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  1. Thank you. It is encouraging to know there are safe products to help relieve my symptoms.
  2. Can anyone recommend a gluten-free antihistamine? My seasonal allergy symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, ithcy eyes. In the past I have used Chlortrimeton, or a generic. Benadryl makes me too sleepy. This is my first Spring since celiac diagnosis and my allergies are bothering me, so I am grateful for any advice.
  3. I am new to gluten-free cooking and have only tried 2 cake recipes (both from gluten-free cookbooks). Both cakes rose nicely while baking, but they fell when I opened the oven door to test for doneness? Any suggestions?
  4. Looking for advice/experience related to celiac and lactose intolerance.I have been on a dairy free diet for three months and gluten free since I was diagnosed with Celiace disease 5 weeks ago. My bowel symptoms were greatly improved after 4 weeks gluten-free and I began to have yogurt everyday. After 6 days of yogurt bowel symptoms were bad today. Am thinking it is the dairy, but wasn't sure if the timing sounds right. Any advice from your experience of lactose issues with celiac is appreciated. Am missing dairy products .