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  1. Since we are homeschooling, we don't have the pressure of lunchrooms and snacktime.
  2. I have Celiac disease so we've kept my daughter gluten free until testing would be reliable for her. Fortunately, we have an awesome support system and several gluten free friends. However, I've forgotten how old she needs to be for reliable...
  3. SGWhiskers

    No Reaction Yet

    It's been two years since I've been glutened. I took two bites of steak sauce with malt vinegar before I caught my mistake. I used to get a neurological reaction 45 minutes after exposure. It's been 5 hours and nothing. I used to consider...
  4. SGWhiskers

    Celiac/lactose - Breastfeed Vs. Bottle

    And remember all the antibodies and bonding hormones that breast milk has that are not in formula.
  5. I have celiac and have kept my 15 month old gluten-free. She got accidental gluten, a fever and "D" in one day. I'm hoping the fever means she simply had a stOmach bug. Does a glutening ever cause a fever?
  6. I just returned from Savannah a month ago. We ate at Churchill's and at the Marriott's Bohemian on the waterfront. I had excellent flavorful meals at both locations. There is also a coffee shoppe 1-3 blocks south of the Starbucks that serves...
  7. The rice that was burnt on has been there for months. We got most of it off months ago, but there are still some black dots burned to the bottom. I've been chiseling it off with alcohol and my fingernail for the past 1/2 hour and it is slowly...
  8. Hubby absent mindedly put macaroni in my non-stick pan. It was in the pan for about 30 seconds unheated. When I went gluten free 3 years ago, I scrubbed these pans to death. They were unscratched, expensive, and almost new. All was well...
  9. Since the researchers don't know the answer to this one, I thought you guys might have the best guesses. I've got celiac. I'm assuming my infant daughter does not. The research shows that ages 4-6 months are the best time to introduce...
  10. SGWhiskers

    Almost 1 Year gluten-free

    I found that calcium/magnesium helped the sensitivity in my skin. I also found that when I tried to reintroduce dairy on multiple occassions, I bruised more easily. I have a milk allergy and had the nick-name banana legs growing up. Last...
  11. SGWhiskers


    I'm sorry about the pregnancy. The best things you can do is to stay gluten free and make sure your vitamins are checked and normal. I'm wondering if it would be worth having your hormone levels checked to see if you need to have progesterone...
  12. I had neuro symptoms and felt more awake after several weeks and was functional again by 3 months. My memory improved some around 18 months, but it is still weaker than it was. I discovered that almost immediately after going gluten free...
  13. SGWhiskers

    Why Can't She Have It In Moderation?

    Stick around on the forum and you will learn a lot of information about research, advice, coping, and cooking. You are a great husband for doing research for your wife. When I'm describing cross contamination or cheating on the Gluten...
  14. Your encouraging post about skin sensations and trigger points resolving gave me the boost I needed today. I am very discouraged (although I always have hope)and your words helped immensely. Thanks!

  15. As a speech pathologist, I have not seen literature associating dyspraxia with celiac. There may be some out there I have not seen though. There is some evidence of speech language impairments in adults related to celiac and gluten ataxia...