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    I love having new friends that can identify with me--I like talking to people who know what i am and have gone through and who can also share their trials with this disease with me and whom I can share mine with--my sister is also celiac, as is my father---anyone out there wanting to talk with me, feel free to email me anytime--include in the subject line that its about celiacs--I dont open just anything--thank you, Deb
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  1. darlindeb25

    Does The Insomnia Get Better?

    Another just like me!!! Yes, of course vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause insomnia, along with many issues. I have been taking Vit D for nearly 1 yr now, I do finally have my levels up to a more doable level, yet, the insomnia...
  2. darlindeb25

    Can Undereating Cause Insomnia?

    Believe it or not, the junk food is probably part of the problem. You don't need them for the calories, you want them, there is a difference. You like them, and sometimes we justify eating something like this by saying we need it. You...
  3. What was your B12 level...the normal range is 200-1000...anything below 500 is too low, even if the doctor didn't tell you it is. Yes, it could be neuropathy. Neuropathy can be text book, or it can be random. We all have different symptoms...
  4. We are all individuals, and can't judge how quickly we will feel better by someone else. Feeling much better in one week is great. The tireness may not pass until you build up your vitamin loss caused by the gluten. My tireness didn't...
  5. darlindeb25

    Juror Questionnaire

    Don't get me wrong, I have never gotten "completely" better. I have just recently realized how I was being glutened, and by "gluten free" labeled foods. I have dealt with health issues for years, at least 30 now. I have terrible headaches...
  6. darlindeb25

    Gluten Intolerant Vs. Celiac

    Its a great link too. He makes it all so much easier to understand. I wish he was here on the east coast.
  7. darlindeb25

    Juror Questionnaire

    Even with crohn's, if you are in a remission, there is no reason you can't serve. Celiac is not a debilitating disease as long as you go gluten free like you are suppose too. I am not celiac, but I am gluten intolerant, and was every bit...
  8. There is no scientific test for gluten intolerance, not yet. I'm hoping one day they figure this out. Testing for celiac, is not testing for gluten intolerance. For now, testing for gluten intolerance is a self testing procedure. If...
  9. darlindeb25

    Gluten Intolerant Vs. Celiac

    Oh yeah, this is true of doctors too. Nothing is better than personal experience, and often times they forget that we are not all text book examples. Doctors are getting better at thinking about gluten as the problem, but they still have...
  10. darlindeb25

    Gluten Intolerant Vs. Celiac

    Your doctor is wrong, very wrong. As momyxyz says, non celiac gluten intolerance is as damaging, well, actually more damaging to the body than celiac is. Celiac is just one autoimmune condition that gluten intolerance can cause, but there...
  11. You tell them thank you, which one is your avatar, sure is cute. Hope your birthday was good too. Thanks to everyone.
  12. I honestly do not think anyone has figured that out. If you are gluten intolerant, any gluten is too much gluten. Anything made with flour..breads, pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes...all has too much gluten. As far as that goes, "gluten...
  13. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  14. Not everyone heals at the same pace, not everyone heals, even Dr. Green tells us that...they do not know why some do, and some don't. I do have very good control over my foods, because I do not eat "gluten free" labeled foods, nore nearly...