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  1. I live in Tarrytown and go to Mr. Nicks all the time. We love it! I don't even have to order anymore. As soon as I walk...
  2. jkmunchkin

    New Gluten-Free Deli In Stamford, Ct

    Thanks for letting me know! I never knew about this place. I'll definitely check it out... hopefully this weekend.
  3. I like the Kinnickinick waffles. Not a fan of the Van's either.
  4. I just tried the 7 Ancient Grain bread by Three Bakers (formerly: The Grainless Baker) and it's fantastic!!! Very delicious...
  5. Maxwell's Kitchen makes a great brown gravy.
  6. jkmunchkin

    Coconut Layer Cake

    I have made this cake countless times and it never fails to impress. Of all the desserts I have made, this is the one...
  7. Lunch (aka The Lobster Roll) in Amagansett now has a gluten free menu!!! It's a huge menu and they even have gluten-free...
  8. There are 6 rolls in a pack. I actually was so excited to see them I didn't even look at the price and I bought a bunch...
  9. I think that pretty much sums it up. Ha! These will certainly be a staple in my house. For those that live in Westchester...
  10. Tate's now has a version of their famous chocolate chip cookies and they are AMAZING!!!!!!! They are the absolute best...
  11. jkmunchkin

    Hudson Valley Ny

    None of these are actually in Hudson Valley. White Plains, Armonk and Ardsley are all in Westchester and not sure what...
  12. jkmunchkin

    Best In Nyc?

    I think it depends what you get. Honestly, I don't love their cupcakes. I had them once and never got them again. I do...
  13. jkmunchkin

    Best In Nyc?

    Babycakes has AMAZING doughnuts, crumb cakes, chocolate chip banana bread, etc. As others have said, Bistango, Mozzarelli...
  14. Yes the Soy Facial Cleanser is gluten free. You need to be careful with some of their "Sugar" products. Some of them...
  15. jkmunchkin


    I can eat any variety of apples with red skin, but green apples always bother my stomach. I thought this was the oddest...