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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks you guys! I feel so much better this morning, believe it or not I actually think the garlic thing is helping. I ate some more before I went to bed and it helped right away. I had no problems getting to sleep and they don't hurt as much today. I am even going to attempt the saltwater again. I will also get mylanta and benadryl and try that. Thanks for the help it's nice to know there a place where people understand exactly what I'm talking about!
  3. I'm having a really bad mouth sore out break... Does anyone know of anything that may give me some relief?? I may have had a gluten encounter on Thanksgiving, also I have been drinking milk on a daily basis. I now have 5 white crater type sores on the very bottom of my mouth in front of my lower teeth and they are rapidly increasing and seem to be getting worse. My husband suggested rinsing with salt water and I can't even begin to describe how bad that felt. My lower lip is just throbbing and If I move it it makes things feel worse. I did try eating raw garlic (I got that suggestion from another forum) and it actually seemed to ease the pain a little, but trust me it is not gone! I have had this problem when I have been glutened in the past and I have just rode it out for a week or two and they went away, but If there is someone who has an idea of how to make this less painfull I would sure appriciate it. Thanks
  4. WOW!! You guys eat some great food, thanks for the ideas! I crave Peanut Butter & Co. white chocolate peanut butter. I had my inlaws ship me some for my Christmas present. I ate that, but I now have 4 jars in my pantry and I think I might make cookies with some if I can spare it. I also crave pudding. Is Jello cook and searve gluten free?
  5. Oh my goodness I'm so glad you guys are talking about this. I thought I was going crazy, if not I have certianly been acting like a crazy person. Normally I am extreamly patient and tolerant especially with the ones I love and i have just been lashing out at them lately. Just last night I YELLED at my husband to ------OFF!!! and proceeded to through a sippy cup across the house. This is so unlike me and it made me feel really bad that I had actually behaved like that in front of my children. I will be really loud and fight for the last word too- it's so immature! I have also had constipation issues all my life, but that in itself has never caused these recent behavior issues. I'm pretty sure it is the gluten intolerances presenting themselves. I've only been gluten free for about 2 1/2 months and it is still off and on, trial and error for me, but I know I have these tendencies to lash out and behave inappropiatley when I am constipated due to gluten poisoning.
  6. I have been bombarded with cavities, cracked and broken teeth and many, many tooth infections this last year, unfortunately, prior to my diagnosis of celiac desease. Every time a dental procedure was done on my teeth I ended up with minor infections that would require antibiotic treatment and one Entodontist even put me on steriods for a short time. I was unaware until reading these posts that cleanings can gluten me. I will be sure and mention this before my next one. Just last week I printed and delivered a copy of these study results that were completed in 1990 in Finland. I gave this particular study to my dentist because it is short, to the point and very easy to understand. My dentist told me he was unfamiliar with celiac desease, but would be willing to research it and see what he could find out. Sorry for all this, but I'm on my soap box now.. I just want to ask you guys to give your Dentist this oppurtunity to save themselves a lot of work and their patients a lot of discomfort. I believe that they could all play a major roll in early diagnosis and I know that's is something we are all concearned with. Dental enamel defects in celiac disease.Aine L, Maki M, Collin P, Keyrilainen O. Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital of Tampere, Finland. The teeth of 40 adults aged 19 to 67 yr with celiac disease (celiac disease) were examined for dental enamel defects (ED). A total of 33 of the 40 adults with celiac disease (83%) had systematic ED in contrast to only 5 of the 112 clinical controls (4%). Unspecific enamel lesions were found in both groups, but they were more common in the control group (80% vs. 18%). Altogether 69% of the permanent teeth in adults with celiac disease were found to be defected, in clinical controls only 19%. In adults with celiac disease the ED were in contrast to those in controls symmetrically and chronologically distributed in all four sections of dentition. The present study clearly shows that symmetrically and chronologically distributed enamel defects are strongly associated with celiac disease. Therefore in the absence of symptoms and signs of malabsorption dentists could easily select the right patients possibly suffering from celiac disease for gastroenterologic consultations. PMID: 2401959 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  7. I don't know, but it's happening to me too. What brand melatonin do you use. I have some that I would love to use, but I got it before i was diagnosed and I havent tried using it because I don't know if it's safe.
  8. Your day sounds a lot like mine. I will also eat: hard boiled eggs KIND fruit + nut bars ( they have gluten-free and dairy free onesand all very tastey) Boomi Bars (another fruit and nut concauction) strech island fruit leather (all flavors) Chicken of the Sea tuna + mayo Grilled ckn salads (you can marinade w/ Glutino italian and do ceasar or fresh vegies w/ honey mustard -Annies) I also eat lots of King crab legs and scallops, I use earth balance spread for dipping and pan fry the scallops w/ lemon, earth balance garlic and paprika I eat lots of snacks because of my diabetes and the ones I listed I eat most because they are easy to carry and taste great. Finally the one thing I eat most of all and would have a hard time living with celiac if it didn't exist is... Peanut Butter and Co. White Chocolate Wonderful. That stuff is so good! I Live in Alaska, and it takes me an hour to get to the health foods store, and sometime they don't have this on the shelf when I get there. I can't tell you what a bummer it is when that happens. My inlaws shipped me some for Christmas, but it cost more than $30.00 for them to ship me 5 jars. It was the best Christmas present I got this year! Happy eating!!
