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  1. i tried to send you a msg wouldnt work. but my daughter is 6 and suffers from severe constipation i was wondering how you got your son diagnosed?

  2. Hi, when you say, "auras" what are you referring to? For about a year now, more so now than ever, I have been getting this wavy vision in the corner of my eyes. It comes on suddenly and last for up to 10 minutes during which I feel completely wiped out. Sometimes it even come on like a whole in...
  3. Rainforest Cafe can be very tricky because their food comes pre packaged and they basically just heat it up. For example, you can't order a hotdog without the bun from the kids menu because the hotdogs come packaged in the bun . I find it a little odd. Regardless, I wasn't getting anywhere...
  4. Hi, my son's school will be installing Purell Hand Sanitizer dispensers around the building. Does anyone know if it is safe? Nicole
  5. I'm thinking the same thing. We don't use Lactaid often for my son as I pretty much keep him dairy free but sometimes we do use it. For cheese you can us the Veggie Cheeses because they are lactose free.
  6. Hi, my family will be vacationing at Long Beach Island, NJ this summer and am a little concerned about feeding my Celiac son there. They do not have any fast food chains on the island so that means no Wendy's or Burger king to fall back on. Anyone ever been there and any ideas for eating? Nicole
  7. The nutritionist at my son's gastro. office told me that with a dairy intolerance it could be hit or miss. She said that some people who are lactose intolerant actually produce enough lactase to be able to digest some dairy. So for example, maybe you could handle dairy once a day but not more than...
  8. Here in Jersey it seems that the Ped. GI doctors and Morristown Hospital seem to know what they are doing. We loved our original GI, he was warm, caring, and very interested in helping my son. But it seems as though he wasn't able to care for him well enough. For example, when my son was given...
  9. I think this has been my question to my doctors all along. He is strictly gluten free. I am very careful and so is everyone else that cares for him. He is extremely careful as well. He won't even touch anything he doesn't know is safe. Shouldn't he be better? A year has gone by. He still suffers...
  10. Hi, my son is 5 and was diagnosed last year with celiac. He was so constipated that he wouldn't go for several days and then one day, he would go. It would always be rock hard (never clogged the toilet though ), but then, it was like the flood gates were opened and he would poop all day. Now...
  11. My son was diagnosed last year at 4. He was constipated, bloated, and had dark circles. He started out, before the idea of Celiac, having a sigmoidascope. Afterwards, he had the endoscopy. Still later, he had a colonoscopy. He was put to sleep for all 3 and he handled it all very well with the...