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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I see you're in Tarrytown. I lived in Briarcliff for a year. It's so beautiful up there. :)

  3. I buy the Maxwell's Kitchen gravy. It's excellent. I get it at Whole Foods. http://maxwellskitchen.com/
  4. I love pineapple but find for whatever odd reason it just doesn't agree with me and gives me stomach pains as if I've been glutened. Same thing if I eat raw broccoli. Like others have said, I'd get rid of the old spices, but it could very well be that pineapple just doesn't agree with you.
  5. I drink the tea and white hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts all the time and have never had a problem. Actually my cousin's husband owns several Dunkin Donuts. Most locations don't make their own donuts or baked goods. They are made at 1 central location and then shipped to all the others. More...
  6. Unfortunately I was there years ago, so I don't really remember any of the places; but are you renting a house? I remember that is what we did. If so, I would suggest bringing stuff for breakfast (gluten free cereal, muffins, ect. And then maybe bring some gluten free bread to make sandwiches for...
  7. Mmmmm... love those! (Actually I love any ice cream - hehe).
  8. Hmmmm... well both of those sound yummy. Maybe I'll have to give them a second chance. I'm finding it slightly humourous that I live in Westchester and drive out by you to go to Mama's and you live in Long Island and are driving by me to go to Ciao. LOL!!
  9. Funny you should mention this place. We were just randomly talking about it over dinner about an hour ago. Can I ask what you got there? I went there when I was first diagnosed, had one of their pasta dishes and thought it was horrendous. I think I took about 3 bites and then just pushed the...
  10. My favorites are: Haagen Dazs - Coffee Ice Cream (yet ironicly I hate coffee), Rocky Road Ben & Jerry's - Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and my latest discovery by them, Pistachio. If you like Pistachio ice cream (even if you normally don't but you like pistachios), you must try this....
  11. I'm not to brand specific when it comes to seasonings but I won't use mixed seasonings and always read ingredients. I'll use straight garlic powder, salt, pepper, ect. But never anything that is a seasoning mix. The only brand I would probably trust if I was going to do that is McCormick.
  12. Has anyone had +/- experiences with any of the cruise lines and their accomodating for gluten free. I have been on a few cruises prior to dx (including Royal Caribbean). My sister just asked if we would want to go on vacation with her an her BF and we're throwing around ideas one of them being a...
  13. No they're not the chestnuts. I don't think they sell those on the streets here anymore. I haven't seen them in years. These are more like a peanut (i think they also have almonds and cashews), with like a sweet candy shell to them. One of these I may ask one of the vendors if he knows what goes...