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    Reading, listening to soft music and trying to get better.
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    Gold Canyon, Arizona
  1. Lisa

    Rest in Peace mouse! We will always miss you Metta. xxxooo Lisa & Friends.

  2. Thank you so much, Patty. I called them and they said I can get this at Walmart. You always come through for me. Many...
  3. I am sorry everyone, but I need an answer to my question and so I am bumping this back up. We have over 29,000 members...
  4. I wear my hair short and the top is spiked. I have to put mousse in my hair and the mousse I have been using has gluten...
  5. mouse

    My Brother Makes Fun Of Me By...!

    Since I have been gluten free, I am much calmer, so I would handle it a little differently. I would put a nice smile...
  6. mouse

    Il Support Groups

    last year a member here, posted that there was one in McHenry. The reason I noticed is that we used to live near Mchenry...
  7. Until someone responds with the answer, you might want to do what I do, when I am eating at friends' home and they are...
  8. When I first was diagnosed (5 years ago), I would get sick within 10 minutes of eating gluten. Which made it easy to...
  9. Thank you. I get tired of reading and playing Freecell LOL. But, no one else say anything as I don't want this thread...
  10. I had a blistery watery and horrible itchy rash on my fingers since I was a teenager. Once I went gluten free, I have...
  11. I am so sorry your Father does not listen to you. I have a daughter that won't be tested as she says she eats healthy...
  12. mouse

    Pizza Restaurants

    I go to Picazzo's Gourmet pizza, here in Arizona. There are several in this state and they are opening one up in Oregon...
  13. mouse

    Anyone In Southern Usa

    It is airborne and that is why all the construction jobs are required to water the soil when they dig. The spoors can...
  14. Hi ohiodad. I am 65 years old and was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago. I can understand how you and your wife feel about...
  15. mouse

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    Hey Chris, where are our pictures? I have Tom's photo of the four of us as my wallpaper on my computer. Neat, Huh?