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  1. Nic

    i tried to send you a msg wouldnt work. but my daughter is 6 and suffers from severe constipation i was wondering how you got your son diagnosed?

  2. Does anyone get optical migraines? Just the eye syptoms of the migraine and not the head pain?
  3. Hi, I am a mother of a celiac son and I always test negative for celiac although I know I carry the gene as my father has it as well as my son. I recently was tested due to almost daily stomach pain and now constipation. I have always been more on the constipated side but now need to take laxatives frequently to help (my son's symptoms have always been constipation). Within the past year I started getting optical migraines (the eye part of the migraine without the head ache). Now it is so frequent that I am having eye trouble everyday and even more recently I am getting the head ache with it. I went to my GP who said they were optical migraines and suggested due to the stomach problems to go gluten free even though I test negative (which I have not done yet, not sure what I am waiting for). I read up on migraines and celiac and it seems like some study show a link. Has anyone ever heard of this or looked into it?
  4. Is anyone else in Jersey? I keep looking in all the store I go to and the only Chex I am finding gluten free are the Rice Chex which are good but do get soggy quicker that the corn.
  5. My son is 8 and was diagnosed with Celiac at age 4. The GI we were using never told me to go off dairy and we couldn't understand why his symptoms continued. Two years ago we got a second opinion and during a colonoscopy this doctor noticed white bumps in my sons colon which he said signified a food reaction. He said to try taking him off dairy and he showed great improvement. Now it is two years later and we are noticing that he can now handle small amounts of dairy with no trouble. Even the occassional ice cream shows no reaction. So here is my question. This would make sense to me if he had been newly diagnosed as a celiac and couldn't handle milk in the beginning but he was already gluten free for 2 years when I took him off dairy. Is it possible that he still wasn't healed enough at that point to handle dairy? And is it possible to all of sudden now be able to have dairy again?
  6. Hi, when you say, "auras" what are you referring to? For about a year now, more so now than ever, I have been getting this wavy vision in the corner of my eyes. It comes on suddenly and last for up to 10 minutes during which I feel completely wiped out. Sometimes it even come on like a whole in my vision. I went to the doctor and they said optical migrains. My son is a Celiac as well as my dad so I obviously carry the gene although I test negative on the celiac panel. I also have severe gas and bloating, moderate stomach aches, and constipation. I am starting to think I should be gluten free.
  7. Thank you for the info. We live in Roselle Park, about 5 minutes down the parkway from Clark. I am so excited. My non Celiac son just asked me tonight if we are ever going to order pizza again. I told him probably not since it is unfair to his brother. We have traveled very far in the past to find pizza places that serve gluten free pizza.
  8. I am waiting on the results of my Celiac panel right now. My son has celiac and so does my father so I obviously carry the gene. I have some syptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, and stomach pain after meals. The doctor was questioning why I even wanted to be tested as he thought with my family history and symptoms, going gluten free was the best choice. I insisted on the test and he said, "ok, but if it comes out negative, I still think you should follow a gluten free diet." Even some doctors don't put a lot of stock into the tests.
  9. Hi, my celiac son's permanent front teeth have a little white staining on them as well. But my sister and I also had stained teeth as children and neither one of us has any illness. Also, my friend's son has darker staining on his back teeth and also has no illnesses. But it is not decay. A dentist can better explain why this happens.
  10. How about the Time Travelers Wife? Has anyone else read that? I had trouble getting started with it because the concept is so strange but once I got started and finished I was so glad I read it.
  11. This book was so good. I also read a good one, I believe it was called, My Sisters Keeper about a girls who was conceived to help her sister survive cancer through transplants and such. But, the best book I have read in years, was a book called, and I am probably spelling this wrong, Moloka'i. It was about when Hawaii was struck with Leporsy (sp?) years ago and they were sent to a Leporsy colony. The main character is a child who gets struck with the disease at about 7 and gets pulled away from her family and was sent to live at the colony. The story follows her life until she is old. This story was so profound that I felt as if I couldn't read another book for a while afterwards. NIcole
  12. Hi, my son, a non celiac as far as we know (still waiting on biopsy results) has some trouble with food. He has poor muscle tone which made his mouth muscles very weak and he pretty much got used to eating soft foods like pasta. The doctor said I have to increase his protein intake and he really will not eat meat. He doesn't like eggs much and can't handle the texture of peanut butter. Where else can I get protein into his diet? I thought of things like pediasure but that would be adding calories to his already existing diet. I need something to add to the meals to give him some of his calories from protein instead of just carbs. Nicole
  13. Actually we are waiting for the results of his endoscopy biopsy now. He had been having a lot of heart burn and the doctor wanted to scope for damage from acid reflux. While he was in there he went into the intestines and biopsied for celiac. Nicole
  14. Rice Chex Cereal!

    I wish they would make corn chex gluten free as well. I really like them better and I think my son would too.
  15. Hi, does anything show up in blood work for someone who is gluten intolerant but does not have Celiac? If a child does not have the celiac gene is there any reason to do blood work on that child or just try the diet instead?
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