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  1. ang1e0251


    I'm glad you could talk it out. That's always the best way.
  2. ang1e0251

    Any Chance Their Is Gluten In :

    For me, your reaction sounds like a typical dairy symptom. That's exactly how I react. A gluten reaction for me would...
  3. I'm sorry you were feeling so bad. It's hard when your own family isn't supportive. Just know there is karma and if...
  4. ang1e0251


    If you can't get through to him, maybe a counseler or pastor could help. Sometimes it takes a third party to help some...
  5. ang1e0251

    Need To Vent

    I'm so glad it worked for you. It was good for both of you to appreciate the other's point of view.
  6. I have a hard time with alternate grains. I've eating a little saurkraut lately and that is helping with my digestion...
  7. ang1e0251

    Easy, Yummy Cheese Crackers

    OK, Liz, I will need to make these. I had your bread you posted and it was amazing! I haven't had bread in over a year...
  8. ang1e0251

    Politically Correct Christmas Greeting!

    And a very happy or non-happy winter type celebration or drinking session to you to! Angie
  9. ang1e0251

    Need To Vent

    It's so hard when you have an idea of how things are going to be on your outing and he has a totally different idea....
  10. I've been having the slow digested food thing for months. I finally gave up most grains and high carb foods. But recently...
  11. ang1e0251

    Case Conference

    If you go to GlutenFreeIndy and pose your question, there is a parent with extensive experience with 504's.
  12. I think insomnia is like a migraine headache; there can be more than one reason you suffer from it. I have found that...
  13. I understand that nightshades are more related to small joint problems so avoiding them would probably help your fingers...
  14. ang1e0251


    I want to buy one of those shopping guides and get the iPhone/iTouch app from apple (is that gluten free) but right now...
  15. ang1e0251

    Need Family Foods To Go!

    I only eat Hormel Naturals. They're delicious and I've never had a reaction to them. In my area, every chain grocery...