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  1. Has anyone eaten Nature's Path Gluten Free waffles or Aldis Turkey roast ? If you did, were you ok or were you having...
  2. GlutenGuy36

    Tired Of This....

    It's bad enough that you have to scrutinize every ingredient in the things you eat but when you buy things that are SUPPOSED...
  3. Ok I have been on the Gluten Free diet since I was diagnosed July 14th of 2008. I am still sick not feeling right at...
  4. GlutenGuy36

    Still Feeling Like Crap?

    Thanks Bea, You are amazing with all of your knowledge. You give me hope when I feel like there is none and I really...
  5. GlutenGuy36

    Still Feeling Like Crap?

    Hey SG, Sorry you are dealing with this as well and I hope you feel better soon. I also have Hypothyroidism and...
  6. GlutenGuy36

    Still Feeling Like Crap?

    I haven't been re-tested for antibodies. He doesn't seem to think I need it. He just said remain gluten free. I am...
  7. Hi was diagnosed with Celiac Disease July 14th 2008. I have been gluten free with a few accidents along the way. I...
  8. GlutenGuy36

    Help! I'm Starving To Death

    I agree with the poster that said Europeans are far ahead of us in their knowledge of people with Celiac Disease and...
  9. Does anyone out there know if Levothyroxine ( synthroid ) made by Mylan is gluten free. I went to glutenfreedrugs.com...
  10. GlutenGuy36

    Cross Contamination

    I am so frustrated with my family members when it comes to my cross contamination concerns. I had to move back home...
  11. GlutenGuy36

    Sun Senstitvity

    It mostly happens on my forearms and knees. They feel really warm and get red. I always thought I might have Candida...
  12. GlutenGuy36

    Sun Senstitvity

    Hi, I haven't posted on here in a couple of months. I am still not feeling all that great at 12 and a half months...
  13. GlutenGuy36

    Healing And Miserable

    Hi Jocelyn, I understand totally what you are going through. It is a different experience for everyone. I unfortunately...
  14. GlutenGuy36

    Understanding Lab Test Values

    Ok I found my pathology report. They did five bi-opsies. They were of: 1. Termial Ileum (small bowel mucosal with...
  15. GlutenGuy36

    Understanding Lab Test Values

    Yes, I will find it and post it on here later. I have to dig through some files.