I don't even have face book do maybe you could send me a link to the newbie 101 you both have been so helpful it so sucks when there's no one to talk to and last night I couldn't sleep ended up crying till 4:00 am and my BF actually felt sorry for me tears where in his eyes to I think he finally realized that I'm really sick . So it seem like an improvement and you are right I have to day if they don't like it they can leave I was just to scared to say that before I hate to be alone . You have really great ideas and thank you for helping me recycle too? I already feel better in my head like maybe it's not that bad and I can't finally get better
  8. Ok I didn't see both comments to my post thank you for replying I really really appreciate it and your probably right the guys should be more concerned about my health im the one who takes care of all of them
  9. Ok so I have one more question as far as the cutting boards go and scratched pans is there any way to completely clean them like soak it in something that would penetrate the cracks to get the gluten out I got all brand new stuff last year before I was diagnosed with celiac disease my son's bought them for me or like the muffin pans what if there is no scratches and also how does I dish washer clean the gluten off ? And would using Dawn dish soap make a difference it gets grease out? I can't get disposable utensils and dishes I want to save the plant I can't do that it goes against everything I believe I'm all about recycling and reducing waste no one else around me does that I have to. thank you again. I really need it spelled out for me to fully understand and no one can help me not even the Dr just you guys so sorry if it feels like I'm repeating the question
  10. Does any one else get crazy angry when they take Benadryl? I'm sure it's partly the lack of sleep but it would be nice to hear from some one else thank you for your time I appreciate this site it has helped me
  11. Hi I found out I had celiac disease in January of 2018 it's been 6 months I am having the worst time with this first of all I have so many other issues I have asthma, severe anxiety, severe allergies (dust,pollen ,soap , perfume, anything that grows pretty much) ,on top of that I have dyslexia, add ,OCD, I have messed up some many times because I read it wrong and now your saying that when I wash the dishes I'm contaminating all the dishes and pots and pans ever dish and pot and pan I have have been use with glutenous food so if you could really dumb it down for me and in great detail tell me how to do the dishes and not contaminated my self or do I really have to buy my own separate dishes which would really suck cause my kids bought all my backing dishes and I really like the ?I just don't understand how to live with people that eat gluten and not contaminate my self I have two teen age boys well both 18 and my boy freind and none of them real listen to me about anything it's so hard any ideas how I can make this work please help me I don't have any one else to ask for help just you guys thanks for read this
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