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    I love having new friends that can identify with me--I like talking to people who know what i am and have gone through and who can also share their trials with this disease with me and whom I can share mine with--my sister is also celiac, as is my father---anyone out there wanting to talk with me, feel free to email me anytime--include in the subject line that its about celiacs--I dont open just anything--thank you, Deb
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Not sure how accurate this is...both of my pinky fingers are shorter, and I do not have a celiac diagnosis, I am gluten intolerant though. There is also something about foreheads that is suppose to mean celiac...can't remember what it is though.
  3. I think I missed this thread the first time through. I think my daughter may be dealing with this. I never connected her problem with gluten, although I do believe she needs to be gluten free. Are you going to get tested for this? What are the tests? Feel free to email me: darlindeb25@aol...
  4. I find it so depressing that so many people tell us to trust them, and then gluten us. I'm with Steph, there is nearly nothing labeled "gluten free" that will not gluten me. for a long time, I didn't even realize I was being glutened...my glutened symptoms have changed over time, so I didn't realize...
  5. The mention of coconut reminded me...SoDelicious Coconut Milk got me...definitely CC. When I notified the company, they first told me it wasn't possible, yet when they sent me a refund, they thanked me for letting them know there was a CC issue, and they would be looking into it. I just found...
  6. This surprises me Patty, I eat the regular UTZ all the time, and never have a reaction. Did you eat reg or flavored? I can't eat any "gluten free" labeled foods. The cereals make me ill, as do any of the bars, cookies, crackers, anything with other grains in them. I feel the CC issue is my...
  7. I agree with UTZ's chips...they are good. I can't eat Kettle chips, they make me sick. I tried them when I was on vacation in Mich, because they do not have UTZ there. I used to eat regular Lays chips all the time, never had a problem with them...the bags from Plano Texas are ok...but, they...
  8. Just did some researching on coconut intolerance...thank you for this thread. I started sleeping through the night when I gave up dairy. That lasted 14 days, then the problem started again. I guess the honeymoon is over with coconut. I was hoping it would be the answer, yet my tummy...
  9. I had panic attacks for years before going gluten free. I was diagnosed with panic attacks, anticipatory anxiety, and borderline agoraphobia...I even was in therapy for them. Now when I look back, I was given Xanax for the panic, and of course, Xanax contained gluten,,,feeding the monster, so to...
  10. Sometimes, when you go on a gluten free diet, and you still do not lose, it may mean you have another intolerance. If you are eating a lot of processed gluten free foods, they are much heavier than regular old wheat flour products. Try eating natural foods, nothing processed, stay away from high...
  11. I have never heard this before. Have you ever been tested for spastic paraplegia? This is a ligament/muscle problem. My grandson is now 10, and was diagnosed at 5 yrs old of this disease. He walked on his tip-toes from the day he started walking. His sister, my granddaughter has the disease...
  12. I just went to their website, and this is their disclaimer, also listed as their last question in the FAQ: http://www.benefiber.com/fiberHealth/index.shtml
  13. Thank you Kathy. I have no idea why this was sent to me, but I have no intention of using it. Thank you for replying.
  14. Yesterday, I received a container of Benefiber in the mail. I find it questionable. The only ingredient listed is "wheat dextrin." It states it is sugar free, sodium free, and gluten free. It states there is less than 10ppm of gluten, so it's gluten free. I will not try it. I feel if it...
  15. I have been researching coffee, just to see what I can find. http://www.hollandbymail.com/coffee/coffee_bean_to_cup.html A very informative link about how we get coffee, I have never read this before. You learn something everyday! http://www.diagnose-me.com/treat/T112792.html http...