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  1. Has anyone ever tried ear candles? Are they effective for this type of problem? I'm curious about them and how they work and what they actually work.
  2. Black coffee is gluten-free that is really not the issue. The issue is that there is a big chance for CC in a restaurant and for people that are ultra sensitive, even coffee can be a problem. I would think in Starbucks, black drip brew coffee would be the safest. If you have coffee there and don...
  3. I have always thought it was CC in the Starbucks. I have my own small coffee bar in my flower shop and I have had to give up coffee. It gave me tremors. It's not the caffeine as I have more of that now. I also found I was having a gluten reaction to some of my syrups. The company swears it can...
  4. Are you guys still breaking out after going gluten-free? I took a few weeks to heal but I don't have ongoing breakouts. Are you sure you aren't getting sneaky gluten from somewhere? What do your current bloodwork test show?
  5. Sure sounds like my DH. But you forgot one thing; THE PAIN, THE PAIN!
  6. Many people experience low blood sugar in the night which messes with their "sleeping clock". You may need a high protein snack before bed. Have you been extra hungry? If so, you will need some hunger killing food to sleep through the night.
  7. I read a thread a while back where some posters said shortness of breath was a symptom they had when eating soy. Soy is hidden in a lot of foods. Maybe some of those folks will speak up again.
  8. I don't see any other vegetables in your list. Can you not eat steamed vegetables? What about beans and nuts? Seems like you are very limited and that would help you. Can you juice foods like carrots and parsley? These are very nutritional. Also fermented cabbage is very good for digestion...
  9. For healthy dietary fats, eat butter, never margarine. Also avocado to any foods you can. Coconut milk and coconut oil are bother excellant. The great thing about coconut is that it contains certain fats that are also present in breast milk. These are very important for our bodies but hard to...
  10. I use their regular mayonnaise with no problems. I don't buy any product that is low fat. First of all our bodies need healthy dietary fat for our muscles like our heart and for brain power. Secondly, as the PP pointed out when fat is reduced, it's usually replaced with sugar and/or gluten. I...
  11. My son had pyloric stenosis surgery in '83. He doesn't have celiac disease but I do....
  12. I just wanted to say thank you. Sometimes ...more often then not... I feel I am failing my son when I see he must have gotten gluten or isn't feeling well. Your words were a good boost in confidence. I just have to keep going until I get it right.

  13. THanks for letting us know. I have been thinking of you and wondering from time to time how you are. I'm so glad you have a diagnosis.
  14. I have taken melatonin nightly for many years with good results. I would like to try a time release. I wake up through the night still. In the 80's when I started, I took .5 mg. Now I'm up to 6 mgs. It takes me several years to have to take more. Recently I have increased my magnesium...