  9. Thank you all so much. This has been even more helpful than I had anticipated!! I truely thought that the amount of gluten consumed made no difference on the recovery time or intensity of the ill effects. So in all actuality I can't even begin to blame cross contamination possibilities until I'm completely recovered from the chinese food and beer incident. I do feel a little better today, no headache anyway. I am however extreamly constipated... no void in 4 days. Also I have been fog/mush headed my entire life, the tought of clear thinking is beyond my wildest dreams. Its difficult for me to get to the store with what I need (blood tester, pump, money, list, baby, sub zero cold weather gear...) much less find edible gluten free food in a timely mannor! Getting back inside the house with everything is a major accomplishment. It's nice to have a little reassurance from you all though, I've been very overwhelmed lately... Thanks, Aimee P.S. -26 degrees where I live today!
  10. Thank you, OOPS... sorry for the misspell! I had both, positive blood work and a biopsy that showed spru in my stomach. After I gave birth to my 2nd son I breast fed him for about 6 mo. and after that I kept expecting to get over the side effects of the pregnancy and the breast feeding, but I just kept feeling nauseous and tired. My husband and I had just moved to Alaska via the Air Force, so I got aquainted with my general physician who quickley refered me to an endocrinologists off base. I complained about the stomache discomfort to him and he asked if I had ever been tested for celiac disease. I told him not that I was aware of, I really didn't even know what he was talking about. He is fresh from India and has a strong accent. Three months later when I revisited him he told me the test he ran showed just slightly elevated antibody levels, but he thought I should get a referal to a GI just to make sure I didn't have celiac disease. I still was not sure what he was talking about. In the meantime I had gone for a dental checkup because I knew I needed to have a cavity filled that a dentist had found prior to our move. I was quickley side tracked by extensive and excessive ongoing dental work. At that time I had 12 unfilled cavities and needed 1 root canal. (Just one year later I have had a total of eight root canals and still need work.) I still had not researched anything on celiac disease, and revisited the endocrinologist for more routine bloodwork at which time he still persisted I check into having my stomache looked at. So I went to the general physician and requested a GI DR. and at that time I Had a constant headache that had not gone away for about three months straight. (I thought this was because of the dental work, turns out it was celiac disease) I went to a chiropractor because I was having hip, back and neck pain prior to the biopsy and wrote on the info sheet that I had celiac disease. The chiropractor happened to be well versed on celiac disease and diabetes. He had written a paper on celiac disease while he was in college. He explained to me what I would need to do and where to get info from the internet. I tried it for about 2 days and then decided I would make that appointment and ask for the biopsy! It took about 3 more months to get the test and the results and when the GI called me with the results all I could do was cry. From that point on I have been on my own with this and it has been a lot of trial and error, and a lot of mistakes. I have gotten tons of ideas and info from this site. I know for a fact that I glutened myself last Tuesday when I ate a mixed bag of nuts and raisins w/ out reading the ingredients. So then I was so frustrated and I knew I had already blown it, so I went out for chinese w/ my husband and enjoyed everything gluten I could find, including beer. I didn't feel bad the next day or so, but now I'm very irritable and edgy, I want to bite everybodies head off and I cry lots and I have a bad headache. This could be from lack of sunshine, but I'm usually a fairly stable person in general.
  11. I have recently been diagnosed with celiacs (2 1/2 months ago) and I have not seen any drastic improvements on the way I feel. I think I am cross contaminating myself with the things that I feed my 2 yr old. We are always so close and he loves to touch everything on my face and give me kisses. I love this of coarse and want him to be close. I am not sure how to stop this from happening and I am so frustrated and tired. I have been looking so forward to being more energetic and having less headaches, but its just not happining, and I am really trying hard. I've reduced my diet to gluten-free tuna and gluten-free mayo (only I use), gluten-free peanut butter, fish fillets (clean pan, cooked in olive oil), crab legs, salad w/ gluten-free dressing, diet red bull, orange juice and water. I also take supplements that are labled hypo allergenic w/ no wheat or gluten. I'm pretty sure these foods do not contain gluten and I don't mind only eating them because I'm not that hungry anyway. I also only use gluten free shampoo, cleansing products moisturizers and make-up. I have checked all of it, or ordered it special off the internet. I am not sure it is wise to not feed my son gluten, but I might have to go that route. If there is any insight or suggestions I could really use some help. Thanks
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